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What Size Pizza Stone Fits in RV Oven?

What Size Pizza Stone Fits in RV Oven?

Pizza stone helps to reduce the variation of the burner’s heat intensity and evenly distribute it in the RV oven.

What Size Pizza Stone Fits in RV Oven?  For the precise fitting of your pizza stone, take measurements of your RV oven and place them on the top of the wire rack. On average 12×17 inches pizza stone can fit in an RV oven. Cordierite and ceramic pizza stones have an average size of 9×18 inches.

You need to slowly warm your cold baking stone at moderate temperature to avoid the risk of cracking. 

What Size Pizza Stone Fits in RV Oven?

A pizza stone is a flat slab made up of ceramic that can easily adjust in the middle of the oven rack.

The propane oven of the camper contains a single burner located in its central position that can quickly burn your food into ashes within few minutes.

These stones evenly distribute the heat from the propane burner towards the baked commodity by transferring it at an appropriate temperature to protect your food from burning. 

Due to its porous nature, it helps to increase the rate of moisture removal from the dough of the baked product and makes crisper and puffed crusts.

 On the other hand, the metal pans cannot remove moisture from the dough and need a lot of time for proper cooking of the product; as a result, they make soggy crusts. 

Examples of Pizza Stones for RV Oven with their shape and size

Material of pizza stone

 Size range of pizza stone

Shape of the pizza stone


An excellent conductor of heat

Conserve more heat to cook food faster.

Low maintenance.

More expensive.


Size ranges from 12 to 17 inches.


Available in round and square shape.


Survive thermal shocks better.

Good conductor of heat.

Slightly expensive.

Hard to clean and maintain.


The size of cordierite pizza stone ranges from 9 to 19 inches.


Available in square, round and rectangular shape with handles for smooth placement of the pizza stone in the oven.


better absorption of moisture.

heat resistance capability to bake food better.

prone to cracking due to poor thermal shock ability.

hard to clean.



10 to 18inches.


Present in a round and rectangular size with handles.


inexpensive to buy.

requires preheating for 25-30 minutes.

prone to cracking due to its porous nature.

unable to survive high temperatures.

13 to 18inches. Round shape with handles.

Different sizes of Pizza Stones

Depending on the efficiency and size of your camper’s oven, these are available in different sizes and thicknesses. 

The larger and thicker baking stones are more heat absorbent than the smaller or thinner ones, but they are slightly expensive. 

It is essential to consider the thermal stability and cost of pizza stones before purchasing them, so they can easily survive the extreme temperatures of your oven without risking the safety of your camper. 

You need to purchase a pizza stone according to the measurements of your RV oven to perfectly fit them in the bottom rack without blocking any of the ventilation holes. 

Check the durability and brand of the pizza stone

 It is vital to test the endurance and the heat tolerance capacity of its material. 

The sudden change of oven temperature can easily crack the flat slab and affect the safety of your camper.

 For this reason, you need to perform good research before buying a pizza stone and choose some of the famous brands.

 After that, read the product reviews and inquire different people who already brought these products about the efficacy and quality of your selected pizza stone. 

The thermal shock resistance of its material and its manufacturers’ services helps prevent it from breaking by increasing its longevity.

What are the recommendations to adjust the pizza stone in RV Oven?

The poor circulation of air inside the oven creates many hot and cold spots inside its cooking cavity; as a result, you will get undercook or burnt food commodities. 

The thermostat also affects the functionality of the burner by changing its intensity from high to low; consequently, you will get low production of thermal mass due to the variation of its heat intensity from time to time. 

Another reason for the burnt food commodity is the location of burner that is present so close to the food product that it starts to burn from its bottom. 

Due to these reasons, it is essential to accurately place it on the top of the oven’s wire rack so that the stone gets proper air space between the burner and its bottom to distribute the heat evenly toward its surface. 

It acts as an insulator and prevents the direct heat of the burner from hitting the bottom of the food product and burnt it. 

It also moderates the heat intensity of the burner and dissipates hot spots more evenly over the flame. 

It decreases the variation of heat intensity due to the thermostat’s functionality and increases its thermal mass capability.

How to protect your RV pizza stones from cracking? 

Pizza stones crack easily due to different reasons that can quickly reduce with the help of some strategies. 

The recommended temperature for preheating

The placement of cold baking stone in the wire rack of the hot oven will affect the functionality of its material to survive extreme temperatures and cause cracking in its assembly due to the possibility of thermal shocks.

You can easily prevent cracking by warming your stone at moderate temperatures to decrease the possibility of thermal shocks.

After that, turn your oven ON and increase its temperature to the hottest limit and preheat it for 40-45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Presence of moisture on the surface of the stone

You need to properly dry your stone before starting your next baking session to prevent them from breaking. 

Wash it before placing it in the hot oven for required preheating can reduce the integrity of its material and destroy it. 

You need to be very careful while placing cold and frozen dough on the surface of a hot stone because it will break the stone quicker than any thermal shocks.

For this purpose, you need to warm the frozen dough slightly on the stovetop before placing them on its surface or use the dough at room temperature. 

Frequent handling of the pizza stone

The pizza stones are much more delicate than ordinary stones because of their internal integrity. 

As a result, they cannot endure continuous temperature variation and handling techniques and develop cracks.

You need to place folded towels on the surface of countertops before placing hot pizza stones on them to avoid cracking. 

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