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How Much Are Scrap Rotors?

How Much Are Scrap Rotors?

The cost of the scrap brake rotors varies from one scrap yard to other and depends on the scrap metal and reusability. 

How Much Are Scrap Rotors? The average cost of scrap brake rotors is around $5 to $16, and it depends on the rotor condition, metallic material, and type of rotor. Also, the scrapyards offer 2/2 or 2/3 of the original cost, but you can get $3 to $4 per drilled rotor and around 0.5 cents to one dollar per damaged metallic brake disc. Furthermore, their scrap prices vary according to Auto zone policies, iron quality, and stainless steel. 

Moreover, few people collect different metallic items and combine them with the brake rotors of pickup trucks. Then, the salvage portals provide prices according to the overall weight, and it is more money than the standard rate. 

But, a few disposal and recycling authorities offer compensation for such combinations of different metal items. 

Generally, more than 35000 Auto zones work for metal scraping, recycling and offer several packages across the USA. Also, each Auto zone scraps around 14000 to 15000 tons of metal every year and collects all types of old, used, damaged, and drilled accessories.

However, disposal is a convenient option to get rid of old and non-useable items, and it facilitates you with maximum profit.

What is the average scrap price of brake rotors by the scrapyards?

Typically, the scrap yards offer compensation according to the weight of the product. Also, as a heavy item, the internal condition contributes to the overall price limit. 

In addition, one pound of the old and damaged rotor may benefit you with $15 to $16 per pound. Few AutoZone provides $2 to $3 per rotor without checking the weight and metallic combination. 

What is the composition of rotors and their scrap prices?

The scrap prices of a brake rotor depend on the inner metals and other manufacturing materials. However, these are heavy products with massive quantities of iron and metallic combination. 

I have described three essential components with their variable scrape prices across the USA. 


The automotive brake rotors comprise 90% of the iron as a significant component, and the overall performance and stability depend on this percentage. Also, the metals without any mixing are high-quality rotors and work for several miles.

In addition, most of them have cast iron in them, and it is an expensive metal. Furthermore, on average, a pound of iron may cost you around $0.1 to $0.12. 

Also, a US ton of cast iron is one of the most expensive metals and has an average price range of around $126 to $127. You get the scrap prices at the salvage yards with a variable price list. 

Also, the compensation amount is far less than the original cost. The authority weighs the rotor iron, divides the amount according to standard policies, and provides around $0.03 to $0.037. 


The dissipation of aluminum makes it a less desirable component for brake rotors production. But, they also control temperatures and alter them into beneficial heat. Also, they work with the brake system and are preferable for setups like compact and massive pickup trucks. 

In addition, they comprise around 21% to 23% of the overall composition. Also, different states of the USA offer this metal at cheap rates, and it is an economical material with several benefits.

On average, one pound of aluminum may cost you around 90 to 92 cents. You can get a maximum of 5 to 10 cents for each pound of aluminum in the brake rotor. 


A brake rotor of automobiles like pickup trucks and small setups contains iron and stainless steel. Also, stainless steel is around 13% to 15% in a brake rotor. 

The average cost of stainless steel is around 0.45 to 0.50 cents in different USA states. Moreover, the scrap yard spays third or fourth half of the actual amount. As a result, you can get 0.15 to o.17 cents per brake rotor. You can add it when selling the F150 catalytic converter in scrap.

Which factors determine the price of scrap rotors?

Numerous factors determine the scrap cost of these metallic discs and vary according to the condition and metallic combination.

Also, all of them affect the standard price range because few people sell their rotors with the sole purpose of a few dollars profit. 

Purpose of scraping

Few people throw their brake rotors at the dump yards without asking for recycling. As a result, the scraping portal and its authorities determine the purpose of scrapping. many people do know what to do with the old rotors.

Also, there is no extra compensation while getting an end product from the recycled rotor. 

In these situations, you only get a new and innovative item. The remaining metal remains with the scrapyard, and they do not pay for it. 

Combination of metals

One of the most common composition materials of any brake rotor is iron. Therefore, the ratio and efficiency depend on the amount of iron and its presence in the composite. Furthermore, the salvage yards pay according to the iron percentage.

And, they also prefer beneficial iron ratios because corroded or damaged iron is not efficient for any purpose.

Also, few manufacturing portals are making high technology and efficient brake rotors with a combination of ceramic and carbon fibers. 

Rotors condition

Few people have excellent quality rotors due to excessive maintenance and repair. They only sell them because the brake rotor completes its lifespan. As a result, the condition, appearance, and internal state contribute to high-cost deals. 

Also, the seller gets third half of the original prices, but it is a rare situation. In addition, the damaged and vulnerable brake rotors provide a few cents or maybe a dollar. 

What is the difference in scrap price compared to the original brake rotor cost?

These are economical products with a diversity of benefits and versatile performance. On average, one rotor may cost you around $35 to $87. But the scrape prices are far less than the original cost.

The average scrap price of these rotors is around $3 to $5, and it can increase according to scrap yard policies, equipment condition, and high metallic percentage. 

What is the scrap price of drilled rotors?

Typically, the drilled rotors prevent water penetration in the brake system, keep the internal machinery safe from rain, and are better than many other standard items. 

They have a higher amount of metals with slots and holes. Also, the scrap prices are higher than any other old metallic disc. In addition, they may benefit you with $3 to $4 per rotor. 

What is the scrap price of damaged rotors?

The damaged rotors lead to their replacement, but you cannot throw them on the ground. In these conditions, the scrap yards compensate you for your ineffective items. 

These items have lower scrap prices than the better condition discs. As a result, you may get a few cents to one dollar per brake rotor. 

Which portals buy/sell brake rotors at scrap prices and their criteria?

Typically, more than 20 thousand salvage yards work in different cities and states of the USA. They have different layouts, policies, recycling machines, disposal containers, and packages. 

Salvage yards

These portals buy and sell the brake rotors according to customer requirements and the type of automobiles. In addition, people purchase these heavy discs in the best conditions. 

Also, they are reusable, and you can get a used brake rotor from these centers. In addition, people deliver their old and damaged metal items to these portals and get compensation. 

The price range depends on their standard policies and the weight of composition metals. Also, the stability of the metallic substances benefits a customer with several dollars at the spot. They provide 1/2 or 4/2 of the metallic composite, and these prices are negotiable. 

Auto zones

Generally, the Auto zones are recycling a center that prevents the free disposal of metallic material. Also, they save the environment from metallic and poisonous pollution. 

As a result, the metallic discs convert into beneficial products. Also, you can use them for decoration purposes. 

In addition, these authorities provide innovative items after recycling. But, you can also get money while allowing for the recycling procedure but obtain the scrap cost. 

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