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How to Check AdBlue Level on Mercedes E-Class?

How to Check AdBlue Level on Mercedes E-Class?

Mercedes E-Class is a luxurious mid-sized car that is famous in America. It has a powerful turbocharged engine with six cylinders to increase the drive quality and make it comfortable. 

How to Check AdBlue Level on Mercedes E-Class? You can check the AdBlue levels on Mercedes E-Class by turning on the ignition. Press the start button and do not step on the brake pedal. Locate the right and left arrows on the left side of the steering wheel. Press the phone button for a few seconds to update the system on the screen. The different options are present on the dashboard screen, click on the AdBlue and press the Ok button. Now you can see its remaining quantity on the screen.

It is better to check its levels before driving your car to increase the life of engine components.

Then, refill the tank at a specific level as soon as possible to restart the engine. In addition, you can follow the same method for different trims of the Mercedes E class.

How do you check the AdBlue level on Mercedes E class?

You can check this level before taking your vehicles for long road trips.

It is a quick and easy method and only requires 5 to 7 minutes for the whole procedure. In addition, you do not need any tools or the help of an expert to do this process.

Turn on its key

When you want to check the level of fluid in the tank of your car, you have to turn on the ignition. This is because you cannot see the screen on the dashboard without turning it on.

Most of the Mercedes E class models have an ignition button, and you have to press it. Then, press the start button to turn on the ignition system.

You can also do this process by using the key of your vehicle. In addition, it is also necessary that you should not use the brake pedal.

It can cause an issue when you step the brake pedal while pressing the start button.

Find right and left arrows

The left and right arrows are present on the left side of the steering wheel to control the different options on the screen.

Press the phone button present on the right side of the steering wheel. Hold it for about 3 to 5 minutes so that the required data comes on the screen.

You can select different options by using the right, left arrow, and ok button present near your vehicle’s steering wheel.

Locate AdBlue status

Use the down arrow to see different options on the screen. The other options come on the screen like telephone, assistant graphics, radio, service, and setting.

You have to select the service option and press the ok button. Then, the service menu shows various other tabs like one message. Tire pressure, Assyst plus and AdBlue.

Scroll down by using the downward area and click on its button. You have to press the ok button after clicking on this option.

You can see the small tank on the screen, which shows the exact levels of the fluid.

It shows the reading in miles on the screen for ease for people.

How big is the AdBlue tank in the Mercedes E-Class?

This fluid is present in the tanks in your vehicles. The size of the tanks and their quantity varies in different cars.

Some have larger capacity that can easily provide greater mileage for long road trips during vacations.

The larger ones are best because you do not need to refill them frequently. You can easily enjoy the journey without worrying about the nearby service stations for refilling procedures.

Its maximum capacity in the Mercedes E class ranges from 23 to 25 liters. So about 1 liter of AdBlue fluid gives you about 400 to 450 miles on highways.

The range also depends on the fuel consumption of your vehicles. Your vehicle will consume more liquid if fuel economy is not good.

In addition, it also depends on the driving style of the drivers. For example, more fluid is used when you move on busy roads and stay in busy lanes.

It can provide better mileage while driving on highways at high speeds.

How do I know when the AdBlue tank is full?

You should check the level of the liquid while refilling the tanks. An excessive amount of fluid can cause a problem.

It can produce air bubbles, which can cause issues during their supply. The overfilling can also create a vacuum which causes difficulty while injecting this fluid into the exhaust.

Most of the latest models come with a gauge to check their appropriate levels.

You can find this measuring instrument on the dashboard or near the infotainment system. Open the setting menu to find this measuring gauge.

What happens due to low levels of AdBlue?

When you are out of the fluid, the different warning signs start to appear on your dashboard screen for the safety of other people.

You should not drive without this fluid because it can make the environment unsafe for people, animals, and other living things.

The production of toxic chemicals from your car affects other people on the roads.

Moreover, in severe cases, the performance of your engine also reduces to decrease the emission of harmful gasses from the exhaust system.

In addition, you cannot start your car again once it turns off. You must take your vehicle to the refilling station after seeing the warning light so it cannot turn off.

How do I know when AdBlue levels are low in Mercedes E-Class?

When you are not checking the fluid level in your vehicle to see its appropriate levels, the warning light comes on the screen to make the driver aware.

The check AdBlue warning light comes on the dashboard, which indicates that you have to see its level for safe driving.

The warning lights come in different colors like red and yellow. For example, when you run out of fluid, the red light will make you aware that you must move toward nearby service stations.

The yellow light only turns on when levels are low. It will alert you by indicating the remaining mileage that fluid can provide.

How long will a tank of AdBlue last?

The 25-liter tank of the Mercedes E class can provide a mileage of about 6500 miles to 7500 miles. The mileage can also decrease depending on the road conditions.

The 1 liter can provide a minimum of 300 miles to 400 miles on busy roads. The mileage can also increase or decrease according to the size and capacity of its tank.

The larger capacity will ultimately cover more distance than the smaller ones.

How much AdBlue is left when the light comes on?

The warning light comes on the dashboard to show the low levels of the exhaust fluid. It makes you aware that you should refill it before your engine turns off.

The light comes on when 2 liters to 4 liters of AdBlue fluid remain in the tank. In addition, it also shows the readings in mileage to tell you about the distance you can cover.

The light starts to blink when 1500 miles to 1650 miles are left. You should turn on the navigation to find the service stations near your current location to save your mileage.

Can I refill AdBlue myself?

The refilling of the AdBlue tanks is an easy and cost-effective method. You do not need to spend the cost on the experts for this process.

Therefore, you only have to purchase these cans and pour them into the tank.

It is also suitable to use anti-spill nozzles for refilling procedures to reduce the chances of spillage.

Moreover, it is also cheaper than the normal fuel of your car, and you can easily afford it.

Where is the AdBlue tank in the Mercedes E-Class?

You have to locate the AdBlue tank in your Mercedes E class before refilling. You can find it by reading the owner’s manual.

In addition, you can also take help from car dealerships to find its location. 

Its tank is present near the spare wheel of your vehicle. It is located under the boot’s floor for safety and easy refilling.

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