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Why Can’t You Wrap a Ferrari?

Why Can’t You Wrap a Ferrari?

Ferrari provides unique and extraordinary designs of vehicles with vibrant colors that capture attention and makes it one of the strongest brands in automobiles. Many people wrap their cars and make alterations in their vehicles to distinguish them from others.

Why Can’t You Wrap a Ferrari? You can’t wrap a Ferrari because the brand owners have strict rules to protect the brand identity. You cannot make drastic alterations in the structure that affect the vehicle’s looks and performance. Moreover, the company does not allow wrapping on its whole body because it hides the logo and can be a replacement for its logo. You have to avoid the rebranding wraps because Ferrari considers it against its reputation, and they never compromise on their identity. They do not allow pink color covers, but you can paint them in red, yellow, purple, and blue.

However, Ferrari does not allow drastic modifications, and you have to get permission before wrapping, painting, and replacing the logos with some other brands.

Why can you not wrap your own Ferrari?

You cannot wrap your vehicle for many reasons, like strict rules of the brand owners to deal with it after purchasing.

Protection of brand identity

They are conscious of their brand identity and do not allow the users to modify the vehicle’s appearance.

They can ask you if you are bringing drastic changes in the looks, which have a negative impact on their reputation.

You have to notify the dealership about the changes you want to introduce in the structure or appearance.

Moreover, this brand has a social identity and does not compromise its status. Therefore, you can make slight modifications that do not change its entire physical appearance.

Furthermore, you can wrap your car that enhances its look without hiding the structure. However, a complete covering of the body frame is not allowed to the user.

Hide badges

They do not allow you to interfere with the badge or cover them with wraps. You cannot add some other custom badges with different designs and colors.

They expect that you give importance to their badges and logos that contain a black horse with a yellow background.

You can hide these emblems by covering them, which should be visible. The badges depict the brand’s prestige, and they would never compromise on their image.


Company owners want you to accept their product, including its design and color. Some people use it for different purposes like photography for some other products.

When people use their Ferrari as a background or supportive element to promote the products, they can ask you for this act.

They avoid being involved in such promotional activities and do not associate with any other brand. It is against their reputation and status.

So, you cannot cover it in different shades or designs that depict some other brand’s colors.

Moreover, it is better to avoid adding logos of other brands, or they can ask you for infringement of their rules and laws.

Changes in features

You cannot cover a vehicle so that its distinguishing features disappear.

They do not restrict you from adding beauty, and you can cover some parts like bonnets or tail lights. In addition, you can cover the body, but do not hide the design and

Logo replacement

One of the famous musicians named Deadmau5 added a Nyan cat over his Ferrari logos and covered the whole body of the vehicle with blue color.

He had to remove those custom badges and wraps when they took him to court. They believe that you own their cars when it rolls off the warehouse and uses them without alteration.

Therefore, they bound the users to avoid touching their iconic logos and keep them visible even after painting and vinyl covering.

They allow wrapping, but you cannot do modifications in their logos, colors, and performance.

How can you add a vinyl wrap on Ferrari? 

You can add beautiful colored wraps to your car, but plan the area before doing it. Then, you have to notify the dealership about the changes you have decided.

It is better to proceed with the process after they agree with your plan; otherwise, you have to remove them, and your efforts and money get wasted.

Plan to cover the areas

Decide about the color of the vinyl wraps and choose a shade that matches your Ferrari if you want to add it to a small area.

It is better to plan the parts you want to cover and then purchase an exact color and size.

Cut the vinyl wrap

Then cut a small piece of the vinyl sheet according to an estimation of the size. Then, place it on the surface where you want to fix it.

Moreover, you can use a sharp cutter to cut the sheet but be careful that you do not damage the car surface.

Tuck in the edges

Then, start tucking the edges of this sheet in the narrow openings. It requires effort if you want to do it neatly, and you need to cut it around the logos or badges to make them visible.

You can ask for professional help because you cannot handle the wrap fixing process correctly. First, remove the extra part using a cutter and fix it on the vehicle surface.

Set the wrap

Apply heat from a distance of at least 1 foot and set the wrap slowly.

You can stretch it and remove creases to give a smooth texture. Remove the creases and attach it to the car surface by applying heat.

What are the benefits of wrapping a Ferrari with vinyl wraps? 

There are many benefits of using these covering sheets on vehicles because it provides long-lasting protection.

Easy to remove

You cannot apply it yourself as it is tricky to deal with, and you do not know about tricks to manage the task.

However, you can remove it easily if the quality is high. You can also take help from a skilled person to remove it.

Protect paint color

You can protect the paint color of your Ferrari by covering it with vinyl wraps. It prevents dings and damage due to road stones.

Moreover, it maintains the better condition of the vehicle, and it will not lose its shine.

It adds to the resell value when you want to sell it after some years. It is a better alternative to painting the whole surface of the car.

Durable and Cost-effective

It lasts for a longer duration and protects the car body from hot rays of sun and moisture because they are waterproof.

The durability depends on the finishing and maintenance. It can last for 4 to 6 years if you maintain it properly.

Additionally, it is cost-effective, and you have to pay almost $5000 to $7000 to cover Ferrari. So it can cost you lesser than a high-quality painting.

Can I add pink vinyl wrap on Ferrari?

Ferrari restricts users on some alterations, and the pink color wrapping is one of them. The brand owner considers it against their standards to use a pink shade on the car’s exterior surface.

In addition, they do not introduce pink color vehicles and do not allow the users to the crazy paint jobs. They can stop you from adding a pink vinyl sheet when you tell them about your plans.

Furthermore, the official color of their vehicle is red, but you can choose others except for pink.

Are you allowed to paint a Ferrari?

The car owners allow painting or repainting in red or any other color. When the paint does not alter the performance and features, it will not interfere with the process.

I have painted my car in purple because it attracts me. Moreover, you can paint your Ferrari in any color except pink. You can also paint it yellow, blue, or green according to your choice.

What happens when you wrap Ferrari by overlooking the rules?

When you do not follow the rules about modification, the company can send you a desist order. You have to remove the cover if it hides a logo and resembles another brand.

They have some strict rules, and you have to follow them to become a member. However, they consider you like their member and expect you will never compromise their reputation.

In addition, a cease order can be the warning to avoid covering the car again in pink color. Similarly, they do not sell their vehicles to those users who have cars from other brands.

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