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Why is Airbag Light On in My RAM 1500?

Why is Airbag Light On in My RAM 1500?

Airbag light in RAM 1500 provides notification about dangers and protects the travelers from life-threatening incidents.

In the old models of RAM 1500, a technical fault appeared due to broken sensors and inadequate airbag performance. 

Why is Airbag Light On in My RAM 1500? The airbag light in your RAM 1500 can turn On due to a broken wiring harness, electrical surges, loose connectors, blown fuses, and lack of restoration after accidents. Also, depletion of airbag backup battery, water penetration, and crashed airbag sensors can result in airbag light issues.

Across the USA, the authorities recalled around 300000 pickups due to airbag light problems and affected the manufacturing industry. Also, in America, around 40000 users complained about it, and only 20000 people got funds for repairs. 

Recent years proved that the models are free from technical faults or airbag lights and reliable since 2018. 

For an indication, protection in accidents and vehicle ignition cause them to come on, but it shut off in few seconds. Consequently, the problem is constant in position for numerous hours and even days. 

Blown/broken fuses

A blown-out fuse is one of the leading causes of airbag light to turn-on because the system malfunctions during these states. A particular code or notification helps the auto store for appropriate troubleshooting. Also, replacement of these items is advisable and never about the damages. 

Alter it with a high-quality, compatible fuse and preserve it with maintenance and weekly cleaning.

Loose connector under seats 

The connectors of these protection tools lie under the seats, and they are vulnerable to several damages. In addition, the results are alarming because slight damage generates airbag light problems. 

Repair the broken connectors or replace them with new ones. To handle these sensitive connectors, take professional guidance, and maintain them for several months. 

Broken wiring harness

This fault is due to the seat movements, and it is repairable. A seat movement in the forward and backward direction provides broken electric wires. 

Dislodged electric wiring is a result of inappropriate handling of these sensitive items. Never readjust a broken or loose plug, also, take external help or park the vehicle in a garage. 

Fluctuation of voltages

Electrical surges damage the wiring, airbag sensors, and sensitive light, and it flashes frequently. 

As a result, the performance destroys, and the driver cannot trust these tools. 

Control the voltage fluctuation, repair the problems at the initial stages and take system advantage. Learn about self-repairing and perform it anywhere due to lack of mechanical help. 

Internal airbag processing

The airbags stops working due to uncontrollable conditions like airbag processing. Followed by unknown reasons, the technical fault needs immediate action.

Moreover, the light remains on and notifies about the problem that helps the driver. Finally, reprogramming of the overall setting resolves the fault within 5 to 15 minutes. 

A professional person handles this system and protects it from permanent system damages. 

Crashed airbag sensors

The crashed sensors of an airbag result in a constant appearance of light because of internal changes. Also, the activation of alarming signals happens due to broken components of the sensors.

In addition, the broken seatbelt sensors result in these problems and require an instant solution. Few of them lie under the passenger seats, breaks due to surrounding effects, and the light turns on. 

Only an expert can resolve this problem with appropriate troubleshooting and ask an expert to repair it.

No restoration after an accident

Typically, the crash accidents affect the airbag sensors, and the light turns on for several hours. Moreover, it does not turn off until you restore its performance through mechanical help. 

Also, the accidents at the speed range of 9 mph to 10 mph cause this problem.

Typically, the accidents are minor, but the sensors are sensitive to these situations. Furthermore, it affects the performance of the device, and repairing is the only option.

Moreover, drive it to an expert and ask for modifications, also replace it. 

Faulty battery

Its backup battery deploys when the vehicle electric system damages, and the reasons are broken components. It reports are fault, and the light turns on instantly. Inappropriate electric supply indicates future problems and no safety during accidents. 

Repair and replacement of the batteries are suitable, and I prefer modifications to preserve the procedure cost. Also, notice signs and park the vehicle in one corner. Then, follow the repairing activity and make sure about the security before driving it again.

No reset for a particular period

The replacement is not sufficient once you bump into an accident because the system requires a reset. Moreover, the brain unit of this item requires reset after these conditions, and negligence results in technical problems. 

