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What Does Geico RV Insurance Cover?

What Does Geico RV Insurance Cover?

Here are details for the coverage plans of GEICO RV insurance. Their travel trailer insurance packages help protect your RV and personal items while on the road or during your stay at a campsite.

What Does Geico RV Insurance Cover? GEICO offers motorized and towable RV insurance to cover all kinds of RVs, from campers to motorhomes. Total loss replacement includes the provision of a new RV if your vehicle suffers irreparable damage. It also provides payment for your items lost during a covered loss. Vacation liability covers any personal injury or property damage at your camping site.

Moreover, GEICO also covers medical payments during the stay at insured locations. It also includes free-of-cost windshield repair in case of damage during an accident.

We will also discuss other important aspects regarding insurance cost, legal requirements, payment methods, and coverage regarding certain kinds of damages to an RV.

What is GEICO RV insurance?

GEICO is a company that offers insurance coverage for several products from automobiles to homes. It also has a particular segment to insure recreational vehicles.

RVs are furnished homes on the road with many valuable belongings, including electronic and furniture items.

Therefore, any damage or loss to the vehicle also results in collateral damage to those personal items.

The company is well aware of such unique situations, and its coverage plans include the RV, personal belongings, and any human beings involved.

GEICO RV insurance coverage

GEICO offers enhanced RV coverage plans in all US states except a few. It takes care of all aspects or possible scenarios that an RVer can face during his camping trip. 

Total loss replacement

If you buy a new vehicle and suffer unserviceable damage during 1-4 years of purchase, the company will provide you with a new RV.

Besides the new vehicle, the insurance company will fully furnish it according to your RV.

During years 5-7 of its purchase, you will either get the actual value of the camper at the time of damage or the original purchase price. They will provide you with the higher of two values.

From the 8th year onwards, if you suffer any loss, the insurance coverage will be according to the vehicle’s actual value at that time.

Moreover, your premium plans and other factors can vary according to the number of years after purchase when you avail insurance facility.

Medical payments

This insurance covers medical payments according to the type of insured RV. It pays the medical charges while your RV has a parking location off the public road or staying at an insured campsite.

The insured site should be the customer’s property, or he has leased it for use as a campsite. It is also valid if the customer is within a 24-26 ft radius of RV parked on public or private property and not on a public road.

There is also special medical coverage for motorhomes. It covers all medical treatment charges during a road accident, whether it’s the second person’s fault or not.

It expressly excludes travel trailers. However, it covers any medical treatment charges required during your recreational trip or stay at a campsite.

Vacation liability

It specifically covers the losses or injuries that happen to you or your vehicle at a vacation site. It has a rate of $9000-$11000 and is additional to other components of insurance coverage.

However, you have to tell the insurance company regarding the details of your vacation site before traveling.

Personal items replacement

If your RV has suffered a loss and you get the total loss replacement, then GEICO will also pay you for the loss of your items.

It has a fixed rate of $900-$1100 or $4900-$5100 depending on the state in which your RV has suffered a loss. You can increase the limits for this coverage plan for your valuable items by paying other premiums at higher rates.

It also depends on the valuable personal items you have. If those are too costly, it is favorable to avail the insurance coverage by paying additional premiums.

Emergency expenses during a loss

According to the insurance company’s terms and conditions, if you have a covered loss, they will pay you for additional costs during the period.

For example, you have to stay at a hotel or have transportation charges due to the loss of the vehicle. It has a fixed rate of $900-$1100 additional to other insurance components.

Moreover, you don’t have to pay any extra premiums to avail this offer. 

Windshield Repair or replacement

If your insured RV with GEICO undergoes an accident and damage to its windshield occurs, its maintenance is free, and the insurance company will pay for all expenses.

Moreover, in case of irreparable damage to the windscreen, they will replace it by charging only $45-$55 from you. Considering the cost of a new windshield, it is a great option to recover from the loss.

RVs covered under GEICO insurance

GEICO insurance covers all kinds of RVs, whether large motorhomes or travel trailers. Two main categories of RVs are motorized recreational vehicles and towable RVs.

