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What Year Jeep Cherokee Parts are Interchangeable?

What Year Jeep Cherokee Parts are Interchangeable?

Jeep Cherokee is a compact SUV available in 5 generations from 1974 to 2022 with several variants and trim levels. It is also known as Jeep Liberty for the US market from 2002-2007 KJ and 2008-2013 KK models.

What Year Jeep Cherokee Parts are Interchangeable? According to our research, you can interchange Jeep Cherokee body parts for 1984-1996, 1997-2001, 2002-2004, 2005-2007, and 2014-2018 models. You can replace its 2.5-liter I4 engines in 1984-1985, 1986, 1987-1990, 1991-1996, and 1997-2001 models. ECU and wiring harness are compatible for the 1991-1995, 1996, 1997-1998, 1999, and 2000-2001 models. . Furthermore, 4-speed manual AX4 for 1984-2000 and 3-speed automatic 30RH for 1994-2000 models are interchangeable with compatible engines. You can swap suspension parts, including front coil overs and rear leaf springs, for 1984-2001 XJ models.

This article will help you find inexpensive components from junkyards or aftermarket solutions to upgrade or complete the repair tasks on your SUV.

What year does the Jeep Cherokee have interchangeable parts?

Jeep Cherokee is an automobile in the category of compact SUVs, and its 5 generations are available so far in the market.

You will find its multiple variants and trim levels with varying features and other specifications. However, there are also a few similarities and interchangeable parts between these years.


Multiple engine options are available for each generation of the Jeep Cherokee, and you should look for one matching a particular SUV model.

Major differences can be in their mounting pistons, compatibility with transmission systems, and upgrades in electronics.

For XJ models, engine options are 2.5-liter I4 interchangeable in 1984-1985, 1986, 1987-1990, 1991-1996, and 1997-2001. You can swap the 2.8-liter V6 in 1984, 1985-1986, 4.0-liter I6 for 1987, 1988-1990, 1991-2001, and 2.5-liter turbodiesel I4 for 1994-2001 variants.

The 2.8-liter turbodiesel I4 engine is compatible for 2005-2006 and 2.4-liter PowerTech I4 for 2002-2005 KJ variants.

Furthermore, the 2.4-liter Tigershark I4 gasoline engine is interchangeable in the 2014-2018 KL versions. 2019-present models have 2.0-liter I4 engines, and you can go for a swap with a few modifications for upgrades in subsequent years.

Ignition system

Ignition system parts include coils, the distributor, spark plugs, and the ignition module. Coils or ignitors are compatible with 1984-1985, 1986, and 1987-1990 with the EFI system, 1991-1997, 1998-1999, 2001, and 2014-2018 models of the SUV, depending on the engine options.

Similarly, distributors are compatible in 1984, 1985, 1986-1990, 1991-1997, 1998-1999, and 2001 variants.

From 2000-onwards, there is a distributor-less ignition system, and you should look for compatible parts, including spark plugs, for replacement.

According to the installed engine, you can swap the control module for the 1984-1990, 1991, and 1992-1996 models. Other parts like the Ignition switch are swappable for 1998-2001 and 2014-2018 variants with or without keyless ignition. 

Steering parts

You can replace its steering hub for the 2nd generation Jeep Cherokee XJ from 1984-1989, 1990-1998, and 1999-2001 models.

The power steering pump and its motor are compatible with 1984, 1988-1990, 1991-1995, 1996, and 1997-2000 years.

In addition, you can swap the steering column for 1984, 1985-1990, 1991-1993, 1995-1996, 1997-1999, and 2000-2001 years.

Other parts like the steering gear rack for 1984-1988 for manual and 1984-1993, 1996-2001 for power steering options are swappable. Furthermore, the spindle knuckle is compatible with 1984-1985, 1986, 1987-1989, 1990-1992, and 1993-2001.

For the 5th generation Jeep Cherokee KL, steering parts are compatible with 2014-2015, 2016-2017, and 2018 models.

However, one important thing to remember is the availability of an airbag in the steering column from 1995-onwards, and it will not be compatible for installation in earlier versions without modifications. 

Suspension system

Most of the front and suspension parts, including spring coil overs in front and leaf spring in the rear, remain the same throughout the XJ models from 1984-2001.

Therefore, you can swap these parts without any significant modifications. Both lower and upper control arms are the same for the 1984-2001 and 2000-2001 Jeep Cherokee, respectively.

The front stabilizer bar is interchangeable for 1994-2001 and the rear one for 1991-2001 models. Struts are swappable for 2014-2018 models for 4WD.

Moreover, coils/air springs match for 2014-2016 models. Lower control arms can vary according to the FR or RR configuration of the engine and drivetrain for the 2015-2018 and 2014-2016 models, respectively.

