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Where is a Prius Battery Located?

Where is a Prius Battery Located?

Prius battery has various mounting locations according to distinct models and connections with the electric passage. In its latest models, you can find it in the engine bay. 

Where is a Prius Battery Located? Prius battery is located on the driver side of the trunk in 2001 to 2003 cars, in the passenger side of the trunk in 2004 to 2015 variants, and in the hood of 2016 to 2022 models. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gen have a battery in the trunk, and the 4th Gen has it in the hood.

Prius is a hybrid automobile with dual batteries, which have identical mounting positions in one variant.

What is the location of the Prius battery?

As a standard car, Toyota Prius comprise 12 Volt batteries. However, it is a hybrid vehicle that has dual batteries. 

One of them supports the computer system of the automobile. The secondary provides electric power to run the engine. 

However, their location varies according to the different generations of Toyota Prius. According to its designs and models, the car has four generations.

The older models have the battery inside the vehicle trunk on the passenger side. A few have batteries on the driver’s side of the trunk.

Unlike other cars, it has a distinguished position for batteries. However, the manufacturers changed their location in the fourth generation of Toyota Prius. 

Due to these modifications, its battery becomes standard to withstand other automobiles with slightly identical designs and dimensions. However, the company made the first generation Prius from 2001 to 2003. 

These advanced cars comprise a 12-volt battery system with a stable electric passage. You can approach the battery on the driver’s side in these models.

Moreover, it is present under the trunk for maximum protection from external hazards. The manufacturing company launched the car’s second generation from 2004 to 2009. 

These are Liftback models, which have it inside the trunk. Also, you can approach it on the passenger side of the trunk.

The company offered the third-Gen Prius models from 2010 to 2015, which comprise a 12-volt power system. On the passenger side of the trunk, you can find these batteries on these models.

However, the manufacturers launched the C hatchback variants from 2012 to 2018. These models have 12-volt batteries underneath the passenger seat.

In the same year, the company launched the Toyota Prius V, where it is present inside the trunk on the vehicle’s passenger side. It has fourth-generation variants from 2016 to 2022, which have hybrid batteries.

Like other automobiles, you can find their batteries inside the vehicle hood.

What are the different types of batteries in a Prius?

It is a hybrid car with dual batteries with distinct functions. However, one is auxiliary with a 12-volt electric passage.

Moreover, the car has a hybrid battery with more electric power and accelerated performance. It can provide power to the amenities and engine unit for the automobile.

These can facilitate continuous electric flow to the car computer system with the 12-volt power system. The 12-volt system becomes active when the hybrid options remain deactivated.

With the power flow, you can start the engine and vehicle without a jump or vibrations. However, due to its design modifications, a Prius variant does not comprise similar power equipment.

In such circumstances, a few models have lithium-ion batteries that are high-performance. Moreover, due to their complex layout, they are rechargeable.

They can use the reduction of ions to produce a stable electric current. A few of its variants comprise hybrid batteries, which have metallic composition.

Their terminals have metallic connectors, which provide more efficiency for several years. In addition, the fourth-generation variants can use a combination of these batteries.

It can have nickel and lithium-ion batteries simultaneously. These automobiles can have one of them according to their design.

With this setting, these can either comprise nickel-metallic batteries or lithium-ion options. Due to these properties, these automobiles are reliable with a prolonged lifespan.

How do you replace a Prius battery?

According to its maintenance and cleaning procedures, the average life expectancy of the Prius battery is about 3 to 12 years. However, it can last longer than the actual life expectancy due to weekly cleaning.

Due to its effectiveness and extended lifespan, it can last for several years. But, weather conditions and road dust can reduce their shelf life. 

In such circumstances, you can replace it with the following procedure. You can use the jumper cables during the replacement procedure.

Also, you can cut off the vehicle’s power supply by shutting off the engine. Then, you can stabilize the vehicle in a garage and park it without jack stands.

You can open the hood to find the fuse box and remove the floor mats to make the batteries accessible. Under the mats, you can find different bolts and remove them with a wrench.

However, you can keep the electric wires intact during the swap. From the old power equipment, you can remove the terminals.

You can remove the plastic cap and pull the positive cord by removing the connecting bolts. 

You can remove its bolt and nuts with a screwdriver. Then, pull the negative wire from the vehicle and disconnect the power supply.

For this purpose, loosen the connecting nuts, which attach the negative cord to the automobile frame. Then, with the old battery, you can wrap the removed cords.

Then, you can remove the ventilation tube from the system and keep it away. Finally, you can hold the device manually and remove it from the vehicle.

You can attach the negative wire with the new battery. Before the adjustment, access the connector position on the old power equipment.

By assessing the layout, you can connect the cords according to the position of the connectors. In addition, you can check the mounting location in a specific variant and adjust the battery on the mounting bay.

You can adjust the positive cord towards the front side of the Prius. However, you can attach the negative wire to the frame by tightening a bolt.

You can reassemble the removed hold-down rod and adjust the bolts. You can keep the screws loose to avoid damage.

Then, you can attach the connector assembly of both terminals. Finally, you can twist the electrical cords for better adjustment.

However, you can never twist them with maximum force because it can break them. You can replace the broken ventilation tube and other damaged parts.

You can push the tube in the specific mounting hole. Then, you can press for 3 to 4 minutes and fix it. 

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