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Why Do Semi Trucks Tire Explode?

Why Do Semi Trucks Tire Explode?

The explosion of semi truck tires on the roads can make the drivers panic and lose control of the vehicle due to rolling over to one side.

Why Do Semi Trucks Tire Explode? Semi truck tires explode due to poor maintenance by trucking companies or drivers, over and under-inflated wheels, road hurdles, negligence of drivers, and high temperatures. In addition, the issue comes from defective tires, overloaded freights, wrong-size wheels, frequent brakes, welding of rims, and trapped wooden particles. The weather conditions, flammable lubricants or sealants, and unnoticed leaks can also cause tire explosions. 

Moreover, the trucking companies also have to make a routine plan to inspect all the parameters to provide safe driving for drivers.

What causes semi truck tires to explode?

Many people complain that they hear the explosion noise while moving on the highway. You should do a proper inspection of the truck wheels before going anywhere.

Inappropriate maintenance of the truck

A trucking company must keep its vehicles well organized and maintained yearly to decrease the risk of all types of damages.

Many trucking companies do not invest money in the maintenance of their fleets. Therefore, it is necessary to pre-inspect the trucks before loading them and report them.

The post inspection is also necessary, which clears that all of the wear and tears are repaired, and now it is safe for the next drive.

The complete maintenance of tires and checking their pressure before and after coming from the roads is essential.

The trucking company and vehicle’s owner can only resolve this issue by proper inspection before and after driving.

Over and under-inflated tires

The inflation of air pressure in wheels is essential to maintain the control and stability of the steering wheel.

It is required for a smooth and comfortable ride without any unbalancing. The poorly inflated tires disturb the stability and cause a swaying issue.

The low tire pressure in any of the wheels causes the truck to sway on that side and disturb its balance. You should check the pressure using a gauge for smooth and comfortable driving.

The under and over-inflated tires because of poor weight maintenance on all the sides.

Road hurdles

The road hurdles and different objects like nails present on the roads are also problematic for your automobiles.

Hitting wheels with hard objects on the road can damage their tread surface. The surface is made of rubber material, and any harsh objects can cause an explosion on the road.

Hitting on the turning side of the road and potholes also cause this problem. In addition, sometimes nails and other pin-like objects are present on the road that can cause blow out.

The issue comes when you park your vehicles on unsafe and poor roads. You should drive carefully on the road and avoid hitting potholes and other hard surfaces.

Negligence of drivers

The negligence of drivers during driving is the primary cause of the explosion of wheels. Sometimes the drivers do not pay attention to the little damages.

Driving with damaged tires causes them to blow out on the road with a loud voice that can also worry the other drivers.

In addition, you can face this problem when drivers do not fix the low pressure. The drivers must take their trucks to change their worn-out tires for safe driving.

Moreover, it is also essential for them to check the air pressure on both the front and rear sides.

Damaged tires

Sometimes the damaged or worn-out tires are also more susceptible to explosion when you drive at high speed on the highways.

These worn-out wheels cannot bear the weight of the cargo load and blow out. In addition, many companies install defective tires in their trucks.

The low-quality ones are also defective, which cannot last longer and cause issues later in life. Check their quality and manufacturing material before purchasing them for their reliability and longevity.

The high temperature of the roads

These are made of rubber material, which can maintain a high temperature at a specific range.

The excessive high temperature can cause their explosion, and you must repair them. In addition, it can cause melting and also damages its tread surface.

The tread surface becomes plain due to the heat of the road in the summer season. However, most of the time, the tires explode in the summer season due to the high temperature of the roads.

Avoid driving at high speed during the summer season because of weather fluctuations.

Moreover, it is also necessary to drive at low speed because high speed can produce more friction and increase damage.

Overloaded freights

The overloading of semi trucks with heavy freights than their standard capacity causes the wheels to blow out.

The wheels are specifically designed according to the payload capacity of this specific truck. Therefore, adding excess weight to actual payload capacity causes them to blow out on the road.

In addition, the problem comes when you do not arrange the luggage in the cargo area accurately. As a result, the uneven weight distribution puts more load on one side, and the tires shatter.

You should arrange your cargo accurately for even weight distribution on the front and rear sides. Moreover, do not overload the freight than their payload capacity.

Wrong size tires

Many people use stylish or large-sized wheels in their semi trucks as an after-market addition to upgrading their appearance.

