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What is Hyundai Elantra Smart Mode?

What is Hyundai Elantra Smart Mode?

Hyundai cars have a SMART mode with incredible automatic adjustments in the working of its components like the engine to provide a better driving experience.

What is Hyundai Elantra Smart Mode? The Hyundai Elantra SMART mode is an incredible feature in modern automobiles that allows cars to shift between the drive modes according to the driving style. It recognizes the handling like the acceleration and braking pedals or the steering movements. Moreover, it alters fuel consumption and improves the vehicle’s performance. Furthermore, the indicator illuminates on the display when it is active.

Furthermore, you can operate the vehicle at different RPMs without changing gears with levers.

An adaptive mechanism is present in these automobiles, recognizing the changes on the road surface and the driving styles for making modifications accordingly.

What does SMART mode mean on Hyundai Elantra?

The SMART mode helps switch between different drive modes. It assesses the person’s driving behavior and shifts the system to a particular feature.

This car has many noticeable features that rank it as the best car providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

It has many automatic features with different driving modes that can work according to varying terrains.

Moreover, four features are present in the Elantra, including the Normal, ECO, Sport, and SMART.

The ECO option is replaced with the SMART feature in this vehicle’s 2020 and 2021 models to control the system.

Furthermore, it offers an optimized driving experience that facilitates the drivers. It understands the driving style and operates the vehicle’s system accordingly.

How does a SMART mode work on Hyundai Elantra?

The SMART mode usually keeps switching between the sport, ECO, and the normal one.

When a driver presses the acceleration pedal smoothly, the car’s system recognizes the behavior and adjusts it to the ECO.

Similarly, it moves to the normal when you are not driving harshly and applying excessive pressure on the pedal and steering wheel.

It keeps the car at lower acceleration and provides better gas mileage.

However, the system shifts to sport option when you depress the pedal aggressively and move the steering wheel continuously.

The sport feature brings the vehicle at high speed, particularly when driving on a highway.

As a result, it provides a better driving experience, and you can easily reach high RPMs.

Therefore, SPORT identifies the changes in the operation of the steering wheel and directs the vehicle’s system to respond accordingly.

When does SMART mode deactivate?

The activation and deactivation of this mode need to be done manually by turning the knob to reach this feature.

The extreme temperature of the transmission affects its functioning and shifts these from normal to SMART.

It can also deactivate when you try to handle the shift lever yourself.

Furthermore, cruise control activation can affect the functioning of the SMART feature and make it inactive.

Moreover, it cannot modulate the system anymore when the cruise control mechanism controls the driving speed.

What are the benefits of driving Hyundai Elantra in SMART mode?

Many people choose their cars to be in the SMART mode due to its multiple benefits. You can also enjoy a better ride while driving, particularly on this feature.

Slow and smooth acceleration

You can enjoy a slow and smooth ride when ECO or Sport features are active. The car does not need extra fuel to reach high RPMs and requires smooth acceleration.

Additionally, this integrated control mechanism in modern automobiles makes your journey safer and more economical.

You do not have to modulate the features according to the road surface.

It manages all the settings in the engine, wheels movement, acceleration rate, etc., according to the condition of the road.

Alters fuel consumption

It enables the vehicle’s engine and throttle body to burn minimum fuel for better fuel efficiency.

It takes control over the parts of the car and brings changes in the opening of the throttle body valve for releasing fuel.

When the car is in the smart ECO position, it uses lesser fuel and reduces the fuel cost.

However, the vehicle consumes more fuel in the smart sport because it moves at high speed.

Therefore, it controls fuel consumption and manages it according to the drive options.

Custom driving option

You can also change the settings from the display screen, where the options of drive modes and vehicle settings are visible after tapping on the center of the rotating knob.

It is better to customize the engine for effective operations and braking.

You do not have to reset all the values when turning on the SMART option, as all the changes remain to save.

Control gear shifting

The control of gears comes under the SMART mode when you activate it.

It shifts the gears to higher ones when you press the pedal swiftly.

In contrast, the car shifts automatically to lower gears when you harshly depress the pedal. 

The lower gears ensure your safety because you have to suddenly increase or decrease the speed when driving on the highway.

Furthermore, the high gears do not allow abrupt changes in acceleration and pose a risk to your safety.

Changes in AC performance

It controls the performance of an air conditioner according to the situation, like on rough surfaces.

The performance of air conditioners reduces when the vehicle is present in the smart ECO or normal condition. This restricts you from reaching high speed and burning more fuel.

However, a better cooling effect is seen in these cars when they are in the smart sport mode.

How to turn on the SMART mode on Hyundai Elantra?

You can easily control the mechanism of SMART feature like its turning on and off on Hyundai Elantra with the help of a knob present on the center console or close to the steering wheel.

A button is present close to the lever used for changing the gears in some models.

Click on the center button present on the rotating knob to change it.

Rotate the knob to change the vehicle from normal to ECO.

A green color signal appears on the display screen, which indicates that ECO is active.

Rotate it further to reach the sport, indicating activation by giving the instrument cluster a red or yellow signal.

You have to rotate the knob again to reach this mode, and its indicator appears on the screen accordingly. 

So, you can change these in the vehicle by rotating the knob that can help turn on the “SMART” feature.

Additionally, you can turn it on by pressing the button present close to the lever.

Does Hyundai Elantra start on SMART mode?

Many people have queries about this advanced feature in Elantra, which understands your preference and operates the car accordingly.

It is true that this car remains in the same mode, which was active when turning off the engine.

So, it will start on this option when you turn off the engine at this feature.

Also, you can see the illumination of an indicator on the display when it activates on turning on the engine.

Can I change drive mode to SMART while driving Hyundai Elantra?

There is no problem with changing the drive modes according to requirements, like when you are moving through different types of terrains like sand and snow.

Moreover, the acceleration and the steering manner vary in different route regions. You can activate or deactivate this SMART feature while driving.

 Similarly, it also shifts the car systems like throttle body and engine transmission according to your driving behavior on the way.

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