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Why Do Truckers Dip Toothpicks In?

Why Do Truckers Dip Toothpicks In?

Most heavy haulers and semi trucks have permission to drive at night on the highways. The truckers use legal and illegal methods like using soaked toothpicks to stay awake while on the roads.

Why Do Truckers Dip Toothpicks In? Truckers dip the toothpicks in methamphetamine, cocaine, and amphetamine liquids. Truck drivers can chew these sticks to stay active at night and get rid of boredom due to the wooden flavor. It is best for the people who have to drive for a longer time and during the night. It can help to boost their energy and stimulate their brain. You can also try legal methods to get rid of sleep, which include driving with open windows and listening to loud music.

Most truckers prefer to use methamphetamine rather than cocaine and amphetamine because of their long-lasting effect and mild dose.

Why Do Truck Drivers Dip Toothpicks In?

Many of my friends tell me that they see truckers having toothpicks in their mouths. A few months back, I also experienced the same thing while driving on highways.

Stay active

It makes me curious why these drivers keep using these wooden sticks in their mouths. The primary purpose of these is to remain active during driving.

You can fall asleep while driving and get distracted, which can cause a collision with other vehicles. You have to remain active while driving large and heavy-duty vehicles.

You must remain active at turning points while moving on busy roads. Drivers dip these sticks in liquid solution and then keep them in their mouths to keep their brains active.

Wooden flavor

Driving alone while carrying heavy freights is the boring thing in the world because you do not have a partner for gossip.

You can spend quality time if there are two persons in the semi-trucks. However, I have seen that most drivers traveling alone prefer to keep these toothpicks in their mouths.

It can help to get rid of the boredom that comes with driving alone. In addition, you cannot get bored because it seems like you are engaging in some activity.

Chewing purpose

Many people use them for chewing, so they cannot sleep while driving. You cannot sleep when you chew something in your mouth.

The chewing of flavored wood gives your mind a soothing and relaxed feeling, making you comfortable while driving.

You can focus more on the front windshield, decreasing the risk of accidents. Moreover, it can also be helpful to keep you awake for safe driving.

It can also reduce the chances of distractions, and you can focus on the steering wheel with full concentration, which is necessary to safely drive heavy trucks.

Driving for a long time

The truck driver has long duty hours, and they have to drive day or night. Moreover, the different trucking companies have schedules for morning and night shifts.

They must drive at night to complete their orders for delivery of freights from one place to another at a mentioned time.

Most trucks are allowed to drive at night on highways because of less traffic load. However, driving during the day can block the traffic and cause small vehicle collisions.

The night is for sleep and working during these times makes the drivers sleepy. You can use dip toothpicks in your mouth to remain active during the night shift.

Dip in methamphetamine

Methamphetamine is a liquid drug that helps make drivers active during the night driving. The drivers dip the wooden toothpicks in these drugs so they cannot sleep at night.

It provides a mild dose when you use this with wooden sticks. However, you have to chew it like a bubble with your teeth for its effect on the brain.

It helps to open your brain, and you can work without sleeping for 2 to 3 days. Moreover, you can also take this drug orally, get injected, and smoke them.

Night driving

Most truckers have to drive at night because of their different duty hours. Driving at night is quite a difficult process because it is sleeping time.

You cannot remain active at this time and feel sleepy. The sleepy feeling during driving also causes the hitting of the driver’s head with the steering wheels, which can cause serious injury to them.

The semi trucks are specified for carrying large freights and are only permitted to come on the road at night.

The drivers of these trucks use dip toothpicks to maintain their activeness and decrease lethargy and distractions.

Boost energy

Sometimes you can also get tired while driving for several hours during day and night shifts. You cannot take short naps because of more workload and consecutive duties.

You can use methamphetamine dipsticks to keep your mind active for driving. It can boost your energy, and you can drive actively.

You cannot feel down after chewing these sticks because they can boost your brain’s energy. It can stimulate your mind, and you can drive for 3 to 4 days continuously without taking a rest.

Is it illegal for truckers to drive with toothpicks in their mouth?

