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How to Detect CP4 Failure on 6.7 Powerstroke Engine?

How to Detect CP4 Failure on 6.7 Powerstroke Engine?

CP4 is a stock, upgraded fuel injection high-pressure pump launched in 2011 in Powerstroke engines. It works on a 6.7-liter engine which is V8, and produces a horsepower of 473 hp.

How to Detect CP4 Failure on 6.7 Powerstroke Engine? You can detect CP4 failure on a 6.7 Powerstroke engine by reduced gas mileage, engine sputtering, low engine performance, high engine temperature, faulty combustions, metallic traces in fuel, and reduced fuel economy.

CP4 fails and affects the fuel injectors and engine performance. Its failure has different signs which indicate its defects and faults. 

How do you detect CP4 failure on the 6.7 Powerstroke Engine?

There are many signs of this pump malfunctioning on a 6.7L Powerstroke. However, I have explained a few significant signs. 

Reduced gas mileage

The CP4 injector/ fuel pump fails and reduces the gas mileage of Ford super-duty trucks. The miles per gallon reduce suddenly after its failure. 

As a result, it stops functioning. It pushes excessive fuel toward various engine components. 

In such circumstances, the engine uses more fuel and burns it during combustion. The tank fuel level reduces and affects the gas mileage of Ford trucks. 

The low efficiency of fuel and other fluids indicates damage to the injector pump. In addition, reduced gas mileage causes more tank refills. 

Also, it decreases truck functionality. 

Engine sputtering

CP4 high-pressure fuel pump cannot stabilize the continuous gas flow inside the engine after its failure. The engine sputters and shows its defects. 

You can turn the tires at higher acceleration. 

The engine rotates at higher rotations per minute. Its vibrations become significant. 

Furthermore, it stalls, and different components break down. Its excessive sputtering leads to more leakages of transmission fluids. 

The motor loses power when it malfunctions. You can identify the low motor power while driving on slopes and uneven roads. 

The transmission malfunctions, and you cannot change gears smoothly when it fails on 6.7 Powerstroke. 

Engine loses performance

One of the significant signs of CP4 high-pressure fuel pump failure is low engine power. It happens when the motor undergoes leakage. 

The transmission fluid leaks and affects its efficiency. It does not run at specific rotations per minute. 

You cannot turn on the motor when the pump fails. As a result, the fluid leaks, and fuel injectors lose their operation. 

They cannot provide continuous gas flow for ignition. The electric surges are significant during its falling condition. 

The internal fuel pressure decrease, and you cannot start the motor. The external air and dust enter the fuel passages and transmission filters.

Dust can clog these filters, and the motor produces smoke which shows its failure. 

High temperature

The car engine can produce sounds and cranking noises when the high-pressure CP4 pump of the engine fails. The contaminated and clogged pump can produce these sounds, which shows its failure. 

Moreover, the failure of this pump increases the heat level inside the motor. In such circumstances, the mechanical components break and undergo excessive friction. 

Their friction causes various sounds that are audible to the driver. It is a significant and clear sign of its failure because fuel flow reduces. 

It decreases the motor efficiency and increases the heat and burning smell from the car hood. 

Metallic traces in fuel

You can find metallic traces in fuel after the failure of CP4 on the engine. These are metallic pieces that affect the performance of the fuel filter. 

The clogged and contaminated filter cannot clean the fuel. It reduces the fuel viscosity. It does not flow to different engine parts. 

In such circumstances, the motor cannot perform. The metallic pieces accumulate inside the filter and decrease its performance. 

It increases the pump temperature from the threshold. As a result, the contamination of the motor increases. 

You can turn off the power flow and inspect the filter. Cleaning the filter can remove these metallic traces. 

Faulty combustions

The 6.7 liter V8 engines require proper mixing of fuel and oxygen for combustions. The malfunctioning or failed CP4 high-pressure fuel pump cannot stabilize the motor combustions. 

The oxygen level increases and fuel decreases which alters combustions. The exhaust pipe leaks, and you can identify smoke. 

The motor misfires and stops functioning when you push the acceleration pedal. The emissions increase and affect fuel functionality. 

The faulty combustions reduce the speed and decrease driving comfort.

Reduced fuel economy

The fuel economy decreases when the CP4 (high-pressure fuel pump) fails on the 6.7 Powerstroke engine of the vehicle. You cannot cover the standard miles with a specific number of gallons. 

It can increase the fuel cost for the vehicle owner. The reduced economy is a common symptom of pump failure. 

The combustions use different fractions of gas. As a result, the number of combustion cycles increases, and the motor stalls. 

However, the reduction in fuel efficiency and the economy is a prominent sign of its failure and motor defects. 

How do you troubleshoot and fix CP4 failure on 6.7 Powerstroke?

You can troubleshoot the failure of the CP4 high-pressure fuel pump by identifying different defects and their symptoms. You can check the fuel filters and identify their clogging. 

Their visual inspection is essential for identifying the rust layers. Also, you can inspect the engine components and read the values of pressure gauges. 

You can examine the temperature of the motor. Moreover, you can troubleshoot the rotations per minute of the motor. 

You can check the gas mileage and compare it with the standard range. You can check the fuel and identify the presence of metallic traces. 

You can check the file flow lines and injectors through visual examination. You can change the fuel inside the system and stabilize the performance of injectors. 

In such circumstances, its cleanliness can stabilize the motor rotations. You can reduce the motor temperature through a coolant and replace the broken parts. 

You can replace its damaged flow lines and swap the hoses. Furthermore, you can replace the malfunctioning or failed high-pressure fuel pump. 

You can find its location on your 6.7-liter Powerstroke. Then, you can find the three bolts which hold it in the mounting spot. 

You can adjust a bolt puller on these bolts and rotate them counterclockwise. You can loosen them and pull. 

Now, you can remove these bolts, hold the CP4, pull, and remove it. Professional help is better for replacing this pump because it is a time-consuming and complicated replacement.

How to prevent CP4 failure 6.7 Powerstroke?

You can prevent the failure of CP4 on a 6.7L Powerstroke by cleaning and maintaining the car engine. You can remove the clogging of fuel filters and injectors. 

Also, you can clean the fuel flow passages with cleaners. Maintaining the performance of the fuel filter is necessary to prevent pump failure. 

You can clean the filter and prevent the entry of metallic pieces into the fuel. Furthermore, you can change the damaged filters after 5000 to 20000 miles according to their condition and functionality. 

You can select a CP4 kit that has compatibility with the motor, filters, and injectors. This kit includes all the flow lines for replacement. 

It is compatible with the motor and pump. In addition, it can provide cleaning and maintenance. 

Its installation takes time, and an experienced mechanic can replace it on the 6.7-liter Powerstroke. Furthermore, you can replace the pump when it malfunctions and prevent further failures. 

You can prevent its damage by stabilizing the functionality of secondary and primary filters. You can clean all injectors and remove their clogging. 

You can replace the hose assembly and stabilize the continuous fuel pressure. You can check and replace the fuel supply and regulate the switch from the system. 

It is an electric component that can regulate the fuel supply in different parts through electrical regulation. 

Electric short circuits and debris can damage it. However, its replacement can prevent CP4 from electrical and mechanical failures.

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