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What is a Peterbilt Unibilt Sleeper?

What is a Peterbilt Unibilt Sleeper?

Unibilt sleepers are the up-gradation of simple sleeping cabs in semi-trucks with modern features. Peterbilt introduced this modern feature in their trucks for people’s ease.

What is a Peterbilt Unibilt Sleeper? Peterbilt is a company that added Unibilt sleepers in their semi-trucks since 1993 for the resting purpose of drivers. These are present in 567, 579, and 389 models of the Peterbilt trucks. These are extensions of the driver seats and provide a more comfortable area for sleeping purposes. In addition, these Unibilt sleepers contain accessories including kitchen, mattress, television, oven, refrigerators, wardrobe, and toilet. 

When you travel on the roadside that is not safe for staying purpose, you can rest in these sleepers that are safer than the roads.

History of Peterbilt Unibilt sleepers

In the 20th century, the transportation of lumber was a time-consuming and hectic process for people.

Peterman was a lumberman, and he wanted to do advancement in this industry for safe and quick transportation of wood.

He left the logging industry and started to buy new trucks from the army suitable for heavy hauling of wood materials.

In 1938 he acquired the Fegeol truck and motor company and expanded their business.

Finally, in 1939, he built his own company named Peterbilt. They have been working in the market for more than 75 years.

This company made their tucks, especially for the logging industry, which they named Peterbilt.

They are famous in the market because of the production of both heavy-duty and medium-class vehicles with good quality.

When and who introduced the Unibilt sleepers?

After making their name in the market, the company always tries to add new things to their product to attract valuable customers.

Firstly the manufacturing industry only makes simple cabs to transport heavy materials in different areas.

In about 1993, this company added Unibilt sleepers in their semi-trucks. The addition of the sleeper system in the cabs increases their market value.

What is the purpose of Unibilt sleepers?

Peterbilt company introduced this cabin in their semi-trucks for resting purposes. However, mostly the drivers have restricted hours for driving on highways.

They have to drive during night hours because of less traffic on the road most of the time. The drivers also get tired after driving all night and need someplace to take a rest.

They cannot take a rest on the roadside, and after seeking this trouble of truckers, the company introduced this system.

The industry also introduces sleeper cabs in the market because of the hectic routine, stress during driving, and their need to rest for refreshment.

The Unibilt sleepers are the combination of the cab and the sleeping compartment for the resting purpose of driver and passengers when they get tired of a long journey.

It comprises a solid box-like structure with different accessories to make the stay comfortable and relaxing.

Moreover, this box-like structure is present on the backside of the driver seat to extend the place for relaxation purposes.

Due to excessive large space, it can provide a better seating position, and truckers cannot get tired from continuous driving for a longer time.

In addition, it is like a small home with different beneficial accessories required for a comfortable stay.

What are the accessories present in the Peterbilt Unibilt Sleepers?

These sleeper cabs have all the accessories that a person needs to stay on the road without facing any difficulty. These accessories are listed below, along with their detail.


The kitchen is the primary structure of these Peterbilt semi-trucks for coking purposes when traveling in an area with no eating point or restaurant.

You can stay for a while, cook your favorite food and eat them. Moreover, most restaurants become closed at night, and truckers have permission to drive during night hours.

They can quickly cook their food at this time after feeling hungry.


The bed is also an essential part of rest because of its comfortable mattress. People can also sleep there for a short time when they feel sleepy while driving.

The size of mattresses varies in these semi-trucks according to their models. For example, the mattresses size in these sleeper cabs ranges from 60 inches to 82 inches long.

The width of these beds ranges from 38 inches to 40 inches, suitable for accommodating 2 to 3 people at a time.


Some of the latest models of these semi-trucks also have the toilet and shower area in a small corner.

 It is beneficial during the summer seasons because truckers can take showers to make them fresh. Moreover, you can also wash tires and other parts with the showers.

They are also used for removing dust and mud from the tires and bumper side.

Sometimes the engine also becomes heated up during a long tour so you can pour the water from the shower.

Storage space

These box-like structures are not that long but have all the accessories because of their technical manufacturing and design style.

Peterbilt company adjusts all the little things in this small structure for ease. These Unibilt sleepers also have storage space where you can place your cargo while traveling.

There are also several shelves for the placement of bags and other accessories. In addition, it also has a separate place for the storage of dry and wet material.

It also contains a small wardrobe where the driver can place their spare cloth when they are on a long tour.

Electrical system

The electrical system is the basic necessity for the survival of people anywhere. The Unibilt sleepers in semi-trucks also have an excellent electrical connection.

The different accessories that need a power supply to turn them on are also present. It contains small ovens where you can warm your food before eating.

Moreover, the presence of a refrigerator also makes the task easy you don’t need to cook again and again. For entertainment, while eating or taking rest, it also has the television.

The presence of television is also beneficial because it cannot make you bored if you are traveling alone at nighttime.

Are Unibilt sleepers available in all models of Peterbilt? 

Peterbilt Company continuously upgrades its semi-trucks with new features and specifications every year.

The models that come after 1939 have these comfortable Unibilt sleepers for rest when you reach your maximum driving limit.

After these years, the company introduced the joined system in the models, including cab and sleepers with organized and strong structure.

The models named 579, 389, and 567 have a sleeping place and a cab. These models are famous because of their upgraded features of the sleeping place.

They are also adding new and latest facilities in the upcoming models to make it more attractive for people.

These models are also known as the best and larger sleep-over cabs.

Features of the Unibilt sleepers

The Unibilt sleepers of the Peterbilt Semi-trucks are famous because of their variety of features. Some of their common features are discussed below.


These Unibilt sleepers are more comfortable than simple sleeper cabs. They are also comfortable because of their larger size.

In addition, truckers also need a comfortable and cozy environment for resting purposes after getting tired from the stressful duty.

The manufacturing company added soft and comfortable mattresses for the drivers to relax sleeping on them.

The size of these mattresses is also appropriate for adjusting two persons at a time.


People always want to prefer things that are cost-effective for them. The Peterbilt semi-trucks are cost-effective because the cabs and Unibilt sleepers are both in a single model.

These vehicles come in affordable price tags that are easy to purchase. In addition, they are also less costly than the accessories present in them.

Most of my friends who used these trucks are satisfied because of their effective price range and excessive features.

Their cost is also less than the simple semi-trucks that do not have any extra sleeping compartments attached with them.

High quality

The Peterbilt Unibilt sleepers are of good quality that’s why it becomes famous in the market. The manufacturing quality is also of good material, making them more durable.

The one drawback of these high-quality manufacturing materials is that they can increase their weight. The increase in weight can also increase the fuel cost.

In addition, because of their high quality, they will also last for a longer time and have the least maintenance cost.

In addition, the quality of interior material, including shelves, wardrobes, and other electrical components, is also good.

What is the size of Peterbilt Unibilt sleepers?

The Peterbilt Unibilt sleepers come in different sizes according to different models. The average size in the various models ranges from 42 inches to 82 inches in length.

Their different sizes are 42 inches, 56inches, and 80 inches long which are present in 389, 579, and 567 models.

The sizes of Unibilt sleepers also vary according to the advanced models and their interior specifications. Moreover, the larger ones contain most of the accessories as compared to smaller ones.

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