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Why Do Some Cars Have 4 Exhaust Pipes?

Why Do Some Cars Have 4 Exhaust Pipes?

Many people prefer to get cars having 4 exhaust pipes as they think it makes their automobiles more efficient in performance and looks attractive.

Why Do Some Cars Have 4 Exhaust Pipes? Some cars have 4 exhaust pipes because they give a dynamic look and improve the aesthetics of vehicles. Moreover, it helps release toxic gases quickly due to lesser restrictions on fumes. In addition, it enhances the efficiency of the engine to produce more power and reduces the backpressure of gases. Furthermore, the quadruple exhaust system improves fuel economy, adds personal style, and makes your car look cool.

Moreover, sports cars usually have four metal tubes extending outwards from the rear side and expelling toxic fumes out of the system into the air.

The presence of four metal tubes in the car’s backend indicates that it has quadruple exhausts. These tubes channel the gases from the combustion chamber to reach the atmosphere.

Furthermore, you can easily shift from dual to quadruple exhaust channels to benefit from the extra two channels on a vehicle.

How does an exhaust system work in the car?

An exhaust system contains pipes at the end to release the harmful gases out of the vehicle. The engine burns the fuel and releases toxic gases, which are not good for you and the system.

Therefore, these ducts capture the fumes and direct them outside the automobile. It is essential to remove these gases because they are not suitable for you and your vehicle’s life.

This system emits many different gases, including toxic and non-toxic.

The combustion chamber releases three toxic gases: carbon monoxide, nitrogen monoxide, and nitrogen oxide.

Moreover, these ducts are the last component of this whole system which can help improve the vehicle’s performance by reducing the load of waste gases.

Any problem in these channels directly impacts the engine capacity, and you cannot accelerate the vehicle quickly.

So, the burning fuel releases fumes that pass through other system components like oxygen sensors and catalytic converters and finally move out of these channels.

Why do cars have 4 exhaust pipes?

Probably, you have noticed only one pipe or a maximum of 2 exhaust tubes on the rear end of the automobiles. They help in removing the poisonous gases that are emitted by the engine.

A single or dual-channel perform the same function, but the task divides into two channels in a dual system that allow better functioning of the system.

Rapid release of exhaust air

The number of channels allowing the poisonous fumes to go outside the system determines the gas removal speed.

When there is a single channel, all of the fumes produced by the engine come out of the single path, which can restrict their flow.

They can exit quickly when you provide them with more channels to get out of the system.

Therefore, all the toxic gases can leave the car better and faster through these tubes due to lesser resistance.

Improves engine capability

The presence of 4 exhaust channels helps remove the deadly fumes and relates directly to the engine’s capabilities. Therefore, any fault in this system can affect its performance.

Similarly, the efficient removal of the gases can improve the engine’s capabilities and make it more powerful.

When the engine can breathe adequately by allowing maximum fresh air to pass, the engine power and performance improve ultimately.

It allows clean air to enter inside when there is no accumulation of dirty air particles and smoke on the sides of the pipes.

In each combustion cycle, the engine can perform better because a large quality of fresh air is passing through it continuously.

Dynamic looks and better aesthetics

Many people add this to improve the aesthetics and give a dynamic look.

It gives a sporty appearance to the car, and ducts present on the lower backside make them more attractive than those with only 2 pipes.

Many people prefer to add 2 extra metal tubes to their automobiles because they think it looks cool. So, you can also add them to distinguish your vehicle from others on the road.

Many automobile brands are coming 4 exit pipes in their modern models to grab the attention of the buyers.

Reduce back pressure of gases

As you keep increasing the number of fumes expelling channels from one to two and ultimately four, you can feel the reduction in back pressure of the exhaust gases.

The engine uses lesser energy to run when there are many channels for the exit, and there will be minimum back pressure of the gases.

More energy is available for engine torque when lesser force is required to push the dirty air out of the system.

After combustion, the fumes released from 4 or 8 cylinders impose stress on a single or dual pipe to get released and create back pressure.

When you add 2 more channels to the dual pipe system, the air can quickly get out from different paths, decreasing the backpressure.

You have to replace them with stainless steel headers when shifting from 2 to 4 exhausts to get control over this problem.

Improves mileage

When you add these to the vehicle, there will be a great improvement in the mileage. In addition, the quick removal of dirty air increases the engine’s horsepower and helps save energy.

Accordingly, an improvement in engine efficiency provides better mileage.

It positively affects the environment as the system releases lesser fumes and decreases oil requirements.

Moreover, the energy produced by engines can be used for some other functions when there is lesser stress on the engine.

Adds to personal style

Some people consider it an important vehicle component and think it can help bring a major change in engine power.

However, you cannot feel any noticeable difference in the engine’s efficiency compared to the automobile having only 2 tubes for pushing out the dirty air.

So, there is no problem in adding extra exit pipes, but it depends on your personal styling and satisfaction.

Reduces car weight

The car’s overall weight reduces when the gases continuously get out of the system and do not add to its weight.

Moreover, it can feel lighter due to the quick removal of dirty air when the engine is burning gas.

So, it is better to add these exhausts for rapid expel of air particles to keep your vehicle lighter in weight.

What are the disadvantages of having 4 exhaust pipes in a car? 

Quadruple exhaust pipes or 4 channels are suitable for releasing the dirty fumes from the vehicle.

They can help save money by improving the fuel economy and making your car feel lighter due to the continuous release of air.

However, one disadvantage of adding multiple exit channels in a single automobile is noise production.

You have to hear a loud noise because it is louder than the stock exhaust. So, you can add dual pipes to reduce noise by compromising the aesthetic features.

Do some cars have 3 exhaust pipes?

Commonly, you can see the vehicle with single or dual exhausts. The presence of three metal tubes is rare and uncommon because there is no symmetry in their number on both sides.

The dual and quadruple options are present as single or double tubes on the left and right sides of the vehicle.

However, the presence of two ducts on the left side and a single one on the right side looks unsymmetrical.

Sometimes, you see three pipes on the rear side of the vehicle, but there is a single pipe behind them, split into three.

Probably, you have seen Honda civic type R, which contains three exit channels.

Do quadruple exhaust pipes burn more fuel?

These pipes take the dirty air out of the combustion chamber and release them into the air. Therefore, they have no function in burning fuel and producing toxic gases.

Moreover, the engine burns fuel and expels the gases towards these channels. The quadruple ducts improve the engine’s efficiency and improve fuel economy.

The quadruple exhausts burn lesser fuel and improve the gas mileage. For example, the gas mileage improves from 2 to 4% when your vehicle burns 15 to 20 gallons per mile.

What cars have 4 exhaust pipes?

Cars with 4 exhaust pipes look captivating and give a cool vibe to the nearby drivers on the road. The vehicles with quad channels for removal of toxic fumes are:

  • Ferrari 812 Superfast
  • Chevrolet Corvette Zo6
  • Lexus RC F
  • Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+
  • Pagani Huayra
  • Nissan Nismo GT-R
  • Pagani Zonda
  • Jaguar F-Type R V-8
  • Mercedes AMGC63 S
  •  Chevrolet Corvette (C7)

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