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Is Travel Supreme RV Still in Business?

Is Travel Supreme RV Still in Business?

Travel Supreme is the company that manufactured RVs, trailers, and motorhomes. Their famous vehicle is the 5th wheel RV which has become popular due to its interior arrangement. 

Is Travel Supreme RV Still in Business? The Travel Supreme RV is a company established in 1989, and its owner was Glen Troyer. However, in 2008 it got out of business due to high-end Class A motorhome introduction and irresponsible working of employees. After this, Jayco took charge and reestablished this company very well by introducing a Class A motorhome.

Their business peaked in 2001 to 2007 due to length of their motorhomes in which accommodation is easy and comfortable.

In addition to this, they are also facilitating their customers with a repair warranty, which reduces the vehicle’s maintenance cost for clients.

History of Travel Supreme RV

Travel Supreme RV is the company that started working in 1989 in Indiana on the place of 6 acres. Glenn Troyer is the founder of this organization, and he never worked before with any RV-making company.

Glenn Troyer worked with the association of Paul Miller, and he is an expert in RV production. Both of these people worked sincerely and put their full efforts into making the fifth-wheel drive trailer.

Due to its advanced features, this vehicle has become very popular among people, and their demand in the market increased rapidly.

Troyer gives his best performance in manufacturing this vehicle because it has worked with Newmar Corporation that is situated in Nappanee.

In this organization, he worked in the customer service department, and from this, he knew very well what the needs of customers are and how to fulfill them.

It is the largest company that manufactures motorhomes and RVs in the area of 41,650 square feet. The factory consist of more than 200 employees and all of them are well trained and skilled according to their field.

The company launched 5 to 6 models of 5th wheel and 6 to 7 motorhomes. The year 1999 to 2000 are the best years for their business and economy.

The factory earned a lot from their motorhomes and 5th wheel drive trailers due to their popularity.

At that time, they are manufacturing more than seven motorhomes per week and more than 250 per year.

Troyer always advised their customers not to use shortcuts in manufacturing; their primary concern is to provide high-end and quality products.

After this, the company started its second plant, which is some miles away from Middlebury.

In the early years, their chassis structure was made by the Spartans company. After that, Freightliner also made the chassis structure of some motorhomes.

What year did travel Supreme go out of business?

Travel Supreme stopped its business from about 2007 to 2008 due to some specific issues. However, the main reason is changing of its well trained and skillful coach.

In these years, Troyer, who is the coach of this company, became the president of Entegra Coach. Due to changes in the coach, the employees do not work well and find shortcuts to do their specific tasks.

The other reason is the decline of the economy in 2009 the total imports rate of Motorhomes and trailers in other RVs is about less than 9%.

The company is simply making quality and luxury-oriented vehicles and range in size from 30 to 40 inches.

Furthermore, the addition of Class A motorhomes that have high-end backup also becomes the reason for the downfall of that company.

Moreover, Travel supreme also closed its door for warranty repair, and people get harmed from it, and their repairing budget has increased.

The befit is that its parts and other structures are available in other stores and outlets.

Who bought the Travel supreme RV?

 After all of this downfall, Jayco took control and again started working in the market industry. Jayco plays a significant role in upgrading this organization to increase its demands in the industry.

This new company hired a team of about 200 employees and introduced the Class A motorhome and its different series.

The total area for the company in these years is about 450 cubic foot which is also available for parking of Toys, ATVs, motorcycles, and Cars.

The new size of motorhomes in these years is about 42 to 45 inches. Moreover, the manufacturer of chassis structure also changed, and now these are manufactured by Michigan and Indian-based manufacturers.

The CEO of the company Wilbur Bontrager said that due to a skillful and trained coach, we had extended our business in trailer and RV markets.

Jayco also introduced a new RV of Class A, which is named Entegra. The director of Jayco’s Entegra factory said that they would provide the non-warranty repairs to their customers.

It will help to increase their reliability score and increase the ranking of the customer service department.

What are some popular models of Travel supreme RV?

Jayco launched the motorhomes with new designs, structures, and features named Class A.

The different series of Class A also launched in this era with a diverse price range, engine power, and technologies.

