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Why Do Semi Trucks Have Spikes on Their Wheels?

Why Do Semi Trucks Have Spikes on Their Wheels?

Semi-trucks are famous in America for carrying large and heavy freights from one place to another. These vehicles have rounded and conical-shaped spikes to protect lug nuts and maintain stability.

Why Do Semi Trucks Have Spikes on Their Wheels? Semi-trucks have spikes on their wheels to protect the lug nut from rainwater, corrosion, dust, dirt, grime, and corrosion. It is also helpful to decrease the wear and tear in these nuts by providing a protective coating. In addition, the spikes are also warning signs to keep the other vehicles at some distance for safety purposes. It also clears the blind spot area for easy movement at turning points. Many truckers hate them because of scratches issues, large pointed ends, and distractions that they can cause for other drivers.

You must select the spikes’ color before purchasing them from hardware stores. The color selection depends on the choice of customers; some like shiny while others want matte shades. 

Why do truckers add spikes on their semi truck wheels?

Many truckers love adding spikes on the wheels of their trucks because of their several benefits. It is an aftermarket addition; you can install them from any service center.

Protection lug nut from rain

The lug nut is present in all types of large and heavy-duty vehicles. It is simply the hardware and type of bolts that are used to secure the tires at their place.

During driving, the lug nuts come from exposure to rainwater and mud from the road. Therefore, the presence of rust on these bolts is problematic because it can interrupt their functioning.

It can cause an issue when you tighten the wheels to secure their position. These are helpful in protecting these lug nuts from rainwater and humidity.

In addition, it is also helpful to keep the rust away from their surface.

Decrease wear and tear of lug nut

The lug nuts are exposed to wear and tear, which can cause instability during driving. You cannot drive with complete stability and comfort when tires are not in place.

These parts’ wear and tear come from the accumulation of dust and dirt from the road. The presence of dust and dirt cause issue in their tightening and loosening.

It also gets damaged when you secure them tightly. The over-tightening causes breakage and disturbs the stable and comfortable ride.

Spikes on wheels are specially designed to cover these nuts and bolts from outside objects, including dust and dirt that can cause their breakage.

Decorative purpose

Many people want to decorate their semi-trucks with different creative and innovative designs to look stylish and cool.

It is also suitable to use spikes on wheels for decoration purposes. It helps to provide a cool and classical appearance to your overall vehicle.

You feel happy while driving with this aftermarket addition. These also come on the market in various designs and colors.

You can choose the color according to your choice and match them with exterior paint. However, it is better to use shiny shades of these accessories for glowing purposes during the night.

Famous colors are darker shades of blue and green. However, many friends also use matte shades to provide a sleek and decent look.

Maintain distance

Many drivers use these to maintain distance from other vehicles. The other automobiles can easily maintain distance after seeing this accessory in your vehicle.

You can move your car some meters away from these heavy-duty vehicles. Many people also get worried after seeing them near to you.

The maintenance of distance becomes beneficial because it can provide the way. You can easily find a way to move from busy roads and lanes.

No one can move subsequently with them and cross them due to this fear.

Protect from the accumulation of grime

The grim also accumulates on lug nuts and tire surfaces which can cause issues during driving. For example, you cannot fasten or loosen the nuts accurately due to the grimy surface.

The grime comes from the leakage of fuels or other things on the road. Moreover, these are also helpful in keeping the ice and road salts away from the metal parts.

The ice and road salts can cause corrosion and other damages. They also keep the road salts and ice away from the lug nut and protect them.

More space for blind spot

This blind spot is an area around the side of the truck or on the rear side, which is invisible to drivers.

The less blind spot area cause issue because you cannot see this side and vehicles coming from the respective side.

It increases accidents and collisions because you cannot see the cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians due to fewer blind spots.

The people cannot come to the blind spot area of the vehicles after seeing the spikes on the wheels.

Use as a warning sign

It is a warning sign for drivers, pedestrians, and motorcyclists to remain at some distance from the trucks for their safety.

Other vehicles cannot come near your trucks due to this warning sign. These are heavier and larger and transport large freights.