For the 2002-2013 Liberty models KJ and KK, front springs, shocks, and rear shocks are similar, and you can swap them.

However, you have to look for rear springs separately for the 2002-2007 and 2008-2013 models. Moreover, there is also a difference in left and right coil-over assembly in KJ varaints because of different front and rear stud spacing on the upper mount.

Therefore, you should check the left or right orientation of suspension parts like struts and coil overs. Other things to consider are the front or rear parts and the FWD, 4WD, or AWD drive configuration of the Jeep.

Transmission system

Transmission system interchangeability depends on the engine in the Jeep Cherokee model and also related PCM. For the 2.8-liter V6 engine, a 3-speed automatic A904 for 1984-1986 models and a 5-speed manual for 1984-2000 variants are compatible.

You can swap the 4-speed manual AX4 for 1984-2000 and 3-speed automatic 30RH for 1994-2000 models compatible with 2.5-liter I4 engines.

The 4-speed automatic AW-4 is the same as the 1987-2001 models of the SUV with a 4.0-liter I6 engine.

4-speed automatic 42RLE is interchangeable within mid-2003-2012 models, and 2002- mid-2003 variants KJ have 4-speed automatic 45RFE.

However, both have a different design, wiring connector, and integration with PCM, and you cannot interchange them with each other. 

You can also replace 5-speed manual NV1500 with overdrive in 2002-2004. NSG370 is also a 6-speed manual compatible with 2005-onwards KJ and KK models.

9-speed automatic transmission 948TE is available in the 2014-2018 KL with a 2.4-liter I4 engine.

Its transfer case assembly is interchangeable in 2014-2018 models, and the transaxle is specific for each year with a particular gear ratio.

Body parts

Body parts compatibility depends on the particular model, trim level, and add-on special upgrade packages.

For example, back glass, front and rear bumper assembly center pillar, and front door glass are compatible with the 1984-1996 and 1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ.

Other body parts, including the decklid tailgate, is compatible for 1984-1996, 1997-1998, and 1999-2001, rear door glass for 1984-2001, front fender for 1984-1986, 1987-1996, and 1997-2001, and front end assembly for 1984-1986,1987-1990, 1991-1996, and 1997-2001.

You can replace windshield glass from 1984-2001 and grille for 1987-1996, 1997, 1998-1999, and 2000-2001 models.

Few other parts like the hood for 1984-1986, 1987-1996, and 1997-2001, roof assembly for 1984-1992, and 1997-2001, and manual side view mirror for 1984-1994, 1997-2001 XJ variants are swappable.

Furthermore, body parts, including bumpers, fenders, flares, hood, turn signals, header panels, and grille, are compatible for the 2002-2004 and 2005-2007 KJ variants.

Moreover, you can swap most body parts for the 2014-2018 model Jeep Cherokee KL with few exceptions like front-end assembly for 2014-2015, 2016-2017, and door assembly for 2014-2016, 2017-2018 models, to name a few.

Interior parts

Interior parts, including dash panels, are interchangeable for 1984-1987, 1988-1990, 1991-1993, 1994-1996, and 1997-2001 variants.

Speedometer is compatible for 1984-1986, 1988-1990, 1991-1993, 1994-1996, 1997-1998, and 1999-2001 and radio system for 1984-1985, 1986-1987, 1988-1996, and 1997-2001.

Furthermore, the temperature control system inside the cabin is swappable for 1984-1985, 1986-1993, 1994-1996, 1997-1998, and 1999-2001 models. Seat mounting brackets for 1984-1994 and 1995-2001 models are compatible, and you should look for a seat swap within these years.

You can also swap seats between the 2002-2013 Jeep Cherokee with a few modifications regarding electrical functions and relays for heated options, weight sensors, and the seat belt status chime.

Furthermore, most interior parts, including the dash panel, front console, and radio system, are swappable for 2014-2017 models.

However, you have to look for individual years for the speedo head/instrumentation cluster. For seat compatibility in the 2014-2018 versions, you also have to reprogram the PCM to account for the airbag sensor.


1991-1995 Jeep Cherokee XJ has the same style ECU/PCM, and also wiring harness is compatible.

Moreover, they have the same EV1-style fuel injectors. Therefore, you can swap these parts between them. The 1996 model ECU has the OBDII option and is only compatible with the same year SUV.

1997-1998 XJ variants have interchangeable ECU and wiring harnesses, but for 1999 models, they have EV6 injectors, and you can only go for replacements from the same model. 2000-2001 models have a coil pack instead of a distributor for the ignition system and EV6 fuel injectors.

Therefore, you can swap ECU and wiring connectors between them. For other versions, you can look for aftermarket ECU/PCM solutions, and they will reflash it according to your vehicle’s VIN and odometer reading. It will be quite helpful in resolving some sticky error codes disturbing your regular driving routine.

