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Who Makes FedEx Trucks?

Who Makes FedEx Trucks?

Many people prefer FedEx as a transportation company when they have to deliver products quickly at cost-effective rates.

Moreover, it has to make wise decisions about purchasing trucks from renowned automotive brands that help meet customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability standards.

Who Makes FedEx Trucks? FedEx trucks are made by multiple automotive manufacturing companies that design commercial vehicles. It has purchased vehicles from XL Hybrid, Utilimaster, Freightliner, BrightDrop, and Ford that ensure the production of reliable and efficient vehicles. It requires sturdy and speedy trucks that can hold the heavyweight efficiently and ensure quick delivery of products. Moreover, it focuses on fuel-efficient electric and hybrid automobiles that produce fewer emissions. 

There is no single company from which FedEx purchases trucks as it obtains the engine from one company and the body of the vehicle from another sometimes.

Furthermore, it has been in partnership with companies claiming to provide fuel-efficient automobiles with powerful engines producing fewer exhaust gases.

What is FedEx? 

It is a transportation company that offers an express service of delivering the products to outlying areas within a short time duration.

FedEx trucks efficiently deliver large-sized heavy products to small, lightweight items to your doorstep. It has been working in the US since 1971 and facilitating customer and business holders.

Moreover, it is owned by Smith, who has designed a transportation company to facilitate customers interested in carrying their products from warehouse to house.

In addition, this company helped business owners to provide home delivery options in the residential areas that can boost their selling ratio.

Not only does it provides transportation facilities, but you can also get business and e-commerce services. The company name is derived from Federal Express, which has been used since 1973.

Who provides trucks to FedEx?

Many automotive companies provide delivery trucks to FedEx as they provide efficient vehicles with powerful and quick responses.

XL Hybrids

XL Fleet, known as XL Hybrid in 2009, is a competitive automotive manufacturing company that offers solutions for fleet electrification and boosts the transformation of an electric vehicle.

It claims to provide products that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve fuel efficiency. They have been awarded for their sustainable and simple products.

It has introduced advanced technology in the automobile industry when electric vehicles are in their infancy as a small number of companies are providing hybrid trucks.

They have focused on the goals and claims of XL Hybrids that confirm the improved fuel economy by reducing the miles per gallon to almost 20% to 25%.

Moreover, it caught attention due to trucks producing almost 15% to 20% lesser emissions and reducing the carbon footprint. It provides low-cost hybrid vehicles with a powertrain system.

XL Hybrids provide sustainable automobiles as their hybrid technologies can transform any vehicle into a fuel-efficient product.

They add a control software, an electric motor, and a pack of lithium-ion batteries. However, they do not make changes in the internal transmission and combustion chamber.

FedEx has worked with XL Hybrids to convert their 8 to 10 vans that were conventionally powered panels and to make them fuel efficient.

Furthermore, this conversion can improve the engine life and reduce fuel consumption and the emission of harmful gases.

Ford Motor Company

Ford is an automobile manufacturing company operational in the US since 1903 and provides commercial vehicles to FedEx and other companies.

Their commercial trucks are tough with rugged capability that can work hard in unfavorable environmental conditions.

They have an outstanding performance that can haul a heavy load efficiently. Therefore, it has been purchasing delivery vans from Ford that appear sturdy in construction.

Moreover, the Ford step vans are fuel efficient and can cross hundreds of miles with little maintenance. These step vans provide ample space to load products and powertrain longevity.

In addition, these 4-wheeled utility vehicles have been purchased and adopted by FedEx, which needs to deliver the products to residential areas on the ground.

The Ford F59 P1000 step vans are considered ideal delivery vehicles with maneuverability and huge cargo space. Its weight ranges from 15,500 to 22,000 Pounds.

In addition, Ford E450 contains a gas-operated engine that is added to the FedEx fleet due to its tough structure and high weight loading capacity. Its weight ranges from 13,500 to 14,500 Pounds.


This automotive manufacturing company provides semi-trucks and deals in heavy-duty diesel trucks of class 4, 5, 7, and 8.

Their products are known for their cost-effectiveness, improved design, and fuel efficiency. Moreover, they never compromise on quality that remains consistent and brings innovations.

An average semi-truck can drive from 35,000 to 45,000 miles in a year, but Freightliner semi-trucks have a better lifespan that can last for almost 65,000 to 75,000 miles per year.

FedEx has purchased diesel trucks of higher class from Freightliner, but they do not rely on a single company as the body of the vehicle is purchased from one company and engines from another.

In the same way, the Sprinter van body is made by Freightliner, which contains an engine of Mercedes-Benz that was designed per FedEx’s requirements.


BrightDrop provides commercial delivery automobiles and works as a division under General Motors.

It provides electric vehicles and software to manage the fleet, making the delivery process easier and simpler.

Its primary goal is to ensure safety and comfort for the drivers and claims to create sustainable and highly-efficient automobiles.

