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What Size Air Mattress Fits in the Back of a Truck?

What Size Air Mattress Fits in the Back of a Truck?

Air mattresses are comfortable, easy to carry, convenient to deflate, and are one of the best choices for truck beds. However, less stability requires appropriate fitting conditions, and in America, people prefer non-electric air pump mattresses over all other types.

What Size Air Mattress Fits in the Back of a Truck? In general, a queen air mattress of around 6 to 6.5 feet fits in a long truck bed of 8 to 8.3 feet. In addition, a full-size mattress of around 6 feet fits without any restriction in a standard truck bed. Furthermore, a custom fit or twin mattress of around 72x26x13 inches in size is suitable for the back of the small truck.

All small-size to medium air mattresses can adjust in the standard truck beds, with the availability of comfortable sleep hours and camping conditions.

A chart of  Truck variants, truck Bed length, truck Bed type, and air mattress for truck

Truck variants Truck Bed length Truck Bed type Air mattress for truck Size of mattress Weight of mattress Mattress Material
2011 to 2014 Toyota Tundra (Regular & Double Cab) 6.6 feet Standard bed Pittman AirBedz Lite Air Mattress 74 x 15 x 57 inches 17 pounds Polyvinyl chloride
2012 & 2016 Toyota Tundra (Crew cab) 6.7 feet Standard bed Pittman outdoor original air mattress 74 x 56 x 17 inches 18 pounds High grade PVC
Ford F650 SD 8 to 11 feet Standard and long bed Shineoske Air mattress 79 x 60 x 22 inches 19 pounds Thick Polyvinyl
2015 & 2019 Toyota Tundra SR5 5 to 8 feet Short bed Pittman Lite PPI truck bed air mattress 78 x 65 x 14 inches 19 pounds Fabric & Polyvinyl
2016 to 2021 GMC sierra 1500 8 to 8.2 feet Standard and long bed Off-Roading gear stone air mattress 80 x 63 x 20 inches 20.2 pounds Polyvinyl
2021 Toyota Tundra limited 5 to 6.5 feet Short bed Rightline Gear truck bed mattress 82 x 53 x 10 inches 14 pounds Synthetic Polyvinyl
2020 Chevrolet Silverado custom trail boss 6.6 feet Standard bed AirBedz Lite air mattress for truck bed 77 x 57 x 11 inches 18 pounds Polyester & polyvinyl
Ford F450 XL 6.25 to 6.75 feet Standard bed QDH twin air mattress 73 x 29 x 14 inches 16 pounds Polyvinyl and Fabric
2021 Silverado 1500 RST 6 to 8 feet Standard and long bed SAYGOGO inflatable air mattress 74 x 30 x 10 inches 9 pounds Polyvinyl
2021 RAM 1500 (Rebel & Limited) 5 to 7 feet Short and long bed Inflatable truck bed mattress 74 x 33 x 15 inches 13 pounds Polyester & polyvinyl
2020 RAM 1500 Trades man & Long horn) 5 to 5.5 feet Short bed Berocia thick air mattress 72 x 28 x 13 inches 8 pounds Copper & Polyvinyl
2018 to 2021 GMC Sierra 2500 6 to 6.9 feet Standard bed AirBedz air mattress 72 x 29 x 10 inches 9 pounds High grade Polyvinyl
Ford F150 XL & XLT 5 to 8 feet Short to standard and long bed Pittman AirBedz air mattress 69 x 15 x 17 inches 12 pounds PVC
Ford F250 & Ford F350 6.74 to 8 feet Standard and long bed Pittman Pro air mattress 75 x 28 x 12 inches 16 pounds Polyvinyl
2020 & 2021 GMC Sierra 3500 8 to 8.2 feet Long bed AirBedz Lite thick air mattress 81 x 25 x 16 inches 18 pounds Polyvinyl

How to determine the size of the best air mattress that fits in the back of a truck?

To measure the truck bed, collect the dimensions of the truck from one side to the other. Also, consider the tailgate because it interferes with the adjustment of an appropriate truck bed mattress. 

In addition, measure the length and width of the mattress for the inside rear and inside front. Measure dimensions in inches for precise calculation at the end of the procedure. Collect data over the wheels because few of them only adjust on these spots. 

The size of a mattress depends on the models and design of your pickup. Typically, they come in variable sizes, and a few of them are around 8 to 8.2 feet long.

Moreover, the short truck bed can adjust an air mattress of around 5 to 5.5 feet. In addition, the packages include them in the sizes of 6 feet, 6.2 feet, and 6.25 according to the bed dimensions. 

Is it legal to fit an air mattress in the back of a truck?

Across the USA, it is illegal to ride in the back of a truck, but in few states, the government allows the carriage of air mattresses on truck beds.

Also, the authorities allow the movement of the mattress to different states either for transportation or everyday traveling. 

Several rules implement on these movements to protect the travelers and luggage on the vehicle. In addition, among several states of the USA, only California allows the overhanging of the truck up to 3 or 4 feet. 

Furthermore, around 23 to 25 states have no legal policies against riding in the back of a vehicle. For example, Florida and Georgia allow back riders above 18 years, and few states allow back rides of 15 to 16 years. 

