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What Happens to Concept Cars After Auto Show?

What Happens to Concept Cars After Auto Show?

Concept cars are vehicles made only for an auto show and have a practical purpose. Their jaw-locking designs and amazing features capture viewers’ attention at the show.

What Happens to Concept Cars After Auto Show? Concept cars disappear after an auto show because they have no specific purpose and are not fully functional. They are not produced for sale; instead, they showcase the brand to the public to get more customers. Furthermore, they become part of a storage house of the company or are displayed in the museums. Additionally, some automakers sell these concept cars in private auctions and donate the money to charity houses. They can be recycled, and the company uses the material to produce other automobiles. 

Auto shows are considered an exhibition of stylish and unique vehicles that showcase automobile companies’ creative capabilities.

Many people expect to see these automobiles moving on the roads, but sadly, you can only see them at these events because they will disappear quickly.

Moreover, the manufacturers do not construct these vehicles on a large scale because the government does not allow them to sell them.

As their name indicates, these vehicles are the ideas of the automobile designers that demonstrate any concept and predict the future of the automobile industry.

What is a concept car?

A concept car is a pre-production automobile based on automakers’ ideas about making new models.

It indicates their thoughts on what they are going to introduce in the designs and looks of upcoming vehicles.

Moreover, these models inspire manufacturers to design something that looks like them in the future.

These types of automobiles are manufactured only for these shows to symbolize the technological advancement of a particular company.

Furthermore, you cannot see them after the event because there is no practicality in their designs, and they are not fully functional.

There are passionate and creative designers in every automobile company who design amazing vehicles that indicate the company’s strength, competitiveness, and creativity.

What do companies do with concept cars after the auto show?

You are rarely going to see any concept car on the road that was part of an auto show.

Many people think about how automakers deal with these expensive cars when they reach the warehouse after a show.

So, they deal with these automobiles in different ways, like hiding them deep in their storage house or showcasing them in museums.

Add to the storage house

When the car comes after getting a lot of appraisals from the public in an auto show, the manufacturers add it to the storage house.

Moreover, they take regular care by cleaning its surface so that it does not lose its shine.

Finally, it remains in the storage house for a few years until the designers use it for making a new model or send it for discarding.

Displayed in museums

Some of these become part of the museums where people can see the efforts of different brands in making stylish vehicles.

The winner of the automobile show are placed inside a museum with the winner’s tag, and the year is also mentioned.

Moreover, you can find these best vehicles in the museum if you want to see them after the show.

Donated for training

Some private companies donate their automobiles to charity or donate them for training purposes.

The new designers can learn the skills of designing and the possible features incorporated in a vehicle.

They can also be sold at private auctions, and the person that gives the maximum money gets it. Then, different charity houses get this money and use it to help the poor.

However, it occurs rarely because the manufacturers spend a lot of money on its deigning, so they prefer to keep it up in their storage houses.

Scrapping and recycling

It is easy to recycle the metal and other materials that the automakers use in constructing a car and again use the raw material for making a new production vehicle.

So, the manufacturers send them for recycling or scraping when they reach the warehouse after the event.

The purpose of their production was to showcase the brand’s creativity socially, and it was of no use after a show.

Therefore, the manufacturers use the material for constructing the new vehicles instead of dumping it into waste.

Why are concept cars not for sale?

The concept cars are not available for sales for many reasons, like the manufacturers use them for brand marketing and to know about the feasibility of the technologies.

Prediction of future models

You can easily predict the future of automobiles by looking at these vehicles. These explain the mindset of a particular company that they want to go in which direction.

Some automobile companies focus on the vehicle’s exterior styling, while a few target interior facilities.

Every manufacturer has a different point of view that makes them different and helps provide various types of vehicles.

You can look at their specifications like cameras on the rear side, tail lamps, and LED lights. While they also feature some interior elements like upholstered seats, steering, dashboard, etc.

So, you can easily get an idea about the automobiles that are going to be present on the roads in the upcoming years.

Design language

The car companies invest in pre-production vehicles that help design future models. In addition, it provides a basic sketch of the fantastic ideas to add amenities inside them.

Probably, it will not help you in the present by generating no sales revenue, but it can pay you more in the near future.

Moreover, the designers extract beneficial ideas and filter them to produce the production cars.

They can utilize the exterior and interior features in their new production models, and you can see them running on the roads after a few years.

Determination of viability and feasibility

The introduction of pre-production vehicles helps determine whether they are going to be successful or not.

Moreover, the manufacturers check the technologies’ feasibility and whether they have any practical existence.

These can enter the production phase when designers and owners come to know that the vehicles are both feasible and viable.

It is easy to get an idea about their feasibility by driving them on the road for some time by using the exterior and interior features.

Brand marketing strategy

The automobile brands consider these shows an opportunity to market their brand through stylish vehicles.

They can showcase their unique vehicles that can be a revolution in the automobile industry or disappear after an auto show due to their impracticality.

The brand owners’ names appear in multiple magazines with photographs of their manufactured products, which helps generate publicity.

Moreover, it helps understand the opinion of the public and their reaction to your vehicle’s design and features.

Why do concept cars disappear after auto shows?

There are rare chances of seeing the concept cars running on the busy roads because they disappear after an auto show.

There are many reasons behind their disappearance. The liability concerns because there is no formal production of these vehicles, so you cannot ask the company legally for any damage.

Moreover, the government rules do not allow the selling of these pre-production vehicles due to their non-practicality and make them illegal to drive on the roads.

They are not fully functional, less reliable, and pose safety risks to you and other drivers on the road.

The manufacturers focus on their design, making them look appealing, ignoring other factors like space, comfortable seating, and other internal and external features.

How much does it cost to make a concept car?

The cost of every car varies because it depends on the manufacturer’s budget and how much they can afford to spend on it.

Moreover, the design, material, and features determine its overall cost.

The manufacturers highlight their brand to the public, and they would never hesitate to use millions of dollars amount on them.

The minimum cost of a concept car is 200 to 300 million dollars, but it can exceed up to 500 million dollars or even more than that.

So, the overall company budget and the planned amenities determine the final cost of the vehicle.

How long does it take for a car to go from concept to production?

Every concept car does not enter a production phase, particularly with daring designs that have no practicality. Instead, you can see them in many colors, shapes, designs, and sizes.

Some private companies take a step to convert a pre-production vehicle into a real one at the production unit.

It can take 3 to 6 years to completely manufacture this type of vehicle and sometimes undergo remodeling.

Detailed research is essential before going into production; that helps to know about technological advancement.

The manufacturers refine it after considering the criticism and suggestions of the public before producing it on a large scale.

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