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Why Are Semi Trucks So Slow?

Why Are Semi Trucks So Slow?

Many people complain that the biggest reason for an accident on the roads is the fast speed of semi trucks because drivers are under pressure and have to transport material at a specific time. So the companies now set limitations for their trucks to avoid these problems.

Why Are Semi Trucks So Slow? Semi trucks are so slow because they carry heavy freights, larger in size and heavier weight. It is also necessary to drive them slow because of the risk of rolling over, lower center of gravity, and an electronic speed limiter inspection. You should drive them at minimum speed because they are difficult to stop and require more braking distance. The slow speed is due to uphill or downhill movement, weather conditions, and the speed limit of highways. 

You should keep the semi trucks in the slow lane so they cannot disturb the traffic flow and other vehicles. Decrease the speed when you see some construction on the roads to avoid inconvenience.

Why do semi trucks move at slow speed?

These trucks must move at minimum speed because of their manufacturing design and heavyweight. Therefore, it can cause issues and increase accidental risk when you do not follow the guidelines of your company.

Carrying heavy freights

The semi trucks are mostly used for hauling heavy freights, including construction and other types of heavy materials.

In addition, these are also useful for the transportation of animals from one state to another.

They must move slowly because sometimes companies use their trailers to transport liquid and hazardous materials.

Driving fast can cause an explosion of these hazardous and liquid materials. You must maintain the minimum speed because it can disturb stability and control.

The heavy loading of vehicles directly impacts the stability of the steering wheel.

Risk of rolling over

These automobiles contain large-sized trailers on their backside. These trailers are larger in length, width, and height.

The risk of rolling over increases when you move fast at turning points and while taking over other vehicles.

The disturbance in balance is coming due to these larger trailers that can cause rolling over. In addition, you can also face swaying issues while moving fast.

Governed by companies

These are owned by companies that transport materials from different industries from one state to another.

These respective companies govern the drivers. You are restricted from moving at a specific speed because you are working under the company.

The company representatives set this minimum range to protect their vehicles from any time of accidental damages.

The drivers should follow the rules and regulations of the specific company because they are working with them.

Difficult to stop

It is difficult to stop these trucks because they are larger than the normal ones. However, these have an efficient braking system to control them.

Sometimes these brakes cannot work efficiently and are not enough to control these heavy automobiles.

The braking distance is also reduced, and it takes time to stop. You cannot suddenly stop them while moving at a faster speed because they can roll over due to the heavy weight of its back trailer.

Moreover, applying brakes at a slower speed is easy and reduces the chances of collision with forwarding cars or trucks.

Heavyweight and larger size

The semi trucks have a large trailer on their backside for the placement of cargo. However, these trailers add more weight and disturb the stability and control.

It is difficult to handle large and heavy-sized ones because of their more payload capacity. In addition, these trailers contain heavy freights with different materials.

These are larger because they are specifically designed to haul heavy cargo. In addition, there are different types available in America that have sleeping cabins for a short nap for drivers.

People also add heavy weights to save fuel and extra mileage while carrying cargo in different turns.

Distracted drivers

Most drivers are distracted and can cause accidents due to poor handling of vehicles. For example, distracted drivers cannot maintain control of the steering wheel due to several distractions.

The semi truckers are mostly distracted because of their boring, hectic duty and long schedules. In addition, most people also turn on loud music which can interrupt their attention.

Moreover, most also use some drugs or dip toothpicks to remain active while on the road.

Move these heavy-duty automobiles at limited speed so they cannot collide with other things.

Weather conditions

It is necessary to drive them slow because of changes in weather conditions. The hot weather, high speed, and heavy weight can damage the tires.

In addition, it also becomes difficult to control them on slippery roads. The roads become slippery after rain and in the winter season due to the presence of snow.

You should avoid any inconvenience by maintaining the speed limit. The heavy rains and fast wind are also barriers to driving.

Difficult to turn

Moving them at turning points is difficult because of their heavy load and weight. The rolling over can occur when you speedily move them at turning points.

In addition, it also requires more radius when you want to turn them from one road to another. You need extra space for their movement if you change the direction.

You should take care while changing the direction and slow the speed.

Uphill and down movement

The uphill movement that is against the gradient requires more power from the engine. So you cannot move at a fast speed on these sloppy roads.

The engine has to produce more power for this movement. Their engines are heavy and highly efficient because of their heavy hauling.

You should drive them at minimum speed because it can also damage the engine when you try to maintain the minimum speed.

You should also drive slowly during downhill movement because of disturbance in control and stability.

Higher center of gravity

These vehicles’ center of gravity is high because of their larger trailers on the backside. These can disturb their center of gravity from normal.

The high center of gravity means low stability and control over the trucks. Poor stability and control over the steering wheel cause accident.

In addition, it can also put you at more risk of flipping or rolling over. Your vehicle can roll over while moving on turning points because of the high center of gravity.

Speed limits of highways

The highways have different speed limits, and you are bunded to follow them. You have to pay tickets and challans if you do not follow the guidelines of the highways.

The different states have different speed limits on highways. Therefore, you should drive your semi truck according to this restricted speed limit and get rid of police and extra fines.

The roads of the highways are smooth and wide, and traffic flow is more on them.

Therefore, the highway authority restricted the speed limit of following vehicles according to their sizes to decrease crashes.

Overtaking the other vehicles

Sometimes you are in an emergency, and you have to move on an urgent basis for transportation of different materials.

Sometimes you must overtake the other cars and trucks on the road to move forward. The overtaking procedure is technical and requires full attention.

A little distraction and negligence from the driver’s side can cause severe accidents. Drive at a slow speed and then overtake the forward cars to decrease the risk of collision with its rear or front side.

What is the average speed of semi trucks?

You cannot move these trucks at high speed because the companies keep strict vehicle inspections.

You should not drive them at more than 100 mph, and it is the upper limit when you are bounded to move slower.

It also depends on the type of area and road conditions.

You can also attain this speed on simple roads at night because of less traffic load. However, you should not exceed 50 mph to 60 mph when moving to urban or populated areas.

It is different for night and daytime duty hours. You can only keep your vehicle between 56 mph to 70 mph during the day; for the night, do not exceed 55 mph.

This maximum speed limit varies in different states, from 50mpgh to 55mph in California. It is about 70mph to 75mph in Arkansas, and in Colorado, it is about 65mpgh to 70 mph.

Can semi trucks go at a slow speed?

These have to move slower because of their inspection by a specific trucking company. The company hires responsible drivers that can follow the rules and regulations.

In addition, the driver should also assure the company owners that their vehicle, cargo, and other people are safe on the road.

Some companies in America limit the truck’s speed to less than the speed limit of the specific road.

Moreover, the company also monitors them electronically for the safety of their drivers and other people. For example, the electronic limiter is a small device that is present in them that governs the speed limit and also prevents it from exceeding this limit.

What happens if you drive a semi-truck at a fast speed?

Driving semi-trucks at high speed is very dangerous and causes severe accidents. It can put the life of drivers at risk and also cause complete damage to various parts.

You have to pay heavy fines if police and specific companies find that you are not following the rules and regulations.

Most of the time, the rating of your driving license also decreases when you do this illegal act to save time.

Can you drive a semi-truck in the fast lane?

It is prohibited in some states that you should not drive these automobiles in the fast lane. There are specific lanes for fast-moving and slow-moving automobiles.

The speed limit of these lanes is specified and written on the signboard. You should read these boards before entering the specific lane.

Driving in fast lanes causes a collision with other vehicles.

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