The backs are not secure enough due to the lack of seats and holding gadgets. In crash situations, it can harm travelers because it lacks all the protection criteria. 

How to find the best air mattress for a truck?

To find the best truck air mattress, understand the structure, size, and fitting ability. Moreover, height plays a vital role in the selection and purchase of these items. 

The specificity to adjust on a truck bed makes them costly, and they prove this specification with appropriate adjustment. 

Following this, it is hard to move it out and inside the vehicle, because it fits in one spot. Also, covering the bed top is an excellent security option, but the height of the mattress is debatable in these situations. 

With every product, ask yourself for high-quality material, foam, covering, and support. 

In addition, the span of usage determines the quality of the product because excessive use destroys it with time. 

It comes with a warranty of 2 to 4 years, and few companies offer lifetime policies. 

To get support from the manufacturing portal, ask for the warranty cards and secure them. Then, avail of the policies for the money-back packages and take help in the fitting procedures. 

Customized options are also available with different size ranges, and quality varies. For a long bed truck, pick the right long mattress but also consider the width.

It is a comfortable method because any small to medium mattress fits on these long surfaces. For a long bed, a twin-size mattress is one of the best options with no further extension.

With a longer bed, select a cheaper yet comfortable product and utilize it for several years. Also, the less costly options have low or no warranties, and security is the only option to preserve. 

Fix it appropriately to avoid the traveling challenges because you cannot get help at several locations. 

Also, for a short truck bed, consider all the fit factors because they are problematic. However, custom options are also available for these beds, and the overhang is suitable in dry seasons. Adjust it inside, establish a tent over it and enhance the durable use. 

For the rough and rigid surface of a truck bed, few items contain specific fabric. As a result, they are resistant to the built-in PVCA and O-beam damages and are considered best. 

Options with non-electric air pumps are beneficial to avoid several charging conditions. Inflation is possible anywhere, and you can also deflate it without worrying about its shape.

Will a queen-size air mattress fit in the back of a pickup truck?

It is challenging to establish a queen mattress in the back of a standard truck because they are vast than the bed size. Moreover, the size difference is multiple inches and results in loose-fitting conditions. 

Also, they are adjustable with extensions, but it is a rare case. The fitting difficulties and other security challenges are yet present because of width and length variability.

 It is around 80 to 83 inches long with a width of 61 to 63 inches. 

A standard small truck bed cannot adjust it, and the corners extend outwards. However, according to the USA transportation department, a queen-size mattress adjustment is possible by sliding towards the comfortable edge. 

Stack it on the bed surface and adjust the width by pushing and sliding it.

Will a twin air mattress fit in the back of a truck?

For a small truck, a twin air mattress, its size, comforts, and durability is dominant. In addition, these are flat, thin, and only lay between the wheel wells. 

For adjustment purposes, a twin mattress is beneficial for a full-size and mid-size truck bed. Its size is around 39 x 76 inches and can adjust on various beds. 

Sleeping patterns, camping, and spending time on these comfortable materials become efficient. To some extent, it is a helpful decision to avoid tons of sleep and yet a comfortable setup. Utilization depends on the purpose, and results are worth watching.

What size mattress fit in the back of a Ford F150?

In a Ford F150, an Air mattress of around 6 to 6.5 feet in length fits without any gap. For extended bed setups, accommodate an extra-large mattress for a comfortable and fearless journey. 

It has the option of 5 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet long beds with modifications and customer demands. For this pickup, sizes are universal and it secures the younger traveler despite low body weights. 

What happens when the mattress is not compatible with the back of a truck?

To make an air mattress compatible with a truck bed, calculate the length, width, and height. Moreover, avoiding these points results in wrong purchases and inappropriate fitting problems.

Incompatibility varies according to manufacturing design, the material used, and comfort level. Alternative options are worst because they cannot offer similar relaxation and sleep hours. 

Camping time becomes disastrous due to the heating of low-quality foam, and damages appear on the vehicle.

It happens without any notification, and lack of support also harms sleeping travelers. Moreover, they lack comfort, and painful sessions are unattractive.

For protection, installing a canopy, airbags, and the tent is essential, but the incompatible products do not allow these modifications. In addition, the weather effects are intense on these low-quality materials and destroy the traveling experience. 

How to protect the air mattress in the back of a truck from environmental hazards?

Protection of an air mattress in the back of a truck requires safety covers, water-resistant tents, and folding abilities.

Moreover, for transportation bundles are not beneficial, because it results in several damages.

Typically, adding a top cover or a camping tent secures travelers during rain and other environmental hazards. In addition, front covers help to resist the direct impact of wind and secure that side. 

For a twin or double-layered, deflate and fold them. Push them carefully in corners and tie them with efficient straps. In addition, while camping, open and use them or protect them with plastic sheets.

Is it necessary to have a smaller mattress than the truck bed size?

Collectively, the size matters, and it determines the fitting properties. 

In an extended truck, use the extra-large mattresses, and fix them properly. 

It provides maximum adjustment, quick installation, and apparent control, but it produces a gap. 

For these setups, the gape is prominent between the truck bed walls and the mattress. Moreover, it frequently moves everyone to and fro.

In America, the authorities never restrict the small-sized air mattress for the back of a truck, but the after-effects alarm the users. So it has set a list of rules to achieve the best results with the available item.

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