The use of wrong-sized and defective material tires can explode while driving. However, the original parts are genuine, and you can complain to the company about their wear and tear.

The replacement of original and genuine parts with new ones is problematic. 

The incorrect size cannot maintain stability, bears the weight, and cause issues. Therefore, you should hire some experts to go with you when you want to buy new ones.

Frequent use of brakes

Using brakes while driving on roads damaged tires and their tread surface.

The friction between them and road surfaces increases when you apply brakes frequently and while driving at high speed of more than 70 mph.

It can produce wear and tears on the tread surface, and your semi trucks’ wheels explode. You can fix this issue by not suddenly applying the brakes at high speed.

Moreover, do not move on busy roads to avoid repeated brakes.

Welding of rims

Welding rims and rear differentials is a common practice nowadays to repair the wear and tear in these structures.

The heat from the welding is damaging to wheels and causes a problem for them. It can decrease the durability f rubber material and cause them to explode.

Moreover, electrification techniques are also bad for these rubber parts. The lightning strike and heat from this procedure is the primary reason for damage.

You should try other techniques than welding to repair worn-out parts.

In addition, park your automobiles indoors and use cover if you have an open garage in your home to protect them from sun heat.

Trapped wooden particles

The wooden pieces are on the roads in normal conditions, which is bad for the trucks. These small wood particles get trapped in the tread surface of tires.

The wood produces methanol at a high temperature which is the real cause of combustion. The combustible dirt particles are also produced when wood comes in contact with the inner material of wheels.

The reaction of these small combustible dust particles with methanol of wood causes the tires to blow out suddenly with a loud noise.

You should drive carefully and try to keep out the wooden pieces from your wheels for their safety and longevity.

Weather conditions

The fluctuations in weather are an uncontrollable factor, and it is not under drivers’ control. The bad weather can affect the driving conditions and increase the risk of hitting potholes.

Moreover, the bad weather, heavy rains, and fogs on the road increase the chances of collisions with different objects.

Furthermore, it increases the risk of road accidents when moving at turning points. You should not blame the drivers because of weather fluctuations.

Avoid driving in heavy rains and cold weather because of fog, which can decrease visibility.

Use of flammable lubricants and sealants

Many people apply sealants on the wheels of their automobiles to provide the extra coating for their protection against road hurdles.

Using these lubricants and sealants makes a protective layer and decreases the chances of a puncture.

It is also helpful for smooth driving on the roads and decreases friction between them and the road surface.

Some of these sealants or lubricants are made up of flammable material, which is damaging for wheels.

These flammable sealants cause an explosion due to the high temperature of the road during summer days.

You should purchase the non-flammable sealants from the market to apply them on rubber tires.

Unnoticed leaks in tires

Sometimes there are small holes in tires that you cannot see and notice because of their small size. In addition, air pressure leakage from these holes can weaken them.

The loss of air pressure from these tiny holes at the end cause blows out, which is irreversible damage.

You can only prevent this situation by routine maintenance and checking the pressure of wheels using a gauge.

What to do if the tires of your semi truck blow out?

The explosion of tires is not a normal situation, and it can make the drivers panic and worry due to the rattling of trucks.

You have to stay calm in this situation to handle this worse problem. The drivers should maintain control by moving in the same direction and holding the steering wheel tightly.

Do not turn your vehicles in other directions because it is damaging for other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

It is also necessary to lower the speed without applying sudden breaks. In addition, take a move towards the safe point of the road and avoid stopping between the roads.

What happens when a truck tire explodes?

The explosion of wheels is damaging for semi trucks and also put the life of drivers at risk. It can cause rolling over one side or in an upside-down direction, which is harmful.

Moreover, it can also cause front and rear-end collisions with other trucks. The cargo in the cargo area also fell, and some things broke down.

The loud voice is also terrifying for other people, and it can make the drivers panic.

In addition, the chunks of rubber material in these incidents move in different directions, which can cause deadly consequences.

Why are there so many tires on the highways? 

There are so many tires on the highways because most trucks move on these roads due to their larger and wide space.

The wheels during driving come out of the vehicle due to their loose connections. In addition, low-pressure and worn-out tires are also present on the highways.

These damaged tires cause the tread to separate them from their real point, which is present on the roads.

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