Maintaining distance with them while driving on the same roads is necessary. However, you should not drive with them for your and your vehicle’s safety.

You can add these to provide a clear warning sign to other drivers that are driving with them.

Reduce the risk of accidents

The risk of accidents also becomes less due to the maintenance of distance between several automobiles. Driving heavy-duty and large trucks in busy lanes and on the roads becomes risky.

The braking distance in these types is also more due to their large size and heavy weight. You can keep yourself safe from collisions by remaining some inches away from them.

Moreover, it is also safe for pedestrians, who are also moving away from them.

What material is used to make spikes on semi-truck wheels?

Spikes on wheels are made of different materials, including alloy, plastic, aluminum, and metal.

As a result, the price ranges of these pointed and conical-shaped accessories differ according to their manufacturing material.

The aluminum, plastic, or alloy costs more due to their better durability and functioning. However, many people prefer to use plastic ones because of their less harmful consequences on the road.

The metal ones are unsuitable because they start to bend when you park it in a congested area or move from turning points.

The bending issues are not seen in plastic material, and these will also last for a longer time.

What are the drawbacks of using spikes on the wheels of semi trucks?

Many people hate these spikes on wheels and get irritated when they see them. It can also make them aggressive because of their several disadvantages.

Scratches on wheels

It can cause scratches on nearby vehicles and make pointed lines. In addition, it can produce lines when someone accidentally comes near to them.

The scratches mainly come on the door’s lower side, which is prominent. The look of your cars also becomes awkward due to lines and scratches.

Long size

The longer ones with pointed ends are problematic for people. Many people get worried when they see their nearby vehicles with pointed end spikes.

The issue with longer ones is that they can easily approach nearby cars and motorcyclists and produce scratches on their exterior surface.

The scratches provide an awkward look and decrease the resale value; you have to spend more money to fix this issue.

Cause distraction

It also distracts drivers due to their shiny and dark shades. The drivers want to see them and cannot concentrate on driving.

Because of their shiny metal or aluminum surfaces, you cannot entirely focus on driving.

Moreover, the distraction also comes due to fear of spikes. For example, many people become distracted when they see semi trucks near them.

You start seeing them check their wheels and that spikes are on them. The distraction also comes from fear and when you get worried after seeing their pointed ends.

Is it legal to add spikes on semi truck wheels?

It is legal to add spikes on the wheels of your truck, and no one will stop you on the road. Moreover, you do not have to pay for the tickets while having this accessory.

You can legally attach these aftermarket additions with tires for a cool appearance. 

Some of them strictly said to their drivers to add them for safety and reduce the risk of accidents due to fewer blind spots of large automobiles.

Do all semi-trucks have spikes on their wheels?

All of these trucks on the road are not equipped with spikes on their wheels. Some vehicles have this accessory to protect the lug nut from wear and tear.

In addition, it is also useful for larger vehicles, which have a big rig and more blind spots, which cause a problem during movement on the sides of roads and at turning points.

You can add them as a coating of lug nut to increase their longevity.

Are spikes on truck wheels dangerous?

The pointed end of spikes on the tires looks dangerous, but these are not. Instead, the drivers passed by these trucks worry about scratches on the rear doors.

The plastic ones are not dangerous because they are not hard and do not produce scratches.

When plastic types are hit by cars, they only bend due to the force of opposing automobiles and cannot cause any damage.

What do truckers say about this?

I surveyed about 107 semi-truck drivers in America to take their reviews about the spikes on wheels.

59 people out of 107 (55%) added that this aftermarket addition is beneficial during driving because other vehicles cannot come near to them, and you move faster.

37 (35%) said a protective coating for lug nuts is necessary to reduce the risk of wear and tear in them.

The remaining 11 persons (10%) added that they added the spikes wheels for decoration purposes.

One driver said: “I added the spikes on the wheels of my truck to make it stylish and cool with its attractive colors”.

Another one mentioned: “The dust, rainwater, and grime do not come on my truck’s tires and lug nuts due to this protective coating”.

“I like to add dark blue and shiny shade spikes on my semi-truck tires because it is in fashion”.

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