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What is CDI on Mercedes-Benz?

What is CDI on Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes-Benz is a luxurious vehicle with amazing features while consuming less fuel. It is worth buying this because of the presence of diesel engines.

What is CDI on Mercedes-Benz? The CDI on Mercedes-Benz means Common Rail Diesel Injection system. In this system, the single high-pressure fuel pump supplies the fuel to all cylinders for proper ignition. CDI helps to improve the car’s mileage, increases torque production, and reduces emissions. Furthermore, it can enhance the engine’s power with more acceleration and provide smooth driving. 

You have to check its different components regularly to decrease the risk of damage. In addition, you should use high octane oil to increase the life of the injection system.

What is the meaning of CDI on Mercedes-Benz Cars?

The CDI in these cars stands for common rail fuel injection system. It was first used in Mercedes Benz C-Class vehicles in about 1977.

It is the common injection system that is present in modern diesel engines. The engine in this C class is 2.2 liter with 143hp.

It means all of the cylinders in the engine use one source for fuel supply.

It is also present in the latest models of Mercedes due to its several benefits to the engine components.

The new models are equipped with the latest engines to enhance the performance of vehicles.

First, the fuel is directly injected into the long rail, and then it comes towards the high-pressure pump.

The single high-pressure pump simultaneously supplies the fuel in all cylinders and provides better ignition and idling.

What are the benefits of using CDI on Mercedes-Benz?

There are several benefits of introducing the CDI (Common rail diesel injection) into the Mercedes-Benz.

Reduce fuel consumption

This system uses a single high-pressure valve to supply fuel to the cylinders of the engine components. 

The high-pressure valve decreases the fuel cost by about 15% to 20%.

In addition, you do not need an extra valve for each cylinder. Therefore, purchasing this vehicle is beneficial because it can save extra gallons of gas.

Less emission

Heavy-duty cars release toxic gasses from the exhaust system during driving. These harmful gasses are not safe for the environment and other people walking on the road.

It is eco-friendly and makes the environment safe for people and animals.

The reduction of emissions occurs due to less compression ratio. In addition, adequate fuel combustion in the minimized ratio also resolves this problem.

It is also beneficial to reduce the noise of emissions and exhaust system.

Moreover, this system is also equipped with multiple exhaust gas recirculation, which helps decrease the rate of emissions while driving at high speed.

High torque

Torque is definied as the rotational force produced by the engine to increase the performance of your car.

The rate of production of torque from the engine directly depends on the airflow. Therefore, this system has larger single pumps for fuel injection.

The larger pump is helpful to provide more airflow and increase torque production. The increased torque production is beneficial for movement at high speed.

In addition, your cars also accelerate better as compared to normal ones. Furthermore, it also makes your vehicle best while driving on sloppy roads.

It can provide better traction to the tires while moving downward from the hilly areas.

Increase towing capability

It increases your vehicle’s towing capabilities and makes it best by saving fuel consumption.

It can provide better acceleration and fast speed when your car becomes heavy due to the addition of multiple things in cargo space.

The continuous fuel supply from the large pump of the injection system increases the performance while hauling heavyweight.

In addition, multiple gas regulation decreases the overheating in the engine and makes it best for towing.

Smooth driving

Smooth driving is the primary requirement of every driver. When you put effort into accelerating your car repeatedly, it can make you annoying.

In addition, the frequent stoppage on the road and rough idling make people uncomfortable and worried.

It provides smooth driving even on bumpy roads by providing an equal amount of fuel at a faster rate.

You can also drive smoothly and comfortably on uneven terrains. Moreover, it makes the Mercedes best for off-roading by providing continuous ignition.

Increase resale value

The resale value of cars is essential for people who are frequent buyers and sellers. Some people want to purchase the new ones after some years for upgraded features and the latest technologies.

People always check the engine and its components before purchasing used vehicles. It makes your diesel engines ideal by enhancing their performance.

People always prefer to buy it because of increased torque, speed, better idling, and acceleration. This way, it can quickly increase the resale value of your old Mercedes.

Make engine powerful

The engines of the Mercedes-Benz are larger, and the addition of advanced features makes it ideal for driving.

The powerful engines are best for towing different things. For example, you can add more luggage to your cargo area without worrying about any problems.

In addition, you can also accelerate your car better. It is helpful to provide more torque for driving on snowy and wet roads during the winter season.

Long-lasting system

These diesel engines are long-lasting and highly durable.

You have to maintain its components to increase life. The complete and regularly maintained common rail diesel engines last more than 25 years.

It can provide a mileage of about more than 1400,000 miles. The longevity is due to a single valve for fuel injection into different engine cylinders.

What are the components of the CDI system?

There are several components of CDI systems for their appropriate functioning.

Fuel pump

The fuel pumps are of two types: low pressure and high pressure. The low-pressure pump is connected to the tank and further attached to the high-pressure pump.

The low pressure provides the fuel to the high-pressure pump. These are made of steel material for their longevity and durability.

The high-pressure pump works after receiving signals from the camshaft. It can produce about 210 to 220 bars of pressure to pump the fuel into different cylinders.

Fuel injectors

The main function of the injectors is to supply the fuel into the combustion chamber directly for the ignition process.

This injector has nozzles to provide an adequate amount of fuel. You have to calibrate the injection system sometimes for its appropriate functioning.

Fuel rail

The fuel rail is the larger chamber made of steel material to increase its strength. The function of rails is to inject it into the injection system.

In addition, it supplies the fuel to the combustion chamber by receiving high pressure from the high-pressure pump.

You have to remove the pressure by opening the valve after turning off your vehicle.

Pressure-regulating valve

The pressure regulating valve helps to reduce the excessive pressure in the rails system.

In addition, it controls the amount of fuel coming from the tank. Then, it sends the excessive fuel back to the tank.

It is regulated by the ignition switch and turns on and off according to the ignition.

Fuel pressure sensor

The sensor is also connected with the ECU system and present on the rails of the common rail diesel injection system.

It controls the amount of fuel that is coming from the tank.

What are the drawbacks of the CDI system on Mercedes-Benz?

The CDI is a suitable system for your diesel engine, but it has several drawbacks. It is sensitive to the quality of the fuel and impurities present in it.

The impurities in low-quality gas affect its components badly and decrease their reliability. In addition, the injectors present in it are sensitive to the contaminants of the fuel.

In addition, it is only suitable for diesel engines, and you cannot use it for petrol. This is because petrol can damage its parts and decrease its longevity.

When you only use it for diesel type, it can lubricate the common rail diesel injection system parts. 

The repairing and maintenance cost is also high, and you have to spend more money in case of any damage.

The repairing process is also complicated and time-consuming due to the complex working of several parts.

Does CDI have a turbo?

Every diesel engine is turbocharged to increase its torque production and speed. It is also a diesel engine, and it is turbo type.

It provides the extra air supply into the combustion chamber for appropriate air/fuel mixture. The smooth running of a car and high performance is due to the CDI turbo system.

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