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How to Turn a Camper Table into a Bed?

How to Turn a Camper Table into a Bed?

Here are 8 easy steps for converting the camper table into a bed. gather all the essential tools before starting these DIY methods.

How to Turn a Camper Table into a Bed? You can convert a camper table into a bed by moving it to the open space, remove its support, release the lever, stretch its lower parts to expand it, adjust the surface, and add pillows.

You should measure the dimensions and available sizes before starting this procedure.

How to Turn a Camper Table into a Bed?

In this article, we have added these proven techniques that are used for converting the table in a camper into a comfortable bed. Before going into the details, let me explain the required tools.

Tools required

  • Screwdriver
  • Plier
  • Wrench

Move it to the open place

The counter you are using for the dining, and other purposes in your vehicle should move to the position where this process can easily carry.

You have to look for the size that it will be after this conversion. You have to arrange that area for it.

When you are purchasing this product, you have to get the correct information about its size comparison with the space available in your vicinity.

You can measure the available space with the simple measuring tape before deciding about its size. You can determine its shape and design accordingly.

Some brands will not provide you the opportunity to return products them. You will have to suffer this loss, and your budget will be disturbed. You have to look for the best products for your system that provide you better facilities.

Remove its supports

When you have arranged a suitable product for your room, then you have to check its pedestal that how it is standing.

There are different processes for different brands to manufacture it. You will see folding legs or any lever for this purpose.

You have to identify which process you will follow to do it. There are some supports that the manufacturer will add to keep it in a standing position.

You have to check that support and how to remove it. You will get all the processes on the user manual in most of the products.

You can get guidance from it because it will help you to perform better. You will remove its supports to start the process. You have to use the screwdriver to do it. You can this method to convert your camper into a chicken coop.

Release its lever

When you have removed all the supports from the pedestal, you have to check whether there is any lever.

A lever is an essential instrument that provides hinges to keep the components aligned at a certain angle. You can sit under it to note its proper working.

Many levers are fixed with nuts, bolts, or any joints. You have to open that joints to release it. You have to open all the nuts under it.

You have to do it slowly because the sudden opening will fall the accessories on you. You can take the assistance of one helper that can carry the equipment and save it from falling on you.

You can do all the process with complete confidence when you have no fear of falling. There are fewer chances of any mistakes in the process.

When the lever is released, you have to come out of its pedestal and start looking at its next step.

Stretch the lower part of the table

You have to check its lower part of how the process of stretching will complete. Some will go on the upper side of its part, and some will go downwards. You can convert a camper into a food truck and get better results.

You have to get an idea before doing it because you have to arrange the vehicle’s space accordingly. You can increase the length of the pickup if it is not adjusting to it.

You have to look for the problem of space in the pickup that will provide you comfortable rest area inside it.

You have to stretch the lower part to make it in the shape of a comfortable living room. It should take its complete shape where anyone can lay down.

You have to check it because some products have two layers, while some have three layers.

You have to complete the process of stretching before putting things over it. This is a perfect option if you are converting your camper into a She-Shed.

Adjust the level of surface

There will be small problems when the stretching process ends. You have to check that there should not be any problem on its surface.

There will be little bumps on it that you have to adjust by putting small force on them. You have to overview the surface that is ready for use or not. You have to check that it should not be bumpy.

You can place some clothing sheet or any other surface on it. You will get a plain surface by using it.

You have to create the best setup that provides you maximum comfort level. You can add other accessories, once this is completed. If your camper fridge is not cold, adjust its location.

Arrange the cushions and pillows

You can make it comfortable by adding the pillows and cushions on its sides. You can make it a comfortable sitting area for more than three to four friends.

It will give you a place to relax your back after a long drive. You should use it positively to make its good look also. You can add many other things there to make it more comfortable for you.

You can place the cushions, pillows, and bedsheets on your vehicle’s racks when using it. It will all depend on the settings that you want to get out of it.

There are different styles that you can choose. You should change the settings whenever you want.

Benefits of using a camper table as a bed

There are manifold benefits of using it in your vehicle. You can make it a discussion area when a group of friends is traveling on a long drive.

Use it as a night stay when you are out of your town. Your hotel expenses will go to zero levels when you are traveling in it.

Use it for multiple purposes with less area coverage like you can use it while eating and also use it while sleeping.

It is giving dual benefits in the cost and space of one product. It is a portable product that you can use in your room when the car is available in your home.

You have to take care of small products that will lead to providing better benefits to you.

You can also remove it from your car when you want to load some more luggage in it. It will not occupy its space permanently, which can be problematic for the user when someone wants to load other accessories. You can get all types of benefits from it due to which you have purchased it.


There are different levels of products concerning the features in it. There will be a significant difference in price due to this. You have to note your budget and decide what product you want.

The average price of this product will be around $300. You will get average features and designs at this price. You can also purchase it for a maximum of $1000.

A simple product with a decent quality will be around $100. It is one of the essential products you should have in your pickup to make your journey memorable and beautiful.

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