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Should I Rustproof My New Subaru?

Should I Rustproof My New Subaru?

Subaru is a large automobile manufacturing company, but its vehicles are not rustproof. The other manufacturing companies nowadays use galvanized steel to protect their SUVs.

Should I Rustproof My New Subaru? You can rustproof your new Subaru by undercoating it with wax-based or other rubber-based composite sprays. It is also good to try tar, sealant, and drip oil-based sprays. You can also install the electronic module on your new vehicle. You should also frequently wash your SUVs after driving on snowy and muddy roads to remove road salt and mud residues to prevent rust.

The corrosion will destroy the whole chassis structure by producing cracks and holes when you do not remove mud.

Why would you rustproof the new Subaru?

It is necessary to make your SUV rustproof to decrease the risk of damage. These do not contain any layer that makes their surface corrosion resistant.

The modern vehicle of other companies has rust-resistant layers. This coating is beneficial in increasing the life of the exterior structure.

The Subarus have a poor history of corrosion-resistant sprays on their new vehicles. So you have to take your new SUVs to the dealerships to apply a protective coating.

This method also depends upon your living conditions and environmental effects. For example, you should do this process if you use your vehicles for long hauls.

It is not necessary to apply this coat when living in a desert area because of less or no moisture in this environment.

How to make your new Subaru rustproof?

I have added 6 different and easy methods to make your new SUV rustproof.

Wax coating

The wax coating application is the simplest and most cost-effective method to make your new vehicle rustproof.

Many people use this material to maintain the original exterior shine of their SUVs. First, remove the dust or dirt from the surface using a soft, lint-free towel.

Start to apply this coating from the front bumper and then move towards the side of the rear wheel. Next, apply on the roof and door side and then on the back bumper.

Do not apply them on headlights because it can make them blur. Instead, apply a wax coat to your vehicle every 3 to 4 months to decrease the effect of moisture.


Undercoating is the famous and ideal method to protect the underside of your SUVs from corrosion. It is the application of spray-based wax on the entire side.

Several wax-based undercoating sprays are available in the market for this purpose. It is helpful to create a protective layer on your new SUV.

In addition, the spray-based waxes are easy to apply and take less time. This layer will last for 8 to 12 months, and then you have to use it again after inspecting the surface.

Thicker sealant spray

Thicker sealant sprays are suitable for the undercarriage of the vehicles because this side is more at risk of dirt and debris from the road.

You have to clean this surface before applying thicker sealant sprays. Deep wash the lower side of the chassis structure with pressurized water.

Applying these sealants without cleaning will not stick to the surface and prevent moisture entry.

Apply the spray and leave it for a few minutes for drying purposes. These sealant sprays also fill up the small invisible holes and cracks to prevent the attack of rust.

Use electronic system

The use of the electronic system to make your Subaru rust-resistant is the modern method. The electronic module is the small device that is used in this procedure.

The dealerships install the electronic module in your vehicle. This small accessory release a small amount of weak current to prevent the reaction of metal with oxygen.

The protection of this reaction will make your SUV corrosion-proof and resolve the problem.

You can purchase these small devices from the dealerships and take the help of experts for their appropriate installation.

Tar based spray

The use of tar-based sprays is also the type of undercoating, but it is a less effective method to protect your vehicle’s exterior from moisture.

These sprays contain black tar-like material, which can make a permanent shield to prevent water entry.

This method requires more maintenance due to its less durability. This layer wears out early and will not last for a longer time.

Many people complain that water enters the underside and damages the metallic chassis structure.

Use of oil-based rustproof sprays

The drip oil sprays are available, and their application is technical. You should have to take help from experts to perform this procedure.

It is ideal for protecting the underneath and all of the internal parts of vehicles from moisture. You have to drill a small hole in the SUVs to apply oil on every part and every corner.

It is the affordable and ideal method to make your Subaru rust-resistant. The drawback of this method is that oil will continuously drip from your vehicle for about 1 to 2 days.

You also have to clean your garage floor to remove the oil stains. Finally, you should park your vehicles in the lawn to protect them from oil stains.

Parking in shady areas

You can resolve this problem by parking your vehicles in shady areas during rainy seasons. However, I prefer to construct the covered garage in your home for safe parking.

Avoid parking them under the trees and other areas that have contaminants. Instead, I prefer to use covers for safe parking and exterior protection.

Moreover, always use the indoor parking service in shopping malls and restaurants.

Frequent washing in winters

Wash your vehicles frequently in winter seasons to remove road salts residues.

Deep wash once a month to remove dust, dirt, mud, and grime.

How can rust damage my new Subaru SUV?

The corrosion of Subaru SUVs is a common problem due to their exterior manufacturing material. The presence of metal causes the rust to accumulate there.

Decrease durability

The presence of rust on the surface of vehicles decreases their durability. It can also reduce their life more than their average life span.

In addition, the paint also starts to come off from the affected area. As a result, the resale value will also decrease when you want to sell your SUV.

The brown corrosion marks also give a poor appearance and a bad impression to other people.

Moreover, it will damage the exterior surface, affect the other parts and decrease their longevity.

The chassis structure and exterior strength also decrease due to this issue.

Chances of leakage

The corrosion on the metal body of vehicles also produces cracks and holes. These cracks and holes cause water or moister entry into the interior side.

The leakage due to rust is common from the roof and doors side. In addition, the presence of water affects the systems of the dashboard and other electrical components.

Moreover, the sensors also stop working appropriately due to exposure to moisture. The leakage from the doors damages the locking and unlocking system.

The seats also become wet, and people feel uncomfortable sitting there. In addition, the water leakage in engine components also affects their parts and makes them faulty.

Reasons for Rusty Subaru

There are several reasons why rust accumulates on the exterior and undercarriage of Subaru. First, this issue will wholly damage the metal material and make them more vulnerable to damage.

Exposure to moisture

If moisture comes in contact with the metal surface, the oxygen present in water reacts with this surface. This reaction will cause oxidation, and the oxides start to accumulate there.

The exposure to humidity occurs when you drive your vehicle in the rainy and foggy season. Moreover, the parking in the areas near the beach also causes this issue.

When you drive your SUVs on a muddy road, the water also comes in contact with the underside and causes damage.

Driving on wet roads also makes the lower chassis structure humid and rusty.

Use of road salt

Many people live in areas that remain cold all the time. The snow covers the road, and it is challenging to drive on them.

Road salt is applied to these roads to remove the snow and make them clear for easy driving.

These road salts come in contact with the underbody of your new Subaru and cause damage. In addition, this salt contains more electrons that react with metal and produce corrosion.

Poor maintenance

Sometimes the poor maintenance of new SUVs also makes them more vulnerable to rust. When you do not clean your vehicles regularly, it can make them worse.

You have to wash them with fresh tap water to remove residues of dirt and grime.

Some people also neglect the issue of paint scraping. The paint layer is present on the exterior of your vehicles to decrease the exposure to humidity.

The peeling of the paint layer corrodes the metal surface due to an oxidation reaction. Spray paints the affected area to decrease the chances of further damage.

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