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How to Put Hyundai Elantra Seats Down?

How to Put Hyundai Elantra Seats Down?

Many people find it challenging to fold-down rear seats in the Hyundai Elantra. Its models have different specifications and seat configurations due to various external and internal features.

How to Put Hyundai Elantra Seats Down? You can put Hyundai Elantra seats down by pulling the lever from the trunk or on the sides of the seats. In addition, you can turn a knob that is present close to the headrest to fold the seats down. You can fold the front and rear seats by pulling the lever present on the sides and behind the backrest. Furthermore, some older models have straps under the seats that can be pulled to release them from the rails.

Furthermore, you have to choose a different approach to change the height of these sitting platforms according to your height.

How many seats are present in Hyundai Elantra?

Hyundai Elantra is a compact car equipped with multiple exceptional features to make it a luxurious vehicle.

It contains 2 seats on the front side, including the one for the driver and the other one close to it. In addition, 3 passenger seats are present on the rear side of the vehicle.

These are highly adjustable that can provide a cushioning effect on your legs and back. 

How do you put Hyundai Elantra seats down?

The soft upholstered seats with adjustable features benefit drivers and passengers sitting behind the driving person. You can easily fold these down with these methods.

Pull the lever

The levers for front and back seats are present at different locations. Access the levers for rear seats from the trunk.

You can see two levers on the left and right sides of the car that are controlling the folding of the passenger sitting platforms.

Pull the left side lever and push the left seat forward. Next, push the backrest towards the front side and bend it downward.

Similarly, pull the right side lever from the trunk and push the right passenger seat forward. Finally, press the headrest and lock it in the lowest position.

After that, push the right-side seat towards the front region of the vehicle and put them down.

You can see levers on the door opening side, pull the lever and push the platform forward. Next, lower the headrest and bend the backrest over the sea to minimize its overall size.

Turn the knob

A knob is present in all the Hyundai Elantra models that are trending widely in the automobile industry. It is present close to the headrest and on the backside of the backrest.

You have to push or turn the knob to incline and fold it by flipping them forward and downward.

Pull the strap

Some of its models contain a string or a strap that helps fold the vehicle’s rear seats.

A strap is present under the sitting platforms or between them, with a small end hanging on the lower side. It can be present on the backside and hanging from the lower side of the backrest.

You can pull the strap which is present under the seats to move them towards the vehicle’s front end and move them down. However, pull the colored straps when accessing it from the backrest.

Furthermore, it has a separate strap, and you have to pull them one by one to move all of them.

Why would you put Hyundai Elantra seats down?

There are many reasons to fold its seats, as it gives you a roomy environment to enjoy the ride when you do not usually move with your family members.

Placement of extra luggage

It is good to put the passenger side down when you go out for a holiday tour with your partner. Then, you can quickly increase the cargo space to put in extra luggage.

It can help place the small furniture in the trunk when shifting to a new house.

You can take many items like boots, food and water container, and clothes to make your hiking memorable. In addition, add a complete package of trekking tents on the rear side of the vehicle.

Improves space

It is a spacious car that provides enough space to feel comfortable.

However, some tall drivers feel uncomfortable when their head touches the vehicle’s roof.

It is irritating when the arms continuously touch the seat close to the driver when changing gears.

So, it is better to fold them to get extra space in the vehicle so that you can easily sit and breathe.

This improve the vehicle’s usability as you can place the grocery items while shopping for the household items.

Moreover, you can place the sports items like tennis, bat, etc., in the cargo space while going out to play on the ground or to the gym.

So, it is essential to fold the passenger sitting platforms when you are not going on family tours and dropping your children to school.

Unused seats

Many people put the seats down when they are not in use. They only consume space in the vehicle, so it is better to fold them when you usually drive alone.

Therefore, pull the lever and bend the backrest downward by pushing it with a gentle force.

Positioning of long objects

Many of us feel hopeless when we want to add long lumbers or any other long-sized object.

It creates difficulty to position such items inside the cargo area due to the lesser availability of space.

You can add extra space to adjust the long items straight on the folded backrest.

Avoid adding heavy-weight material like steel or metal that can damage the surface when you want to haul them over a long distance.

An undesirable back and forth movement of the heavy material can damage the stuff of the seats resulting in scratches on the rear side of the backrest.

So, you can place the more oversized items like the lightweight bed rails when taking them home from the warehouse.

However, it is better to consider the weight before hauling to protect the trunk floor and seats.

What is the location of a seat folding lever in Hyundai Elantra?

You can find levers to fold the seats at different locations according to the model and type of the car.

Some manufacturers add pulling levers on their sides that are easily accessible from the door side.

Moreover, it can be present close to the headrest and on the opposite side of the backrest. In the same way, you can find them in the middle of the backrest or on the lower side.

The rear section has levers on the sides, and you can also access the levers from cargo space by opening the trunk.

At the same time, the front portion has levers only on the side areas or behind the backrest.

Is Hyundai Elantra a spacious car?

It is a compact vehicle but manages the small space appropriately like there is an ideal space in the cargo region and front of the seats.

It provides better legroom between the rear and front seats, which is almost 40 to 42 inches. In addition, the shoulder and hip rooms are about 55.2 to 56.3 inches and 52.8 to 51.3 inches.

You can place many items in the trunk as it provides a space of almost 13.8 to 14.3 inches. In addition, it can increase the cargo space from 52.7 to 54.9 inches.

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