Exhaust system

Exhaust system parts also require compatibility with the engine option in Jeep Cherokee models. You can swap the exhaust manifold for 1987-1990, 1991-1995, 1996-1999, and 2000-2001 versions.

However, you should check for specific models in the same generation as exhaust manifolds in other variants are shorter and have different oxygen sensors requiring much modification work.

Moreover, XJ exhaust systems are rigid, and any relative movement can damage them. Therefore, you should modify it by welding a flex joint with a downpipe to allow for smaller movement.

Moreover, used exhaust system parts have cracks or repairs and will not last long even if you buy one in good condition. Therefore, I recommend buying aftermarket solutions by paying a few extra dollars.

You can get exhaust manifolds for KJ Liberty from 2002-2004 and 2005-2007 models.

Moreover, all Jeep Cherokee models also have EGR except XJ models from non-Renix engines in 1984-1986 and 1991-2001. 

Fuel pump

Fuel pumps and sender units directly link with the fuel gauge installed as they have calibration according to them.

Fuel pumps from 1988-1993, 1994-1995, and 1997-2001 from Jeep Cherokee XJ are compatible as they have the same part number.

Moreover, you can also swap the complete pump assembly for 2014-2017, and 2018 versions.

Fuel tanks are compatible for 1992-1993, 1994-1996, 1997, 1998-2001, 2015-2016, and 2017-2018 models with the same capacity and filler neck size and position.

Besides matching the part number, you should also ensure its mounting brackets are similar for successful installation without modification.


Jeep Cherokee XJ from 1984-2001 has a 5X4.5 bolt pattern, and you can swap the stock wheels of the same diameter and bolt pattern. KJ models from 2002-2007 and KK from 2008-2013, also known as Jeep Liberty in the US market, have the same bolt pattern.

Moreover, KJ and KK models have limited backspacing, and you cannot use wider tires as they can rub with wheel housing.

There are also options for aluminum and steel rims according to your applications on or off-road. You should also check their compatibility with brake parts or calipers as they fit with wheels.

For example, brake calipers are compatible with 1984-1989, 1990-1992, and 1993-2001 for XJ variants. You should check for other generations by matching your stock wheel size for perfect fitment.  

What year did the jeep Cherokee body style change?

 The body style and interior of a Jeep Cherokee are the same for all models within the same generation until the manufacturer introduces some significant upgrades.

Introduced in 1974, its body style remained the same until 1976, when it received interior and exterior upgrades. 2nd generation XJ versions from 1984-1996 have the same body styling.

In 1997, the manufacturer updated the interior and exterior styling to give it a newer look. In 2002, the 3rd generation of Jeep Cherokee, also known as Jeep Liberty, came to the US market.

Another significant body change occurred in 2008 with the addition of new features. In 2014, the manufacturer introduced the latest generation of SUVs with a futuristic and modern look.

It also received an update in 2019 to restore its traditional look and body styling, which is a Jeep Cherokee trademark. 

Interchangeable Parts between trim levels of jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee has 7 trim levels in its 5th generation, with a set of standard and few unique features.

High Altitude and Trailhawk are the top ones with premium features, upgraded parts, and the highest price.

However, engine options and other related components are standard for Latitude, Latitude Plus, and Latitude Lux trims.

Therefore, you can interchange parts between them. The key difference between them is leather upholstery, heated seats, and 8-way power adjustable seats in advanced trims.

You can replace seats, wheels, and a few interior and body parts between them. Limited trim has an upgraded infotainment system with a larger 8.5″ display; you cannot replace it with base variants having a 7″ screen.

Trailhawk Jeep Cherokee has designs suitable for off-road applications with skid plates, upgraded drivetrain, and suspension systems.

You can replace these parts between Trailhawk trim levels of the same or adjacent years.

Altitude and High Altitude are premium versions of the SUV and have significant changes in their body styling. You can swap these parts within these trim levels without modifications. 

Are parts interchangeable between jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee?

Jeep Grand Cherokee is a larger SUV from the manufacturer, having bigger physical dimensions and more powerful engine options.

Most engine and transmission parts are interchangeable between ZJ Grand Cherokee 1993-1998 to Cherokee XJ 1991-1999.

However, you have to retain a few components like the exhaust manifold, sensors, and mounting brackets from the original motor.

You can replace the wheels between Cherokee KL and Grand Cherokee XJ and WJ models by matching their size and bolt pattern.

Few body parts, steering parts, and interior are compatible between the XJ variants from 1995-onwards and ZJ from 1993-1998.

Due to differences in their body dimensions, you must check these parameters by searching with the part number before going for a swap.

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