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Do you have to Reprogram Key Fob after Changing Battery?

Do you have to Reprogram Key Fob after Changing Battery?

A key fob controls many functions like locking and unlocking, trunk opening, and flashing the front lights. Moreover, it provides a better security system and helps users identify their vehicles in crowded places.

Do you have to Reprogram Key Fob after Changing Battery? You have to reprogram the key fob after changing the battery because it erases all the instructions from its microchip and cannot transmit the signals to the vehicle. Reprogramming helps recognize signals by the car’s computer software. Moreover, you can reprogram it by closing the doors after inserting the key into the slot and turning on the ignition. Press on the lock option, turn off the ignition, repeat the process 3 to 4 times, and listen carefully to the locking sound. Reset additional remotes by tapping on the lock button and turning off the ignition. Test the settings by locking the car and pressing the key fob lock button from outside. 

These devices are useful, but sometimes it becomes difficult to tackle issues when they are not working.

Due to personalized programming, every key is different and requires different steps to fix the issue.

Why would you reprogram the key fob after changing the battery?

There are many reasons for reprogramming the key fob, as it revives the connection to your vehicle and provides security with functional locking features.

Signal transmission

You have to reset the programs to transmit the signals efficiently to the vehicle. Reprogramming of the key allows the transmission of signals correctly at the receiver end.

Therefore, resetting the electrical remote for easy communication with your vehicle is better as it responds quickly without losing signals.

Secure the locking system

A malfunctioning key cannot secure your Sedan due to problems with its locking system. It cannot read the code imprinted on the microchip present inside its case.

The chip responds only to the frequency assigned to it in the form of programming. Therefore, a matching frequency of the code is essential for unlocking the doors.

The car lock system cannot detect it when the chip is without codes due to erasing all data during resetting.

Resetting the key fob

One common possibility for an unresponsive remote is resetting the programmed system. For example, your key will not accurately respond to the action if you forget to reset it after replacing the battery.

The resetting process adds new data and information into the car’s system so that it can detect the remote from a distance.

Connect to the vehicle system

After changing the battery, its reader system disconnects with the computer software. As a result, it cannot build a connection to the car’s software.

How do you reprogram the key fob after changing the battery?

The way to reprogram these remotes vary for every automobile. However, you can use these general steps to reset the system of any vehicle.

You can also take help from the car’s manual to deal with such problems.

Close the doors

When you have replaced its battery with a functional one, you need to sit inside the Sedan and close the doors.

Before sitting in the driver’s seat, do not forget to take the remote and the keys in your hand.

It is essential to close the doors; otherwise, it can interfere with the process.

Turn on the ignition mode

After sitting, you have to insert the key into the slot and ignite the system.

You have to provide power to the electrical system, so “Turn On” the ignition. Leave it in the “On” mode at the end of this process.

Press the lock option

Keep the key in the “on” mode and press the lock button present on the device. Then, switch into an “off” mode. You have to repeat this on and off position 3 to 4 times.

Take notice of the locking sound

You can hear a clear sound when the car gets locked at every step. It shows that you have entered the code for the system’s programming.

Tap on the lock button on the key within 4 to 5 seconds to complete the programming setup successfully.

Reset additional remotes

You can also program other remotes according to the modification. 

You have to tap on the lock option on this remote within 7 to 10 seconds. It results in the programming of all other additional remotes at once.

Turn off the ignition process

Once all the programming steps are done successfully, you can switch off the ignition with the help of the key present in the slot.

Furthermore, it will terminate all the ongoing processes and cut off the power supply to the electrical components.

Access the function

Assess its functionality after getting out of the car. Then, go a few steps away from the Sedan. Finally, close all the doors so that you can test the unlocking system.

Then, press the unlock button on your reprogrammed key to check its efficiency and functionality. It should recognize the signals, and the circuit board responds to the particular command.

Why is my key fob not working after changing the battery?

Problems can occur in the hardware, making them non-functional like the buttons and the locks can be defective.

Damaged buttons

The poor condition of buttons or the wearing of these keys can interfere with the smooth functioning of the device.

In addition, you cannot send a signal to the vehicle without direct contact with the button and a reader.

When a lock button is working but the unlock button is not responding on pressing, the reason can be a damaged button.

The circuit board can execute according to commands when it sends a signal after contacting. Remove the cover and check the misalignment of buttons if you see the plastic cover falling apart.

Therefore, you have to replace the button in case of such damage.

Defects in Electrical system

There can be some electrical issues in the internal system if the key fob is not working after reprogramming.

These problems arise after the service of the automobiles, which requires removal and re-installation of the panel board.

Furthermore, the wires can unknowingly disconnect during re-installation, which interferes with the car’s system connected to the device.

Moreover, some other electrical faults are also responsible for the non-functionality of the locking doors and lights. So, you can fix this problem by reconnecting the broken wires or replacing them.

Deprogramming of the system

It is a common problem that occurs after changing its battery, which erases all the saved data from the computer system. Therefore, the car’s software cannot access any key or signal.

When you press the remote buttons in a specific sequence, it leads to its deprogramming because it conveys a message to the software to invalidate the saved information.

You have to call a locksmith or contact a dealership when the spare remote is not working.

Defective locks

Sometimes, the lock latches get stuck in their position, which does not allow the key to open the car. In addition, a lock can get a break or become rusty, hindering the opening of the vehicle.

Moreover, you can check this defect by unlocking all the doors because there is a possibility that only one door is not opening.

However, multiple doors can lock simultaneously, but it is rare. You can assess this issue by trying the key on other doors. Then, you can fix it by changing the defective lock with a new one.

Impaired key

Sometimes, worn buttons do not function properly when water enters the case.

The only way to fix this issue is to replace the worn key with a new one. In addition, you can partially replace it by changing the housing when the problem is only with it.

How long does it take to reprogram a key fob of your car? 

The reprogramming process of the key fob does not take too much time if you know how to do it. However, it can take several hours if you are an amateur mechanic with no experience to fix such issues.

 It takes around a minimum of 20 to 25 minutes to reset the remote system if you seek professional help from the dealership.

Spending a few pennies is better than destroying the whole system by dealing inappropriately. You have to pay $70 to $220 for this reprogramming process.

Moreover, they can make required modifications in the vehicle’s computer software to validate the signal input.

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