The BrightDrop Zevo 600 is a cargo van that is an electric vehicle for providing transport services.

It can run for almost 200 to 250 miles after fully charging and provide more than 600 cubic feet of space for cargo placement.

FedEx has partnered with BrightDrop to replace its trucks with electric vehicles by the end of 2035.

It purchased almost 450 to 500 Zevo 600 trucks from BrightDrop in 2022. In addition, 100 to 150 electric vehicles were added to its fleet on 21st June 2022.

Almost 2500 EVs are still in the process that has to be added to the FedEx fleet in the near future as they provide sustainable options.


It is a division of Spartan motors that provides custom-crafted vehicles according to the type of business. 

They claim to provide vehicles that can tolerate tough conditions due to their unique features like flooring and integrated mounting.

They purchased 400 vehicles from Utilimaster in the past, and almost 1500 to 1900 lightweight automobiles are currently added with composite bodies and fuel-efficient designs.

So, it has almost 2300 Reach vehicles from Utilimaster in the fleet that contain diesel engines and improve fuel efficiency from 30% to 35%.

The design of lower body weight along the engine allows them to reduce fuel consumption and emissions of toxic gases like carbon dioxide.

Why does FedEx purchase trucks from multiple companies?

FedEx tries to provide new vehicles that require lesser maintenance and ensure safety and durability.

So, it tries to test the efficiency of different manufacturing companies that offer the following features.

Reduction of emissions

The pollutants emitted from a truck engine in the form of exhaust gases are polluting the environment quickly and contributing to greenhouse gases.

The automotive companies need to provide you with cleaner and greener options that are environmentally friendly by reducing the load of toxic gases.

Moreover, it helps reduce the city’s carbon footprint, particularly when driving on the roads to reach residential areas.

XL Hybrid, Utilimaster, BrightDrop, and many other manufacturing companies are working on advanced trucks, step vans, and semi-trucks that have reduced emissions.

Fuel efficient

It is challenging to manage the fuel cost when driving the vehicle daily as it will burden the budget at the end of the year.

It has focused on introducing fuel-efficient products in its fleet to cut fuel costs and get more profit.

Commercial trucks with traditional design work satisfactorily but consume more fuel and contribute to air pollution.

So, FedEx has focused on purchasing electric or hybrid vehicles from manufacturing companies that can provide sustainable vehicles with the most straightforward designs.

Improved performance and operational consistency

FedEx focuses on driver-friendly performance and selects the manufacturing companies that provide better performance with highly efficient engines.

Moreover, the drivers need no training due to the operational consistency of XL Hybrid vehicles. As a result, XL Hybrid does not bring significant changes in the features that reduce drivability challenges.

Similarly, many other automotive manufacturing companies that have provided FedEx trucks for delivery purposes ensure better performance and no unusual servicing.

Quick delivery

This company offers express delivery of products and requires vehicles with better engines producing more torque and horsepower.

It has to be rapid and reliable to become a global leader already serving in more than 200 countries. The reliable fleet never lets you down on the road heading towards a destination.

Does FedEx deliver by air freight?

FedEx provides delivery facilities from ground and air because it does not only in the US but delivers products to international areas.

So, it has to use air freight that manages all the tasks from pickup to delivery to far areas. The freight network offers a continuous flow process and reliable or fast delivery.

In addition, it has a ground package system that allows delivery of small products in the regions close to the warehouse or North America.

Moreover, it takes almost 2 to 5 days to deliver a product to the neighboring countries.

Furthermore, it provides the opportunity of delivery on weekends to facilitate their customers when they are at home.

How many trucks does FedEx have?

FedEx is working at a large scale and needs a large vehicle fleet to manage all the delivery tasks efficiently.

Almost 90,000 to 100,000 vehicles are owned by it that are used only for ground delivery and to ensure fast product delivery.

Many courier services and delivery companies lag behind due to the unavailability of delivery automobiles. Furthermore, it has almost 600 to 700 aircraft that deliver products internationally.

Therefore, it has invested a lot in increasing the number of delivery trucks to become the leading service globally.

What type of trucks does FedEx use?

It has purchased trucks from many automotive manufacturing companies for its FedEx Ground and Home services, but a few were up to their standards.

All the trucks on their station look similar, but they are collected from different companies, and their parts are obtained from different sources.

They prefer purchasing cargo vehicles from Ford and Freightliner as they are sturdier in construction that remain functional for a long time.

They use step vans introduced by Ford like E450 and P1000 that can tolerate a huge weight efficiently.

Moreover, these Ford E450 contain a V8 engine that operates on gas, having a 6.2L capacity. While the P1000 also includes a V8 engine with a 7.3L capacity of holding gas.

In addition, the Freightliner vehicles, particularly Sprinter, are also good to use for the long-term, containing a turbo-engine with 2L diesel capacity.

It requires lesser fuel and the fuel efficiency is almost 13 to 14 miles per gallon with lesser emission of harmful gases in the air.

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