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What is a P1316 Code on 7.3 Powerstroke?

What is a P1316 Code on 7.3 Powerstroke?

Ford trucks have 7.3 Powerstroke turbo-diesel, high-performance, direct fuel injection engines. It produces a horsepower of 209 hp and shows different diagnostic codes when it fails.

What is a P1316 Code on 7.3 Powerstroke? P1316 code on 7.3 Powerstroke appears due to a broken IDM (injector driver module) relay, variable voltage in the circuit, reduced IDM performance, poor power flow, damaged harness, and faulty PCM (Powertrain control module).

P1316 is a diagnostic trouble code that appears when the injector driver module of the engine malfunctions. You can fix its causes and symptoms to remove it from the display. 

What are the causes of the P1316 code on 7.3 Powerstroke?

P1316 appears when the IDM malfunctions. The following things can cause this error code on this engine. 

IDM broken relay

The injector driver module (IDM) has a specific electric relay for continuous ampere flow. However, it is a relay of a fuel pump and supplies constant current. 

It can damage over time, and corrosion can break it. Moreover, electrical surges and variable circuit performance can damage the relay. 

In such circumstances, the engine malfunctions. Also, the P1316 code appears on the dashboard and indicates the problems with the injector system and engine of the truck. 

It can break when the harness loses connection. This is because the relay cannot withstand high heat and rusting. 

It damage and affects the performance of the motor. These internal faults of the IDM trigger the warning code on the dashboard. 

Variable voltage in the circuit

The electrical circuit of the 7.3 L engine works with continuous and stable power flow. However, the voltage varies due to short circuits and component failures. 

Ampere surges and high voltage can change the current flow of the circuit. As a result, it loses the standard function. 

In such circumstances, the circuit cannot maintain the electric flow. It cannot supply electric current to different parts of the engine.

The voltage varies between the battery ground wires and the Powertrain control module pin. Also, the Ford truck module cannot perform at the standard efficiency level. 

It causes this code to appear on the dashboard board and shows the voltage variability in the 7.3 Powerstroke and its electric circuit, which affects the performance of PCM. 

Reduced IDM performance

The injector driver module (IDM) of 7.3 Powerstroke provides high ampere and electric signals to the fuel injectors. These signals can regulate the injectors and can open and close them. 

The IDM aligns with the Powertrain control module and regulates the performance of the fuel supply system of this high-performance engine. 

The contamination of fuel can affect the IDM performance. The motor fails, and premature damages become prominent, which triggers the P1316 code. 

The engine misfiring is prominent during the IDM reduced performance. Also, the check light illuminates the instrument cluster. 

Poor power flow

This engine has fuel filters that can clean the fuel. However, air and dust can clog these filters. 

The fuel becomes contaminated, and the filter cannot remove the traces of dust from it. The clogged and malfunctioning filters cannot work with this high-performance motor. 

The motor efficiency reduces, and contamination damages the filter. The engine loses voltage, and the motor cannot spin at standard rotations per minute. 

The motor cannot deliver power for ignition, and you cannot start the truck.

Broken harness

This engine has a wiring harness. It comprises various connectors, terminals, and cables. 

It can control the electrical flow of Ford vehicles. The connected switch sends power signals to the alternators. 

However, the harness break and cannot monitor the voltage circulation inside the circuit. Power fluctuations can damage the connectors, and short circuit increases. 

Also, the damaged harness causes the P1316 on the instrument cluster. It indicates the malfunctioning and damage of the engine harness. 

Faulty PCM

The Powertrain control module regulates the performance of the injector driver module of the 7.3 Powerstroke. The PCM malfunctions when the power flow changes. 

The connectors and switches malfunction and reduce PCM performance. In such circumstances, the electric signals vary. 

The PCM becomes faulty and cannot handle the IDM of the Ford Vehicles and their engines. The voltage changes can damage the PCM, and its sensors malfunction.

What are the symptoms of the P1316 code on 7.3 Powerstroke?

Several symptoms and signs indicate the symptoms of 7.3 Powerstroke failures. The P1316 appears in the instrument cluster and shows the IDM failures. 

The check light flashes on the dashboard display and shows the engine problems. You cannot drive the Ford vehicles and trucks when the P1316 appears on the dashboard. 

It shows the low power flow of the engine. The engine cannot perform at the standard level. 

The power reduces below the threshold, and the truck stops. In such circumstances, you cannot restart the motor because it lacks power. 

You can identify other codes which show engine malfunctioning. For example, the continuous power loss of the engine is a sign of this code and IDM malfunctioning. 

Engine misfiring and challenging ignition is significant signs of this code. The engine runs at variable rotations, which makes driving uncomfortable. 

How to troubleshoot and fix the P1316 code on 7.3 Powerstroke?

An experienced and skilled technician can troubleshoot the code and its causes on a 7.3 Powerstroke. You can connect an OBD II scanner to the engine control module (ECM). 

Then, you can identify this code and its causes. You can check the electrical wires of the motor. In addition, you can visually inspect the cords and connected connectors. 

You can examine the IDM (injector driver module). Also, you can inspect the signals and their flow. 

The stable output electric signals indicate stable motor performance. In addition, you can check the voltage flow in the connector of the IDM. 

You can clear this code by fixing faults and engine defects. You can identify the causes and replace the broken cords and connectors. 

You can use an external power source to stabilize the voltage flow inside the circuit. You can replace the broken harness with a compatible option. 

You can remove the corrosion from the connector and stabilize them. You can replace the broken and malfunctioning electric relays of the truck PCM. 

The voltage stabilizes after replacing these relays. You can check all the connected cords and switches. 

Also, you can replace these cords with compatible wires and maintain the voltage flow. The broken relay of the IDM can trigger this error code on the instrument cluster. 

It remains on the dashboard for several hours. It does not disappear until you replace the malfunctioning relay with a compatible switch. 

You can maintain the power regulation of the IDM. Removing the clogging of the fuel filter and cleaning the fuel can stabilize the filter performance. 

You can replace the clogged and damaged filters and remove the P1316 code on this engine. You can replace the broken connector with a compatible option. 

However, you can remove the cover of the specific valve. You can remove the O-rings and protect them from damage. 

You can tighten the connectors or change them. Sometimes, tightening the loose connector can clear the diagnostic trouble code. 

Also, you can change the Powertrain control module. However, it is a challenging and time-consuming procedure. 

It is technical and expensive to replace the PCM. However, you can take the help of a professional technician and change it. 

The Powertrain control module and IDM has identical performance to regulate electric signals for motor valves and fuel injectors. 

You can stabilize the performance of IDM by tightening the loose wires. Also, you can clean the clogged filters and injectors and maintain the fuel flow. 

It can stabilize the IDM performance and regulates motor efficiency. You can start the engine at standard rotations per minute. 

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