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What is Dual Top Group on Jeep Wrangler?

What is Dual Top Group on Jeep Wrangler?

Jeep Wrangler is a mid-size SUV that offers different types of customizations like using dual top group and adding two or more doors or removing them completely.

What is Dual Top Group on Jeep Wrangler? Dual top group for Jeep Wrangler offers two types of tops, including soft and hard, that add to the vehicle’s functionality. You can put on the hard fiberglass top in winter and a soft denim top in summer. In addition, you can choose any one of these covers after considering a few factors like security, protection from dust and rain, and temperature regulation. It can help provide a better response to seasonal changes through these options.

The older models of Jeep Wrangler contain either a soft or a hard top. However, you can find them together in a modern SUV that allows you to benefit from both types of protectors.

Furthermore, it is easy to install the soft tops after removing the hard ones. You can do the complete installation in 40 to 60 minutes, depending on your expertise and previous experience.

What does dual top group mean?

It means the presence of both hard and soft tops on the upper part of the vehicle. This is one of the prominent features of Jeep Wrangler, which provides better functionality.

This SUV is highly customizable that allows you to add single or dual rooftops according to the seasons.

The hardtop is suitable for use in the winter seasons as it can efficiently control the temperature inside the vehicle.

In contrast, you can put on a soft top during the summer season because it allows more air to pass.

The manufacturers provide a separate package containing all the items required for installing a soft top.

Why would you use dual top group on Jeep Wrangler?

There are many benefits of the dual top on the Jeep Wrangler that helps protect your SUV from damage due to dust, sun rays, and weather fluctuations.

Better response to seasonal changes

One of its main benefits is protection from weather fluctuations.

The two different types of protecting covers allow you and your vehicle to tolerate the sun’s hot rays, rainwater, and dusty storms.

Moreover, the fiberglass material covers the front and rear seats of the jeep entirely without leaving any small holes.

In contrast, the soft tops are made of thick fabric like denim that is not so hard, and you can easily pull and push the cover.

It can get fold entirely on the vehicle’s backside when you open it and allows proper flow of air inside.

In addition, it can help protect the rainy season by preventing the raindrops from entering inside.

Secure and safe

The double layers of protecting covers allow you to feel secure and safe because you can shift from soft to hard ones when you want to secure your luggage and yourself.

Alternatively, you can also remove the hard fiberglass cover when driving in an area without the risk of robbery.

Regulates temperature

This combination of two different types of tops allows better temperature regulation inside the SUV. A hard covering of fiberglass does not allow lesser airflow inside the vehicle.

It is better to put on this lid when there is cold air outside because it can keep you warm.

However, you can take it off the vehicle and use the soft top with an airy fabric.

Moreover, you can also move it to the back near the tailgate when you do not need a cover. It is highly adjustable.

So, you can regulate the temperature inside the SUV by choosing any one of these covers.

Durable jeep top

The dual top offers maximum durability according to changing seasons and requirements when used.

Continuous use of a single type of rooftop in every season decreases its durability, so it is better to use both the products in winters and summers.

A softcover can get damaged when you use it in rains, so the hard one suits better in rainy weather because the fiberglass can resist rainwater efficiently.

Protection from air elements

Hardtops prevent the entry of air elements of any size and keep the internal environment clean.

You do not have to tolerate the entry of dust particles and gases that are not good for you.

Keep the polluted air outside when you are moving on a sandy road. The tires blow out the sand from the road when you drive at high speed and enter the vehicle.

Therefore, this hard layer of protection over the jeep prevents dust, sand, and other particles from entering.

Dual options

You can enjoy the benefits of both the soft and hardcovers present on the upper side of your SUVs.

The manufacturers provide a hard top on the jeep and a separate package containing a soft top and the essential tools for installing it.

You can change the type of protecting covers according to your requirement but keep the uninstalled cover carefully to use it again.

How to remove the hard top from the dual top group from Jeep Wrangler?

You can remove the hardtop without professional help in 40 to 60 minutes by following these steps sequentially.

Remove the clips and screws

Three pieces of the hardtop are present above the Jeep Wrangler. Additionally, there are 4 to 6 clips present on the front side of the vehicle that are holding the panels.

Remove the clips that are clamping the front panels tightly and free them. Then, unscrew the screws that are usually 2 to 3 in number.

Take off the hard front top

You can easily take off the two pieces of hard top present above the driver and passenger seat. Slide them off the vehicle and keep them aside carefully.

Unscrew the bolts

Almost 8 to 10 bolts keep the rear and front panels in their place. Move to the rear panels and unscrew all the nuts and bolts using a screwdriver.

After removing all the nuts, keep them aside in a box to use later whenever you want to put the hardtop structure again.

Disconnect water hose

The fiberglass cover provides a wiper and defroster on the rear window. They are connected to a water hose for the water supply to function properly.

You have to disconnect the water hose before removing the whole cover. This is because water can leak inside the SUV when you try to remove it without disconnecting a washer.

Take off the rear hardtop

It is heavy enough, and you cannot take it off alone or even with someone’s help, so you need mechanical support to avoid damage to the material.

Fix hooks in the holes that connect to a lever and take it in the upward direction by pulling the lever downward. Move the SUV forward and put the cover down on the floor.

Adjust rails

Unopen the package and take out the rails that support the soft top.

Fix them above all the seats and put central rails in the center of the front and rear seats from outside.

Put the soft top

Adjust the thick fabric present on adjustable rods on the rear side of the vehicle and add screws to fix it properly.

It is usually present close to the tailgate and moves towards the front side of the SUV.

Additionally, you cannot put the cover alone, so take help from your friend. Hold its opposite ends and place it over the jeep.

Check the screws whether they are correctly tightened to avoid any inconvenience later on. Moreover, it is better to check the alignment on both sides.

Put vinyl windows

After properly adjusting the soft top, you have to add two sides and one rear window.

They have no zippers, so you do not have to worry about the accumulation of dust that leads to the non-functionality of the windows.

The clips and sliding hinges are present, so you have to press them gently against the soft top to fix them.

What are the disadvantages of using the dual top group on a Jeep Wrangler?

The dual top group offers many advantages to the off-roader and daily drivers, but there are some disadvantages of using them one over another.

It can cost you more than a single layer of protection, either soft or hard. Moreover, removing the upper fiberglass cover takes more time when you want to remove the lower soft top and then fix it back.

Furthermore, you cannot install or uninstall the soft and hard protectors and need the help of another person to put the whole structure on and off the vehicle.

The presence of a hardtop over the soft one can damage the lower one made of fabric due to the stress of weight. So, it is better to keep only one of these two covers at a single time.

The presence of two layers takes additional space inside the vehicle. In addition, you have to paint the fiberglass to match it with the SUV.

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