Access the qualified person for the replacement and repair because they can reprogram the computer and make the airbag reusable.

Replace the crash sensors, the safety belts, and other security components during these activities.  

Water penetration

The natural water penetration inside its sensors results in corrosive conditions on the top layer. As a result, they lack performance, and the light turns on. It remains on for around 8 to 10 hours and keeps damaging the overall gadget. 

It requires immediate repairing and removal of moisture. Take mechanical help to open and clean the item from inside. Remove the corrosion and protect it for further use. 

What is the location of an Airbag Light on a RAM 1500?

The airbag light location varies according to the adjustment of these items in the vehicle. In addition, the front bumper is one of the most common spots, and the light resides inside the fender. 

Several sensors also indicate the presence of warning lights. Also, you can access it near the speedometer in the form of signs and signals. 

Furthermore, it appears on the airbag as a warning notification. Therefore, to access it, check all the mentioned spots and resolve the problem immediately.

How to reset/turn off the airbag light of a RAM 1500?

Troubleshoot the airbag light setting problem, access the ignition spot, and insert a key inside it. 

Typically, the light turns on within 2 to 5 seconds and remains the same for few further seconds. 

In addition, allow it to turn off automatically, then turn off the switch and wait for around 4 to 5 seconds. It rests on the internal information of the system to keep it safe and to perform effectively. 

Also, repeat the activity at least 3 to 4 times and follow it more than four times in severe technical faults.

Why is airbag light vulnerable to On and Off problems?

Inappropriate performance of the airbag and poor quality of the sensors turns it into a vulnerable system. Also, the light takes effects due to minor modifications, and results require quick repairing.

On the dashboard display, the frequent flashing of the warning light is a sign of inadequate performance.

How does it look like when the RAM 1500 airbag light turns On?

With the presence of red signals, the airbag warning light appears on the dashboard screen. Also, it indicates a sign of a symbolic person on a seat with a buckled seat belt. Furthermore, a large, red, and prominent circle appears in front of that person.

Typically, it turns on when the vehicle is on the ignition but turns off in few seconds. 

Is it safe to drive a RAM 1500 with an airbag light is On? 

To drive a RAM 1500 with an airbag light on is a dangerous proposition because airbags cannot protect you in any accidental situation. Also, it is safe for around 4 to 6 hours with preventive measures and appropriate driving. 

In addition, keeping the speed slow, handling the steering and wheels prevents the driver from accidents. It is essential to have airbags in these trucks, and their performance is a safety requirement. 

Although, it is legal to drive a truck with the airbag light on safety destroys. According to the intermodal Transportation efficiency act, all trucks in America must acquire airbags in standard conditions.

Survey Results

I did a survey last month, which included drivers of RAM 1500. Also, Inquired about the airbag light problems and gathered their remarks as well. All of them passed comments about the recalls and complaints with their personal experiences.

Furthermore, only RAM 1500 variants were involved in this, and I have collected precise results.

At the end of the survey, I concluded that from 2013 to 2017, the fault was at maximum and vanished in 2018. In addition, the manufacturers upgraded the protection system with no recalls in the last 3 to 4 years. 

From my perspective, new models are beneficial with no airbag light problems. Moreover, they are protectors with all safety features and low vulnerabilities.

RAM 1500 Models

Participated in our survey

Number of people complained

Percentage of growing complaints

Total number of recalls

Percentage of resolved complaints

Remarks of customers

2013 RAM 1500

80 users





Several complaints

2014 RAM 1500

120 users





Complaints despite repairing

2015 RAM 1500

200 users





Frequent replacement and damages

2016 RAM 1500

110 users





Many complaints from old users

2017 RAM 1500

75 users





Not satisfied with airbag light performance

2018 RAM 1500

100 users





Complaints about performance and frequent repairing

2019 RAM 1500

150 users


No problem appeared



Satisfactory comments with no complaints

2020 RAM 1500

180 users


No problem appeared



Satisfied and no complaints

2021 RAM 1500

200 users


No problem appeared



Satisfied with performance of airbag light

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