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Can Police Cars Have Tinted Windows?

Can Police Cars Have Tinted Windows?

It is common to see police cars with tinted windows, but it is illegal in some states for civilians.

Can Police Cars Have Tinted Windows? Police cars have tinted windows to hide the identity of police officers for safety purposes. It is also necessary to protect the officers from outside attacks, reduce public attacks, and hide victims’ identities while dealing with confidential cases. In addition, the cop cars have tinted windows for transportation of criminals and to get rid of media and their questions. It is allowed in states like Georgia, New York, Texas, and Alabama. 

Cop cars do not have tints for designing purposes, but they are specially used for safety purposes and to prevent unwanted attention from outside people.

Why do police cars have tinted windows?

Cop cars have tinted windows, which means that these are laminated with a thin layer to block the inside view. Many people also use this to prevent the entry of UV radiation into their vehicles and decrease the risk of cracking.

Hide identity

The tinted windows, mostly with black laminated sheets, block the inside view of the cop vehicles. So you cannot see who is inside and what he is doing.

It is necessary to hide the identity of the police officers for their safety. The safety of officers comes first when you are dealing with serious crimes.

You have to hide the identification of police officers to provide security and safety to their life.

Use for the handling of confidential cases

It is a challenging situation to deal with confidential and serious cases.

Moreover, you can also move smoothly on the road with the protocol. It is necessary to protect you from other public persons and civilians when you are handling confidential cases.

These are tinted with black lamination to handle the confidential cases privately. In addition, most cop cars also have tinted windshields for extra security.

Protect the police officers from outside danger

The criminals can attack them to get rid of jail and close their files. Therefore, you have to take special care during their movement.

It is necessary to provide them full security from other outside people. It is beneficial when you pass from the public because no one knows about you.

It is helpful to blur the inside view of cop cars and make them safe for cops.

Reduce attacks by public

Many times, these vehicles are at risk of attack from public persons. Therefore, you have to decrease this risk by hiding its interior view so the public cannot see who is inside the vehicle.

It becomes difficult for the public to find the exact person when they do not see inside the car. Moreover, you can also speedily move from the busy roads and get rid of public attacks.

When you drive cop vehicles without dark windows, it becomes easy for the public to identify you as a criminal.

Hide the identity of the victim

It is not only necessary to hide the identity of police officers from the public and other outside people. The identification of victims or criminals is also essential.

You have to hide them from the outside because they can attack the vehicles after seeing their criminal friends there.

You should hide them in the dark interior so no one can see that these people are in the cop cars. The outside people can attack you if they know about the identity of criminals to take them out.

Get rid of media

Most of the police car’s windshields and side mirrors are covered with laminated sheets to get rid of media persons.

Most of the time, the media can trap you in getting information about the crimes and criminals. However, you can keep them away by providing security to officers with black tints.

It is helpful to avoid the crowd of media and their stupid questions. Moreover, it is also beneficial to protect the glass from shattering issues.

Beneficial for transportation of criminals

Sometimes you must transport the victims or criminals from one place to another. It is necessary to transport them safely in the darker environment so they cannot identify the outside environment.

Moreover, safe transportation is necessary because criminals know many ways to escape from cop cars.

You have to keep them in a darker environment to reduce the risk of any problem.

Is it illegal for police cars to have tinted windows?

Many people use tint for their vehicle windows to maintain the internal temperature of their vehicles in the summer season.

Using window tints is illegal in some states, and you must pay for tickets if you do this. In addition, cops can easily capture you when you drive on the road with laminated mirrors.

It is only legal for cops to have tinted windows because you have to provide safety to police officers and protect them from harmful attacks on the public and media.

The cop cars do not have to pay tickets for this because law enforcements exempt this law in most states.

Which states of America allow tinted windows for cop cars?

The rules regarding tinted windows for cop cars differ from state to state in America. Some states have strict rules about these laminated sheets.

It means you cannot darker the windows and windshields; otherwise, police will catch you, and you have to pay heavy fines and tickets.

Most states have lenient rules that you can tint the police cars without getting worried about fines and tickets.

States like Georgia, New York, Texas, and Alabama exempted their police cars from tint laws, which means that these types of vehicles are not restricted in these states.

How dark can police car window tint be?

The police car’s tint is darker than the normal ones that are allowed in some states of America for civilians.

It is 20% to 25% more than the average range for civilians or outside public. You can make the interior darker for security and safety purposes.

Adding thick laminated film can cause problems if you make them too dark.

Why do police officers hate tinted windows?

Some police officers hate tinted vehicles because of their several drawbacks.

Decrease visibility

These black sheets block the entry of outside light into the vehicle’s interior. As a result, it can make the inside darker, and you cannot see the criminals doing what they are doing.

In addition, the darker environment can also cause an issue when you see it from the side mirror. The blackish mirrors make it difficult to view the roadside from the side mirror.

You cannot interpret the outside images from the darker side mirrors.

In addition, you are also unable to maintain eye contact with other people on the road. You cannot talk to them by maintaining eye contact.

Phone and seatbelt usage

The officers on the roads hate these tinted vehicles, whether these are civilians or police.

It makes them challenging to identify the illegal activities in the vehicles. For example, you cannot see drivers wearing their seatbelts while driving o not.

Moreover, you cannot see when drivers use mobile phones during driving on roads which increases the risk of accidents.

Difficult to identify the weather

The laminated sheets on the windshield cause issue when you see outside. You cannot appropriately identify the outside weather and drive your vehicle accordingly.

It becomes necessary to identify the outside and drive your cop cars according to this. You should have to adjust the speed during the rainy season for safe driving.

The darker windshields make this identification difficult and cause accidents.

Increased accidental cases during the night

It also becomes difficult to drive at night because of the absence of daylight and a darker environment. The tints on windows cannot directly affect driving at night.

However, it blocks the light, affecting visibility during driving at night. It can also cause accidents and collisions with other vehicles due to darker tints.

What do police officers say about this?

I surveyed 297 police officers to take their reviews about tinted cop cars. The survey was conducted to determine whether it is beneficial or not.

142 police officers (48%) out of 297 said it is good to allow the darker papers on windows for our security from the public and civilians.

82 people (28%)  said it makes them safe from the media and their unwanted questions, while 73 officers (24%) are not satisfied due to decreased visibility.

One of the officers mentioned: “I feel safe in these vehicles because of darker windows which block the inside view and increase our security.”

The other person mentioned: “It is problematic for drivers to identify the outside weather due to darker mirror shades.”

Another cop said: “It is suitable for safely transporting criminals from one place to another.”

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