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What Size Is the Table Bed in a Camper?

What Size Is the Table Bed in a Camper?

Sleeping space in a camper is the most valuable commodity while traveling with your family. You can use a dinette convertible bed that is also known as a table bed.

What Size Is the Table Bed in a Camper? Camper table beds come in various sizes and designs ranging from 60 inches to 82 inches in length. In addition, their width/depth can vary from 30 inches to 50 inches. Variations in their dimensions depend on the model of the camper, their location in the cabin, and specific design. 

Standard sizes available can be small to accommodate 1-adult or 2-children.

What Size Is the Table Bed in a Camper?

The table bed consists of a pair of sofa sets with a portable table between them.

While converting to bed from the dining table, the tabletop fits in the space between both sofas and back cushions to fill the void to give a leveled bedding surface.

Typical dimensions of available bed sets are 22 to 24 inches long for each sofa and 32 to 34 inches long tabletop.

Therefore the total length of this convertible bed can reach up to 74-82 inches. Its width can be in the range of 30 to 50 inches that is the same for both sofas and tabletop.

Table bed sizes according to camper types

RVs come in a variety of sizes and designs start from small pop-up campers to large motorhomes. Each model has a different size and location of the dinette bed in the RV. 

Class A and C motorhomes have large floor plans and plenty of space available with additional slide-outs.

Other smaller options with sizes 66″ x 36″ are also available, but they will be hard to sleep on for adults taller than 5 feet. However, you can use them for children to take a rest during the night.

Class B motorhomes have smaller sizes and can accommodate beds of smaller dimensions. In addition, most of them have jack knife sofa-bed options to provide sleeping space for two persons.

Pop-up campers have small sizes of all RVs. However, few models have a u-shaped dinette convertible to bed with space provided by a slide-out area.

The size of the dinette is about 74″X52″ that gives ample accommodation for sleeping 2-adult persons due to increased length.

You remove the table during the daytime to use the passage and reinstall the tabletop for use as a bed at night.

Travel trailers also come equipped to provide additional sleeping space. Its size varies according to available space and particular model.

Typical sizes available are in the range of 60-80 inches in length and 36-50 inches in width.

However, it has pre-fitted arrangements with fixed sizes by the manufacturers, and you can customize the dinette booth according to sleeping capacity specification, space constraints, and desired comfort level.

Variation of table bed size with its location in a camper

Its size varies according to its position and orientation in the motorhome. Few possible areas are the ends of the motorhome, along sidewalls near the kitchen area, and in the slide-outs. 

Due to plenty of space available, you will find dinettes having increased lengths in the range of 76 to 80 inches and can occupy the whole width.

When placed along the side walls either in the center or end of the camper can be 66 to 76 inches long, and space left for a passageway on one side. 

Campers with slide-outs have the provision of sofas most at those positions. Due to the limited size of slide-outs, table beds can have lengths in the range of 62-72 inches. 

Each location has its benefits and drawbacks to offer. You should choose the one according to your requirements.

For example, beds on the ends of the camper provide more space. However, they hinder your movement to the areas across them.

Size can vary according to table type

These beds have various shapes and designs for both the sofa and table. One possible arrangement is the provision of a couch on the free end of the table.

It will provide extra sitting space while using it as a dinette and an additional sleeping area at night fully covering the path. 

U-shaped styles can have more width when converted into beds, which can accommodate more children or provide more space for an adult.

There are 3-4 table designs with table beds according to their size. They are pedestal tables with one or two legs, free-standing tables, and rail-mounted tables.

Pedestal tables with 2-legs are a part of large beds on the front or back end of the camper.

Midsize beds have free-standing tables with rounded corners.

For smaller beds located near sidewalls, there is a rail-mounted design with one side of the table supported by a wall and the other side by a single leg.

Whatever the design you select, it is your personal choice according to the size of the cabin and aesthetics with the comfort level. 

How many persons can a camper table bed accommodate?

 An adult needs approximately 6 to 6.5 feet of space to sleep comfortably, while children require 5-5.5 feet of length.

Using these measurements, a large table bed that 80-82 inches in length can sleep two adults comfortably, while the width of the bed should be about 50 inches. 

Smaller beds having 50-60 inches in length can roughly accommodate the sleep of 2 children.

You can select the size according to the number of persons you want to travel with and count an additional 1-2 unexpected guests that can come to visit you during the camping period.  


Upholstery, size, mattress thickness, and style are all aspects that influence the price of table beds. But size is the essential factor among these that have a significant impact on the overall cost.

For example, the starting price for a 72″ X 32″ bed can be around the range of $830 to $850. Then for every couple of inches increase in length or width of the bed, you will find a $20-$30 increase in the price.

This increase will become more significant if the size of the bed increases with leather upholstery and premium quality foam.

Pros and cons of having a small table bed VS large table bed in a camper

Both small and large table beds have their pros and cons according to their usage. However, you can select the one, suitable specifically to fulfill your needs.  


Small Table Bed Large Table Bed
They are easy to handle and store during camping. They provide a spacious room to sleep for two adult persons.
They are inexpensive to purchase and maintain. They are suitable for the camping needs of a large family.
They require less space and are suitable for compact RVs, in slide outs and for pop-up campers. Due to their large size, they are comfortable resting on them.
They don’t block the passageways in the corridor of the cabin Cabinets under the sofa seats provide additional storage space.


Small Table Bed Large Table Bed
Due to their smaller length, they are suitable for kids only. They block the access to bunk ends of the camper while placed at the ends.
They are less comfortable due to their limited size. They are expensive as they are large in size and comparatively difficult to handle.

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