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Ford F150 Active Grill Shutter Problems

Ford F150 Active Grill Shutter Problems

Active shutter grill is an electronic device present between the grille and the radiator of the engine on the front bumper of the Ford F150.

It reduces the aerodynamic resistance and helps maintain the truck speed dynamics by opening and closing the shutter at the time of need.

Ford F150 Active Grill Shutter Problems include a blown fuse due to overheating, front-end collisions, and calibration problems of the module. The contamination of dirt, debris, and water in the parts lead to damage to the wires, connectors, and retainer in the assembly of the shutter grille. Proper alignment is necessary for the accurate and precise functioning of all the components in the assembly. Any loss to the system’s communication with the pulse code modulation and diagnostic trouble codes causes this issue. Stuck-in and broken shutter blinds can make the situation worst for the driver to balance the speed dynamics of the truck.

In its assembly, a frame with an opening, a series of shutters, a linkage that connects the shutter, and an actuator that controls the movement of the shutter.

Many people come with the problem that the engine of their vehicle becomes hot very soon and after inspection find that problem is with the shutter grill.

Some believe that the problem in this assembly leads to the difficulty of reducing the air drag even if the shutters are open.

Blown fuse

Sometimes driver experiences less power due to the hot air, and there is no battery light in the vehicle. You can perceive that blown fuse is the reason behind the closing of the shutter grills that makes the interior of the engine warmer.

There comes a notification in the form of no active grille shutter code that tells you that it is not working.

The overheating in the engine results in a blown fuse that affects the working of the shutter system in the Ford F150.

Front end-collision makes it vulnerable to the blown fuse, and some mechanical and calibration problems are also the reasons for blowing of fuse.

The binding of shutters together due to some blockage also leads to the blown fuse of the shutter assembly in trucks.

You have to check that overheating does not appear in the inside compartment and engine of the pickup for accurate functioning of the active shutter grill system.

You have to make sure to replace the damaged fuse with a new and better quality one to reduce the air drag over your truck.

Make sure that replacement is going on at the time when shutters are open, and your vehicle is in off mode.

Sometimes, when you cannot open the shutters because the system is out of order, you can open the shutters by turning off the Ac in the vehicle.

Damaged shutter

A damaged shutter is one of the biggest reasons for the non-working of the active shutter grille system in the Ford F150.

The broken shutter appears by having some accident, as this assembly is present on the front bumper, any accidental tear will affect its structure.

A proper shape of the shutter and frame is necessary to reduce the air drag and increase F150 fuel efficiency.

After the accident, this shape becomes inappropriate for the movement of the air, resulting in the engine’s warming.

There is a chance that breakage is in some system components, like broken frames and broken linkage.

In these conditions, the system can’t analyze the code for AGS because its efficient parts are not in their definite shape.

A stuck-in shutter is also a problem in the system’s working because the non-active shutters cannot flap, and as a result, the engine becomes hot.

Mostly, this is due to the accumulation of some dirt and debris, as shutters become open and close continuously in the Ford F150.

Any obstacle in assembly is the cause of a stuck-in shutter that makes them join together and unable to flap.

You have to check for the contamination by the dirt and debris and try to clean the front parts of the assembly regularly.

You have to inspect that there is no default in the component of the system after having an accident.

You have to make sure that the parts are in their proper shape and position to reduce the air drag and provide cooler air in the engine.

Improper Alignment

Proper installation and alignment are necessary for the precise and error-free functioning of the shutter grill system in F150.

There are some specified components whose alignment is in fix pattern in its assembly, and any issue with their positioning will affect the working.

Keeping the frame after the shutter will affect the working because every part of the device is present where it is in need.

Loosening the wires and connectors is also the reason behind the irregular working of the shutter grille in the pickup trucks.

Accumulation of the water inside the working assembly makes the components corroded, and cracks appear on the surface of the shutter.

If the system is not working, go for the inspection that the device’s wires, connectors, and retainers are tight and functional.

You have to check that the components of the module are in their original place and do not have damage due to corrosion.

You have to make sure that water is absent within the components to have a perfect function of maintaining fuel efficiency.

Faulty Actuator

The actuator is a motor that works under the control of Pulse Code Modulation in the active clutch grille system of Ford F150.

The motor is associated with one of the shutters and helps them move during the grill’s closing and opening.

Any damage to the actuator parts like wires and sensors leads to the malfunctioning of the motor, which will not engage properly with the shutter blinds.

The wires of the actuator burn due to the overheating in the engine and become corroded due to the moisture content.

You have to check that all motor parts are working correctly in the system and ensure that the motor has a sustainable connection with the blinds.

Faulty module codes

As the actuator works under the control of the Pulse Code Modulation and helps in the movement of shutters of the system.

In Ford F150, some trouble codes may cause a problem for the module’s working and require an inspection.

You have to check for the wrong code in the module and inspect the pulse modulation code.

You can use a scanner tool to reset the code on the module by connecting the tool with your pickup truck.

Damaged harnesses

There are wires in the motor retainer and the whole assembly of the active shutter grille in the pickup truck.

Corrosion due to water can make them rusty, and dark spots become visible, making them faulty in the module.

Burning of the wires due to the overheating in the engine may create a problem for the wires to transmit the signals in the working system.

Connectors in the device become defective due to their loosening because of greater use at a constant rate and friction.

You have to create an environment free from dust, moisture, overheating, and friction inside the system to control the speed dynamics of your vehicle.

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