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What is the Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior Package?

What is the Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior Package?

Toyota Tundra road warrior package has various features that increase their demands in the market and make them different from other trucks.

What is the Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior Package? The Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior Package includes a Sport shift knob, sliding rear window, better towing capacity, 18 months warranty, and fog lights. In addition, TRD forged wheels, All-Terrain tires, pedal covers, and Bilstein shocks are also included in this model. This model comes mostly in black color with black bumpers and Grille.

This package also contains good navigation and stereo systems, which are necessary parts in trucks.

Due to their better off-road performance, you can easily take them on hilly years to enjoy with your friends and family. Rock warrior models range from $35,000 to $38,000, and it is only available in 4×4 Toyota Tundra pickups.

17-inch TRD Forged Aluminum wheels

It features large forge wheels with aluminum material. Aluminum is more durable than steel and provides better protection.

Moreover, the aluminum tires are lighter, but they are stronger ones that will last for more years than other alloys.

The company makes these types of forged tires by taking a solid metal and then exposing them to a high temperature after this high pressure is applied to them for the compression process.

Then the company put this forged material into different dimensions according to the design of tires. The benefits of these tires are that they have less shrinkage capacity and are more robust.

Moreover, they will increase the overall vehicle performance and increase fuel efficiency due to smooth driving.

The forging process and aluminum material also decrease the risk of corrosion and oxidation in them.

LT283/70R-17 All-terrain tires

This type of tire has an open tread design that provides good traction on off-road surfaces and uneven roads. These are suitable for the weight of the Tundra.

It also contains the interlocking tread elements that provide good friction on wet, snowy, and muddy roads.

In addition, it also gives a smooth ride on rocky and hilly areas due to better friction and grip of wheels.

The reinforced sidewalls of All-Terrain tires also provide great load carrying capacity and payload capacity. As a result, heavy vehicles and trucks should haul more weight with them like campers and trailers.

Moreover, they are acceptable during all years; you should not need to change them during summers and winters. They have improved efficiency during winters on snowy and icy road surfaces and prevent slipperiness.

The average life of All-Terrain tires ranges from 50,000 miles to 65,000 miles with proper maintenance.

Bilstein shocks

Whenever people purchase their vehicles, they always prefer the smooth rides that are possible due to the high quality of the suspension system and shock absorbers.

Bilstein shocks are worth buying, and it is the best type of shock to spend money on them. Bilstein is the scientist who discovered them and applied the patented gas pressure on them.

It is the monotube gas shock absorber that plays an essential role in controlling the drive characteristics.

It contains nitrogen gas in them with valving, which will keep the surfaces of tires in contact with road surfaces.

This holding of wheels on roads will make your drive smoother and comfortable on uneven and bumpy roads.

It also controls the suspension motion and prevents your vehicle from bouncing and swaying. It also provides the necessary damping force to show response quickly according to the conditions of the road.

Color-matched bumper and Grille

Grille and bumper’s appearance matters a lot for overall vehicles because they are present on the front side.

The Grille is beneficial for the entry and exit of air to maintain the temperature of the engine and radiator. The bumper is also an important part of protecting the front side during collisions and crashes.

This package includes the same color of Grille and bumper to maintain their cool appearance. The same color can be shiny black or white, and it gives a great and attractive touch to the whole vehicle because Tundra is non-union made.

Matte black rear bumper

The rear bumper on vehicles protects rear seats during collisions at high speed from the backside.

In addition, people are using different paints like vinyl paints and other stickers of vinyl material to enhance the beauty of their Trucks or SUVs.

The use of stickers with different designs gives the finished and change look. In addition, the Toyota Tundra Rock warrior package comes with a matte black color bumper.

This shade of black on the backside bumper gives a luxurious and charming touch to the whole exterior.

Due to its charming colors, people are buying them more in the market, which directly increases their sales, and the company benefits from it.

Addition of Fog lights

The trucks contain front lights of high intensity to drive them during nighttime to move with safety and see the hurdles on the road.

The use of headlights prevents road accidents and crashes with other vehicles. In addition, it has unique features of fog light with headlights like the new 2022 Toyota Tundra.

This feature is beneficial during the winter when there is heavy fog on the roads, and you can’t see clearly.

