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Why Are Mail Trucks Right Hand Drive?

Why Are Mail Trucks Right Hand Drive?

The mail truck’s right-hand drive means steering is present on the right side to save gallons of fuel while delivering mails. The primary benefit is that you do not have to turn back or take U turn to place postal letters in the boxes.

Why Are Mail Trucks Right Hand Drive? Mail trucks are right hand drive to easily approach the mailboxes in urban areas and in cities. In addition, it is beneficial because it can save your time and fuel and decrease the chances of traffic blockages on the roads. Right-sided steering is suitable for better communication with other people at traffic signals and reducing the risk of hitting other vehicles.

The postal companies should hire experienced drivers for the safety of their fleets because their driving is different from the regular routine. The experienced right-hand drivers make the delivery of mails easy, safe, and quick.

What are mail trucks?

The United States postal service (USPS) developed specific vehicles in the early 1950s to deliver packages to the people.

These are different from regular trucks in America because of their functionality. It is also known as the post truck, mail lorry, and post van in various states of America.

The famous company Grumman corporation in America manufactured these vehicles known as Grumman LLV (long live vehicle).

This corporation contracted with USPS in about the 1980s to provide 1000s of automobiles for safe and urgent delivery of emails to the people. You can also track these trucks with several tools.

Nowadays, NGDV (Next generation delivery vehicles) replaced the Grumman LLV because of their fuel-efficient trucks.

What is right hand driving?

Most automobiles in the USA have a left-hand driving system which is easier and provide more curb area for clear visibility at turning points.

The mail trucks are right-hand drive because of their specific function. It means the steering wheel is present on the ride side.

You have to sit on the right side of your vehicle to control the steering wheel and for movement.

Why do USPS trucks have right-hand drive?

Manufacturers make right-hand driving postal trucks with upgraded features for comfortable and safe driving. 

Approach mailboxes

The steering on the right side is necessary to approach the mailboxes during driving. Therefore, the mailboxes are present on the ride of the drivers.

It is best for rural areas so mail carriers can approach the roadside boxes. The process becomes difficult with left-hand driving or if your vehicle has steering on the left side.

You have to put more effort and come to the passenger seats for the whole procedure. Moreover, the postal trucks are not allowed for U-turns and left turns.

You cannot move them on the left side and turn around to place post letters in the boxes without getting out.

Avoid traffic to get mail

It is beneficial for city areas to avoid heavy traffic during this duty. This is because the traffic flow in the city area is more than in urban areas, and the risk of accidents is also more common.

It is beneficial in this condition, and it is also safer for drivers. In addition, you do not need to come out from the curbside and put mail in boxes.

You can place them while sitting on your seat and avoid traffic.

Experienced drivers

Only postal trucks have right-hand driving because of their experienced and well-trained drivers. In addition, the drivers of these types of vehicles are specially trained to decrease the risk of accidents.

You have to take special training from the recognized institutes and take right-hand driving certification from them.

You can show these certificates to the police representatives and get rid of the tickets. In addition, you have to take classroom lectures and also get appropriate training through online practice.

These institutes engaged the drivers in training for about 10 hours to 12 hours of the day.

Save time

The right side steering of postal vehicles saves time for drivers. The people deliver all the mails timely and can easily do part-time jobs in the evening to manage their finances.

You do not have to come out from the truck again and again to place postal letters. Instead, you can easily put them while sitting on your seats and save your time.

You have to wait for the traffic and waste time while coming out if the steering is present on the left side. They have a specific time, and they have to work accordingly.

The speed of these automobiles is also limited, so it is necessary to do a lot of work in a short time.

Better for communication

Driving these vehicles is boring, and you cannot enjoy this time. Moreover, it is a boring truck because it is not equipped with any latest accessories.

People can freeze in winter and feel sweating in the summer due to high temperatures. It is not equipped with heaters and air conditioners.

You can also have a funny conversation with your nearby drivers to get rid of boredom.

Fewer chances of traffic blockage

You can put the postal letters in the boxes in a few minutes and then move forward.

The other cars behind you are not bound to wait for hours. Moreover, you are not blocking the traffic by turning your trucks in different directions.

It is beneficial to save other people’s time so they do not get angry at you. For example, the people start honking at you if you have right-sided steering and you come out from trucks to post mails.

Avoid accidents

The chances of hitting other vehicles increase when drivers accidentally come out of their trucks for different purposes.

Sometimes the people with left-handed steering wheels must come out to reach the mailboxes. However, you do not need to come out repeatedly to perform your specific duty.

The cars that are coming behind at high speed can easily hit you accidentally comes out. No one knows about your next action, which can increase the crash risk.

Avoid repeated starting and stopping of the engine

The steering on the right side is beneficial because you do not have to turn off the engine repeatedly while adding mail to the postal box.

You can do this in one to two minutes without turning off the ignition key. The repeated pressing of the start and stop buttons can make them faulty and malfunction.

Moreover, engines’ continuous starting and stopping also produce wear and tear in their components. It can affect the functioning of spark plug and cause poor ignition and rough idling issues.

The misfiring in cylinders also occurs due to the wear and tear of engine components.

Is it illegal to drive a right-hand mail truck in America?

Right-hand driving or driving with steering on the right side is perfectly legal in America. No one can arrest you due to this act because it is allowed by the government.

It means that t is not illegal, and you do not have to pay any penalty to the police officers.

It depends on the ease of people and their driving skills. It is essential for postal trucks because of their efficient and safe functioning for delivering mail in different areas.

In addition, you also have to follow the same traffic rules as the left-hand vehicles follow.

Is right hand driving difficult?

Driving with steering on the right side is more difficult than on the left side.

The regular drivers cannot move these mail trucks because of their less grip and little knowledge about the rules and regulations.

You have to show full attention to the roads and your driving techniques. A little distraction can cause side hitting with vehicles or other things present on the road.

You need special training sessions and certifications if you want to buy a right-handed automobile or join the postal companies for jobs.

The training schools provide full training and classes to make the drivers experienced.

Why is the right-hand drive of mail trucks dangerous?

The right-hand drive of these vehicles is dangerous and requires more attention from the drivers to meet the safety standards of the highways.

Poor view of traffic

You cannot see clearly on your curbside, which is problematic and increase the risk of accidents. In addition, the poor view of the curbside causes the collision with other cars.

In addition, the risk of accidents is more due to overtaking people. You cannot see the vehicles on your curbside overtaking your truck.

It cannot provide a clear view of the rearview image because of changes in position.

Difficult to control

Most people drive cars with steering on their left side. It is challenging for them to hold the right steering.

Many people also complain that you need more effort to hold the steering. In addition, if you do not hold it tightly, it can decrease stability and control.

The tight holding is necessary for safe movement at turning points and U-turns. You have to manage it appropriately for the safety of yourself and other people on the road.

Drivers need strict training

It is also difficult because simple drivers do not have a better grip on these mail trucks.

The company must train its drivers appropriately for safe and secure delivery of postal letters. The untrained and inexperienced people can cause issues and increase maintenance costs.

Strict training is necessary to increase grip and hold on the right side steering.

Problematic for restaurant drive-thru

Sometimes the mail truck drivers become hungry and want to eat something during their duty hours.

So the drivers rush towards the eating points and restaurants to eat something and satisfy their feelings.

It becomes difficult for them at the restaurant drive-thru due to changes in the direction of the steering wheel and sitting position.

You have to come out of the vehicles to receive your orders.

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