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How to Fix Jeep Cherokee Screen?

How to Fix Jeep Cherokee Screen?

Many people ask about resetting and fixing techniques of a jeep Cherokee screen. It is better to visit a dealership and skilled mechanic to upgrade the defective software and fix the broken screen.

How to Fix Jeep Cherokee Screen? You can fix the Jeep Cherokee screen by replacing the damaged electric cable, changing the harness, resetting the built-in software, adjusting the power flow, and re-tightening the connectors. Fix it by replacing the cracked screen and changing the blown fuses.

Troubleshoot the electric harness, current passage, and built-in fuses. It is challenging to drive a Cherokee with a malfunctioning screen. 

Jeep Cherokee is a compact SUV with around five generations. It has an advanced display unit with versatile technologies. 

It has an Uconnect system that attaches to smartphones. You can receive calls, play music and send texts through it. Also, you can use the applications and features of your smartphone on it. 

Due to bugs in the software, its screen does not respond to various options. However, you can fix it within 10 to 15 minutes and also interchange its parts.

Replace the damaged cable

An insulated, long, high-performance cable connects the screen with the vehicle’s battery. It is present under the dashboard and runs towards the power source. 

It damages due to electric fluctuations, losses from the connecting point, and cuts the power supply. In such conditions, it cannot get enough power and turns black.

Open the dashboard and examine the wiring harness. Remove the corroded connectors and broken cable. 

Clean the surface of the connectors and reinstall a new cable. Then, reinstall the harness with the battery, tighten all the connectors, and stabilize the current flow. 

Reset the built-in software

It has built-in software that works with the electric control unit of the vehicle. To resolve the operational problems, diagnose the codes with onboard diagnostic scanners. 

You can reset it within 5 to 7 minutes with the tune buttons and phone connection. First, check the connection for the smartphone with the Uconnect software. 

Next, press the voice and phone activation buttons for 10 to 15 seconds. On the dashboard display, the logo of your model appears and turns off within seconds. 

Then, it re-flashes with the logo, and the system automatically resets. On a 2019 jeep Cherokee, fix the dashboard display by pressing the tuner knob and volume buttons.

Push them simultaneously and hold for around 15 to 25 seconds. The screen blinks on your SUV when you hold the knobs downward. It turns off for around 2 to 3 seconds and re-flashes with the new setting. 

Readjust the power flow

Constant power flow is essential for the standard performance of the dashboard display. To reset it, approach the battery of your SUV and turn off the power supply.

Then, lose the connector, and remove the negative terminal with a wrench. Next, leave it for around 4 to 6 minutes.

With such activities, the system undergoes a reset by draining old and defective information. Through a complete discharge, the system releases incorrect codes and wrong information.

Also, you can remove the positive and negative terminals simultaneously. Then, leave them for 3 to 5 minutes and re-plug in the mounting points. Next, turn on the ignition system and examine the system. 

Re-tightening the connectors

Due to surges, the connectors for the battery lose from their mounting points. In addition, the connectors and wires lose their standard efficiency due to excessive short circuits.

Furthermore, approach the connectors and electric wirings. Adjust a wrench over the metallic connectors and re-tighten them to their original spots. 

Use electrical, high-performance tape to cover the cracked and broken parts of electric wires. Then, cover the cracks and reduce the power leakage from the electric wires. 

Replacement of broken fuses

Due to excessive current load, the fuses lose from their mounting points and blow without a warning sign. The touchscreen flickers and turns off due to a loose or blown-out fuse.

It does not respond to touch because the built-in sensors malfunction. In addition, the problematic fuses freeze the display in one position.

Remove the broken fuses from the system to unfreeze the jeep Cherokee screen. Also, replace them with compatible fuses that can withstand intermittent current fluctuation. 

The tightening of new options removes the screen flickering. For this purpose, access the fuel panel of your SUV.

Find the blown-out fuses and unplug them from the system. Hold the fuse, wait for around 40 seconds, and re-plug it into the power system. 

It can supply a constant and stable current to the display unit. For emergencies, store the spare fuses in the glove box.

It takes 2 to 3 minutes for their replacement. Take one fuse from the glove box, open the panel and change it to repair the defective fuses.

2018 models are vulnerable to screen freezing problems more than the other variants. However, they are fixable with a few modifications. 

For the reboot activities, hold the volume and enter buttons simultaneously. Then, press it for 10 to 20 seconds and remove the pre-existing storage data. 

It immediately unfreezes the dashboard display without replacing the built-in parts. 

Change the Jeep Cherokee screen

The physical damages to the Uconnect screen are rare. But, replacement of defective and malfunctioning dashboard displays is essential. 

For the replacement procedure, contact a skilled professional personal. It is a complicated system with built-in software and electric connections. 

You can change it with professional expertise. But, it consumes more time and produces long-term defects due to incorrect installation. 

However, protect the display from surface damage. Its maintenance and cleaning resist the physical cracks over the glass surface. 

Jeep Cherokee screen black and blue

Its screen turns black due to incorrect current flow and damaged electric wires. However, a software bug and blown fuse damaged the screen. It malfunctions due to internal glitches of the built-in advanced software.

Moreover, it turns black due to the defective and non-insulated electric wire. As a result, the electric current cannot flow through the harness, affecting the dashboard display’s performance. 

The control head of the Uconnect screen does get sufficient voltages. However, as a result, it gets black and does not show the built-in options.

Moreover, it does not respond due to defective software. In such circumstances, the screen turns blue and indicates the incorrect performance of the system. 

It cannot connect with the advanced electric control unit of the SUV. To resolve these problems, you can take professional help. 

The dealerships reinstall the software, remove the interfering bugs and upgrade the factory-installed specifications.

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