It is illegal for truck drivers to use any type of drug before or after driving. It can also compromise their safety and the safety of other people on the road.

The police can arrest you when they see the toothpicks in your mouth. In addition, the government and federal laws prohibit all drugs that stimulate your mind and make you active.

You also have to pay for tickets if you do this act on the highways. Most drivers in America cannot clear the drug test because they are drug addicted.

Furthermore, the police representatives also find amphetamine drugs in their vehicles.

How do truck drivers sook toothpicks in liquid?

You have to purchase simple wooden sticks of good quality from the market.

In addition, purchase your favorite liquid or flavoring drugs from the market. Now you have to dip these sticks in the bottle of flavored liquid.

Wait for 22 to 24 hours for soaking of solution into wooden pieces. Then, you can take them out and keep them with you during driving at night.

It is necessary to store the dipped sticks in a closed container to prevent the evaporation process. However, you can also put them in air-sealed plastic bags.

Why do bull haulers use flavored toothpicks during driving?

Bull haulers are the types of vehicles used to transport cattle from one place to another.

Bull haulers must move at high speed because they carry cattle and animals. Therefore, you cannot stay on the road to take a short nap when you fall asleep.

These truckers specially used dipsticks to remain active and energetic for driving these trucks at high speed.

What are the other things that truck drivers use to stay active?

There are other things that the truckers use to dip the toothpicks in. These are also the type of drugs that give you a relaxed and comfortable feeling during the night.

Cocaine and amphetamine

Few truck drivers use cocaine and amphetamine to stay activated during their duty hours. They must get rid of sleep and decrease the risk of hitting outside objects.

The mild doses of these two drugs are enough to make you awake. Then, you can dip the wooden sticks in the liquid solution overnight and chew them.

It can provide the feeling of pleasure, hallucinations, and excitement for a longer time.

Loud music

Listening to loud music during duty hours is the fond of the truckers. The loud music, according to their interest, makes them activated and reduces the chances of distraction.

You cannot fall asleep due to the noise of loud music in the vehicles. Therefore, many people also add subwoofers to listen to the audio with a bass system which is more entertaining and gives a sense of pleasure.

You cannot sleep at night when music is running in your automobile. It shows that you have to listen to your favorite song while ignoring sleep.

Drive with open windows

Many drivers also try this method rather than drugs because it has harmful effects later in life. Driving with open windows is safe, so you cannot feel sleepy and distracted.

Sometimes the energy levels become down, and you feel bored while moving on the same roads and the same vehicle.

In this situation, you should open the windows to breathe fresh air and freshen your mind and mood.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the outside scenery to get rid of boredom. You feel fresh and excited while driving with open windows.

What do truck drivers say about it?

I surveyed about 68 truckers of America to take their reviews about drivers addicted to drugs.

43 people (64%) out of 68 mentioned that they have seen most drivers chew toothpicks during driving at night that are dipped in liquid solutions.

12 (17%) said some drivers use loud music at night to active their brain so they cannot fall asleep, while the remaining 13 (19%) added that they saw drivers chew wooden sticks.

One of the truckers mentioned: “I cannot drive at night without using toothpicks dipped in liquid methamphetamine”.

The other driver said: “It is illegal to use these drugs, and I always use loud music with subwoofers in my truck to remain active”.

The third person mentioned: “Driving with windows down at night also gives a soothing and relaxed feeling”.

What are the drawbacks of using these dip toothpicks?

The use of drugs, including methamphetamine, cocaine, and amphetamine, is harmful. You should try the legal method for active and calmful driving.

Aggressive behavior

The use of drugs has a great impact on the mental health of drivers. It can make you aggressive because you cannot fulfill your maximum sleep of 6 to 8 hours.

The 6 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary for every person’s normal functioning of the body and brain. However, it can make you aggressive, and you can fight with other people on the road.

Impact on lifestyle and eating habits

It can also affect the lifestyle and eating habits of people. It can only provide calm for some time and cause serious damage.

The brain also becomes inactive due to restlessness. In addition, the eating habits of truckers also get disturbed due to their hectic duty schedules.

You cannot spend a healthy life with your friends and families.

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