5th wheel

It is a series which have different trims, including

  • M-33 RLTSO
  • M-34 RLTSO
  • M-36 RLQSO
  • M-40 KSTSO
  • M-40 RLQSO

The features and price of the 5th wheel depend upon its different parts.

M-33 RLTSO has an approximate length of about 35 feet, and width is 10 feet and 6 inches. It has a 5th wheel and three axles in them which makes them best for use.

The weight of this trim ranges from 13150 pounds to 13300 pounds.

M-34 RLTSO has a length of 38 feet and width is 6 feet and 6 inches. This trim also has a 5th wheel with three axles.

The weight of this generation is about 14150 pounds to 14250 pounds.

M-36 RLQSO The coaching design in this model is also the 5th wheel which has an approximate length of 40 feet and 10 feet and 4 inches wide.

The M-40 RLQSO trim has the largest one, which is 10 feet and 6 inches wide, or its length is 43 feet. This trim also has a self-continued feature with three axles and weigh between 135500 to 13600 pounds. It also comes up with the latest features of 4 slides.

Express series

The Express series of Travel supreme RV has a Gross weight of about 14510 pounds to 15000 pounds.

The Curb weight of the express series is about 12550 pounds to 12650 pounds. Their exterior material is fiberglass which is more durable and provides better protection from accidents.

The cargo-carrying capacity is about 900 pounds to 950 pounds which are best for carrying luggage during trips.

The length of this RV is about 38 inches which also provides the facility of a microwave oven, refrigerator, power source, kitchen, and bathrooms with ceramic tiles.

River canyon series

River canyon series is also the type of 5th wheel Travel supreme RV. The gross weight of this series is about 14600 pounds to 14650 pounds.

The curb weight ranges from 11450 pounds to 11550 pounds, and their cargo carrying capacity is 2480 pounds which are best for any vehicle.

Their exterior is made of spun fiberglass and galvanized steel for better protection. The water capacity is also more, which is about 50 gallons.

Select series

Select series also belongs to Class A motorhomes, and these are reliable vehicles due to their customer reviews.

The wheelbase is 34 inches which provide better friction and traction on the road. These vehicles have a total length of about 48 feet and 14 inches.

It provides a fuel capacity of 200 gallons and a freshwater capacity of 95 gallons that is beneficial for long tours.

It is also providing the coach warranty of 1 year for their customers with a repair warranty. The sidewall material of these series is aluminum, while the chassis is made of steel material which increases their durability.

Different trims of Travel Supreme Motorhomes

I have added all the details about their various trims and motorhomes.

Alant’e series

It is a motorhome Class A series and has floor planning of king-size beds. They are also lengthy, which provides a better space of 46 feet.

Moreover, it has an engine power of 515 hp, which is best for tours on mountains and hills. It is also best for hauling things with them because of the cargo-carrying capacity of 15150 pounds.

Envoy series

The engine capacity of these trims is less than is about 450 hp with a torque of 1250 RPM. It also has a turbo diesel engine with a capacity of 8.9L.

The roof material is vinyl, while the side walls are of aluminum and fiberglass material.

Insignia Series

It is a motorized RV of a Class A motorhome that weighs between 44550 pounds to 44570 pounds. It has a turbodiesel engine with 9.6 liters volume.

It also provides the coach warranty of 1 year and chassis structure warranty of 2 years.

Mid-engine diesel series

Mid-engine series have a 4.85 rear axle ratio with a cargo-carrying capacity of 10,110 pounds. As a result, it provides a better fuel capacity for long tours, which is about 130 gallons.

It is also giving the engine warranty to its customers, which is about 100,120 miles.

Why did Travel Supreme RV become famous?

The different surveys are conducted on diverse populations in various countries. However, the data of these studies showed that it has become popular due to other reasons.

This company is making the best trailers which provide very liable and comfortable accommodation. Moreover, their interior also contains solid quality material, which also gives better insulation.

The updated structure that comes after the appointment of the second coach is much better than the first one.

Its floor planning is also good, and it is also best for the accommodation of king-size beds.

The chassis and coach both are best for giving quality and safe accommodation.

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