Due to their acute angle on the ground surface, they illuminate everything present on the road, and you can see it.

They have the shortest beam of light that provides better illumination during dense foggy conditions. Sometimes during winter nights, the visibility on roads becomes minimal, and it will help for better visibility.

Powerful V8 Engine

It has an engine with eight cylinders and a 400 hp capacity, making them the best vehicle to haul any cargo trailer or camper.

This Rock warrior package has a strong engine with a torque of about 420-pound force feet with a fuel capacity of 5.8 liters.

The heavy engines of the V8 have a more perpendicular angle with the engine, which directly increases the power and speed of the vehicle.

When you are driving them in hilly areas, it is the best type because it will provide continuous and stable power.

They are also increasing the speed and also provide good acceleration when you are starting your trucks.

Interior design

Its interior is beautifully designed to attract the attention of people.

It comes with a seating capacity of 5 to 6 persons with leather upholstery on the seats. The leather used on seats is of good quality, and their fine stitching gives the overall furnished appearance.

The floors of this truck under the specified package have carpeted floors that look fantastic. In addition, the floor mats used in the interior structure are resistant to all types of weather.

The power steering is also upholstered with trimmed leather, and it also has a power window and doors.

The seats are also power-adjustable with a heat and ventilation system according to seasonal variations.

They also have extra door handles and a traction control system. Moreover, their interior is also wide, and their double CAB model has a 6.7-foot long bed.


Most of the companies are giving a warranty of 6 months or a year for their valuable products. It is the time in which if any problem occurs in your vehicle, and the company will sort out this free of cost.

Some companies are also giving the repair warranty of 6 months that within this half-year if any part gets damaged, you can repair it from the customer care service center.

It gives a warranty of 16 months to 18 months. If any issue comes in any part of the truck, then the company will resolve this without charging the customers.

Sport shift Knob

The gear shifting knob in the Rock warrior package is of sport shift type. It gives a sporty and charming look to your overall truck.

The shape of this type of shift knobs is like a ball and shaft, which provides better grip while holding them by the driver.

They have lightweight and weigh about 400 grams. In addition, the material used for their construction is stainless steel which increases their longevity.

Pedal covers

The three pedals are present on the bottom side of the driver seat to adjust the speed of your vehicle, accelerator, and clutch pedals.

Pedal covers on these three pedals are very beneficial if the driver is wearing slippery shoes; these covers provide a better grip and prevent their foot from slipperiness again and again.

 It will reduce the risk of accidents because of less slipperiness and better grip. It will also prevent them from corrosion due to the protective layer.

More Towing capacity

People are purchasing this truck because of its great towing capacity that ranges from 10,150 pounds to 10,250 pounds.

It is suitable for hauling heavy cargo items with them, and you can also adjust more things in their cargo space because of their greater payload capacity.

In this towing capacity, you can easily hitch fully equipped and furnished trailers with them.

Sliding rear windows

It has sliding windows that look cooler in the vehicle. The benefits of the sliding window are that you can open and close them easily, and they will not produce any sound.

In addition to this, they also enhance the working of the air conditioner. It is also beneficial in better air crossing from the outside environment.

What years did Toyota make the Tundra Rock Warrior?

Toyota Tundra is a pickup truck that is the largest compared to other ones, and an American company developed it in the 1990s.

After the 1990s, different changes come into it: their engine capacity, exterior, and interior design.

In addition, various advanced features are added to them continuously in each coming year to compete with the market standards.

In 2009 this company made the vehicle with Rock warrior package for better off-road performance. People in the United States love this package due to its efficient performance, exterior design, and beautiful color.

It includes all of the latest features that make the vehicles good for use. As a result, it has more demand in the market than platinum one, and it was launched in about 2010.

It remains in the market till 2013, with minor advancement in 2011 models. After that, people get sad about their discontinuation in the market.

This package has two models, which include Double CAB and ScrewMAX.

End of Toyota Tundra Rock warrior package

The rock warrior package of Toyota Tundra did not end, but the company made several changes and upgraded the better version with Rock warrior pro.

This up-gradation includes the following features

  • High off-road performance
  • 2.5 inch Bilstein remote reservoir shocks
  • Unique colored Grille
  • 5.5-inch bed
  • 3.5-inch information screen

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