Amongst them, the category of motorized vehicles includes class A, class B, and class C motorhomes. It also covers sport utility RVs in this group.

Towable RVs and travel trailers include campers, fifth-wheel travel trailers, truck campers, folding camper trailers, and other types of travel trailers, including conventional and designs with expandable ends.

It also covers large vehicles used to transport other vehicles, including toy haulers.

What are the factors affecting the RV insurance cost?

Several factors can affect the overall insurance cost of your RV. For example, it depends on your driving record, insurance coverage, and what kind of insurance coverage is compulsory from your residence state.

It also considers the liability limits and deductibles amount that you pay by yourself in case of a loss.

If you want all parts of your vehicle covered with the maximum liability from the insurance company, then your premium will be higher.

If you choose a higher deductible amount, then your insurance plan will cost less. However, you have to pay the deductible amount out of your pocket at the time of loss.

You can also lower the insurance rates by enhancing the security of your RV, defining the usage period, possible vacation destinations, and having a clean driving history.

The condition of your RV also plays a significant role in deciding the insurance premium.

The latest model can have lower insurance rates while older or used RVs have higher-paying rates to the company. 

Is it mandatory in every US state to get RV insurance?

Most US states have mandatory requirements for liability insurance for an RV. You must follow the same laws that apply to passenger cars.

However, that is a minimum requirement, and you need additional coverage to protect your personal items and other valuable furniture and electronic items in your RV.

You should check the specific laws applicable in your state and strictly follow them. In case of non-compliance, you have to pay heavy fines, your driving license suspension, and cancellation of your vehicle registration.

In addition, some states have an online insurance verification system, and law enforcement officers on the road can check your RV insurance status at the time.

Therefore, it is mandatory in most US states to have your RV covered by some reliable insurance plan as by GEICO.

Can you check your GEICO RV insurance online?

GEICO RV insurance allows you to create an online account. They will provide you with a unique ID. Simply log in to your account using an ID and get the latest information about the insurance plan whenever you need to check your policy details.

You can also apply for any insurance claim from your online account and track it regarding its status. It will save you time visiting the insurance office and waiting hours to meet a representative to process your claim.

What are special incentives by GEICO for RV insurance?

GEICO offers special discounts and offers to reduce the insurance rates. They have an offer to pay less premium on insurance of more than one vehicle.

If you have completed a defensive driver course or have a commercial driver license (CDL), you are eligible for special discounts by the insurance company.

What are payment methods for GEICO insurance?

GEICO has taken care of its customers and made the payment procedures easier. You can pay via multiple methods and platforms.

You can pay the insurance amount online, submit it via mail service, and provide the payment information over the phone after paying the amount.

It also provides the option of paying the whole plan premiums all at once or asking for an installment plan if you don’t have a lumpsum amount.

Does it cover the RV roof and animal damage?

GEICO covers damage to your RV while hitting an animal under comprehensive coverage. They call it other than collision coverage due to its nature.

For example, you hit an animal on the road, and it causes damage to your vehicle.

Moreover, damage to your RV roof due to a hailstorm also comes under this category due to its nature. The company will pay the repair bill irrespective of anybody’s fault.

Therefore, it will save your money by paying a reduced bill in the form of a comprehensive deductible only.

There is no limit to this coverage option. In case of irreparable damage, they will pay for the amount equal to the actual cash value of your RV.

Does GEICO provide coverage for rodent damage?

Rodents like mice and squirrels can enter your RV and chew the electrical wires, leather upholstery, and other pipes in the engine compartment.

However, in case of any damage, you can file a claim under a comprehensive coverage plan. 

States with GEICO RV insurance coverage

They have unique enhanced coverage plans for RVs. These plans are applicable in all US states except a few due to their regulatory requirements.

Few excluded US states of the extended coverage package are North Carolina, Michigan, Hawaii, and Massachusetts. Therefore, you can apply for GEICO insurance in all US except the mentioned states.

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