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Where to Mount a Fire Extinguisher in a Truck?

Where to Mount a Fire Extinguisher in a Truck?

A fire extinguisher in your truck helps you in case of a fire outbreak because the vehicle is susceptible to catching fire suddenly. 

Where to Mount a Fire Extinguisher in a Truck? You can mount a fire extinguisher in your truck under the driver’s seat to make it accessible in case of an emergency. Similarly, it is also possible to mount it behind the driver and the passenger seats. The truck bed is a spacious area, and you can mount it closer to the tailgate or bed rail. It is easy to fix it on the side of the truck bed in the vertical or horizontal direction.

It is easy to mount them in the truck using metal brackets and screws. You should install them correctly and tightly to ensure safety for passengers. It is better to cover the truck bed area to prevent it from harsh weather.

Where do you mount a fire extinguisher in a truck?

A truck offers you many places where you can put a fire extinguisher. However, you should follow the DOT regulations and place it correctly in your vehicle.

Under the driver’s seat

It is better to secure it under the driver’s seat regardless of multiple options to mount it on your truck.

You should mount it exactly under the seat where you sit to keep it in your arm’s reach. This will help you to save time in case of any disaster.

It does not cause any hindrance for the driver and also allows the full range to move the seat back and forth.

It is easier for you to reach down than reach far to activate the system. You also have options to mount it at the side and behind in the driver’s seat.

Next to the driver’s seat

As like driver’s seat, you have multiple options to keep them under, behind, and the side of the seat of the passenger. You can also use the handheld box as a portable device to place anywhere.

One of my friends installed it under the passenger’s seat and selected a fire extinguisher with a rounded mount and L-shaped aluminum profile.

For this purpose, cut the aluminum profile according to the correct measurements.

Drill holes to mount it and extra holes for mounting bolts to the seat. Mount L-shaped profile and secure it with the bolts, and the seat can move without any problem.

Place on a truck’s bed

You can mount a fire extinguisher at many places in your truck, including the truck’s bed. It is a wide area of your vehicle, and you can mount it anywhere according to your desire.

A truck’s bed provides you with many places to mount your extinguisher. For example, you can place it at the side of the bed, closer to the tailgate, and near the bed rails.

It is easy to mount it in either in the horizontal or vertical direction. All you need is to secure it correctly in the place using high-standard brackets.

It is better to protect it with bed covers if you want to install them on your vehicle’s bed. You can store them in a weather box with a glass shield if you do not have a truck bed canopy.

How to mount a fire extinguisher in a truck?

Inspect and locate the suitable place in your truck because you have multiple options to install it.

For example, all the fire extinguishers come with a stand containing metal brackets. You can use a screwdriver to drill holes in the desired place.

Place the stand on the floor of your truck and screw it tightly to ensure its security to mount a fire extinguisher in the stand. You should be careful in screwing the floor to avoid damage to internal wirings.

It is better to place it under the seat, and for this purpose, you should take a metal bar and measure the distance from the seat to adjust it correctly.

Drill holes in the metal bar and screw the stand on the bar to attach it under the seat.

It is essential to check its pressure periodically to confirm that it is working correctly and ensure its service if the pressure is low. You can also protect them using extinguisher covers and cabinets when not in use.

Why would you mount a fire extinguisher in a truck?

You need to have a fire extinguisher in your car because it is a protective device and gives many benefits in case of an emergency. I will discuss some of its advantages with you in this article.

Provides safety

Your pickup truck catches on fire for many reasons that include electrical problems and a leaky fuel system.

In addition, various flammable products are present in your vehicle and can put you at high risk in case of a fire outbreak.

It becomes essential for you to have firefighters in your automobiles to save yourself from dangerous outcomes.

It is a safety device and prevents flammable vapors from coming in contact with oxygen.

You should include them in your pickup truck to ensure your and other passengers’ safety from a disastrous fire.

No one expects a sudden fire accident in your vehicle, but it provides a reliable way to deal with emergencies.

Protection to truck

A fire outbreak in your truck can cause extensive damage to it. Fire starts in the engine in a short amount of time and causes significant destruction to your engine, electronic, and transmission system.

There can be a massive explosion in your truck if you are deprived of a fire extinguisher. However, it can help you minimize the dangers of fire in several ways.

You need to attach them to a place that provides easy access to operate them as soon as possible. The early and timely operation will protect your pickup from total damage.

In addition, carrying it in your truck will provide you peace of mind because they suppress the fire before it damages your pickup.

Saves cost to repair truck

They give you the advantage of saving your cost in repairing your pickup. Fire outbreaks are unwanted incidents and can damage your vehicle.

The severity of damage to your truck depends on fire and is also a measure to determine the amount of repairing cost.

Repairing is easy and less demanding in case of less severe damage, while in case of more severe damage, you need to spend a lot of money to retain its functions.

A fire extinguisher is designed to reduce your worry of spending money because you do not need to replace it.

It is not safe to keep a fire extinguisher outside the truck because UV rays, rain, heat, cold, and wind are harmful factors for it.

UV rays will cause damage to the plastic parts, and the rain will make it corrosive.

It is better to inspect it regularly for cracks, corrosion, and hose as they are at high risk of damage.

In addition, you should use truck bed covers to protect them from weather conditions or wrap them in extinguisher covers.

What are DOT fire extinguisher mounting requirements?

The Department of transpiration (DOT) has set some specific standards for this safety device to ensure safety.

Each fire extinguisher should have a label of UL rating ranging from 4 to 10 depending on the hazardous elements in your pickup truck.

They should always be filled and mounted securely within your pickup truck to ensure that they are ready to be used all the time.

They should be refilled after use, and also their inspection and service are essential at least once a month.

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