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Where is the Power Distribution Box on a Ford F150?

Where is the Power Distribution Box on a Ford F150?

The power distribution box in the Ford F150 has a vital role in its electrical system. It contains fuses and relays controlling power to critical truck systems to ensure smooth operation.

Where is the Power Distribution Box on a Ford F150? You can locate the power distribution box on the Ford F150 in the engine compartment under the hood in the form of a black box. However, its exact location can vary according to body style and model year. Therefore, you should consult the owner’s manual of your truck to find and check its internal layout. There can also be other fuse boxes inside Ford F150 having a similar arrangement as a power distribution box controlling electrical systems inside the cabin. Therefore, it is the first step to locate and test the power distribution box in case of any electrical fault in the truck. 

This article will guide truck owners regarding the location of the power distribution box on their trucks. In addition, it will save you time while troubleshooting an electrical fault in the system.

Any blown-out fuse or faulty relay is the symptom of the problem in that particular circuit.

What is the power distribution box on Ford F150?

A power distribution box is in the form of a black box containing multiple relays and fuses. It has the purpose of controlling power and protecting the critical electrical systems of the truck.

Its exact layout and list of components can vary according to the Ford F150 model year and trim level.

Fuses have a high current rating according to the power requirements of underlying electrical circuits. For example, it contains about 70-80 fuses and relays each controlling power to a specific electrical system.

They have different sizes and shapes but primarily blade-type fuses. Moreover, they also have diverse color coding to denote their ampere rating.

It usually can vary in the range of 5 amps to 50 amps. This is because whenever a short circuit or overload condition occurs, a high current through the fuse melts its wire, causing the power flow to stop to that particular system.

Therefore, it reduces the risk of fire and damage to the electrical components and sensors.

A few examples of systems protected by a power distribution box are the powertrain control module, transmission control module, body control module, heated mirrors, fuel pump, and power-adjustable seat motors, to name a few.

Location of power distribution box on Ford F150

It is easier to locate the power distribution box on the F150 truck due to its larger size than the rest of the fuse boxes. You can easily find it inside the engine compartment by lifting the hood.

Depending on its body style and model, it can be on either side or front under the hood. It has a locking lever at the rear end to safely keep it covered.

You can look inside the unit by releasing the lever to remove the cover. You will see some relatively large components that are relays having nomenclature of R followed by a number.

Similarly, fuses have a marking of F followed by their specific number. This numbering scheme is important while locating the faulty fuse.

Use the owner’s manual

The owner’s manual is one crucial document containing information about all parts of the Ford F150 and their location.

Therefore, I will strongly recommend having a copy of the manual and referring to it whenever you have to locate a part.

It also has a list of electrical drawings, fuse numbers, purpose, and location inside the truck.

Moreover, due to the varying location of this box and its layout with the truck model, trim level, and body style, the owner’s manual can be your savior to guide you in finding it. 

Does the location of the power distribution box change with trim level and model year?

Yes, power distribution box location can change according to model years of Ford F150 with every generation change.

Earlier models have fewer electrical components and have a single fuse box inside the truck covering most systems.

However, its latest versions have a separate box accommodating high-rated fuses and relays.

1992-2003 model Ford F150 has a power distribution unit on the left or driver’s side towards the truck body.

It is easy to find this as there is no other fuse box under the hood. However, the exact shape, color, and dimension can vary according to the specific model year.

In the 2004-2008 model Ford F150, the power distribution is inside the truck on the right-hand side of the instrument panel under the gloves compartment.

You have to remove the kick panel to access it. In addition, there is an auxiliary relay box in the engine compartment having different purposes.

In the 2009-2014 Ford F150, the power distribution unit is in the front center of the engine compartment. There can also be an auxiliary relay module on the rear left corner under the hood in SVT Raptor trim level.

In 2015-2020 model trucks, it is on the rear right or passenger’s side corner or in the front center, depending on the body style and trim level. Therefore, you should refer to the owner’s manual for the exact location.

In the 2021-2022 F150, you can find it on the rear right corner of the truck having a black cover and more of a square shape.

Is the power distribution box the same as the fuse box?

There are 2-3 fuse boxes in the latest Ford F150 serving different purposes.

They are on the left or right side of the instrument panel inside the cabin, the luggage compartment, the pre-fuse unit, and the auxiliary relay box under the hood.

Often people confuse the power distribution box with the fuse panels because it also contains fuses and relays. However, there is a difference between the two.

It contains the high current rating components up to 50 amperes, while other parts have fuse with a rating of up to 30 amperes.

Moreover, they also have different locations and applications on the truck. For example, fuse boxes are essential for the F150 working; they mainly control the auxiliary or internal electrical systems.

Why is it important to locate the power distribution box?

The power distribution has a vital role in the proper functioning of the truck’s electrical system. Therefore, knowledge of its location enables you to troubleshoot relevant problems.

To replace faulty relay or fuse

It contains relays and fuses, each controlling a system. However, with aging or any fault, they can become faulty disconnecting power to relevant components.

Therefore, you need to open it to visually inspect or check all parts using a fuse tester or digital multimeter.

To remove error codes

The first step in removing the fault codes on Ford F150 is to check the power channel of the relevant system.

Often fuses burn out in case of overload or short circuits to protect the system from disconnecting their power supply.

Therefore, you need to locate this unit to check and replace any blown-out component to remove the error.

However, I always remove the battery’s positive terminal before working on high current fuses.

Troubleshoot faulty wiring

This box is a central point for power distribution to critical electrical components of the Ford F150.

Therefore, to trace out any faulty or burnt wiring or loose connectors, you must locate them.

In addition, it will help you test the continuity between the box and the system to ensure the healthy wiring of the truck.

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