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Why Does Ford F150 Tailgate Open by Itself?

Why Does Ford F150 Tailgate Open by Itself?

The tailgate is present on the rear side of your Ford F150 to protect your cargo from falling on the road. In addition, it makes your truck bed safe for loading and unloading.

Why Does Ford F150 Tailgate Open by Itself? Ford F150 tailgate opens by itself due to a damaged latch, defective lock, and faulty tailgate actuator. The problem also occurs due to improper closing, water in wiring harnesses, key fob battery low, damaged button, and driving on bumpy roads. 

It is not safe to drive with an open tailgate because it can increase the risk of accidents.

It is also harmful to other vehicles that are following you. In addition, it is also restricted in some states of America to drive with an open trunk.

Faulty latch

The latch is an essential component for opening, and closing Ford F150 tailgates at the appropriate time. 

The clips are made up of plastic material which becomes faulty due to slight damage to their structure.

These damaged clips cannot hold it, and it frequently opens during driving.

The malfunctioning of latches is due to their old age and frequent use.

It is made up of steel material that starts to bend during opening and closing.

The bending causes problem due to inappropriate fixing of the lock. Many people complain that their luggage also drops down on the road due to this issue.

The dropping of cargo on the road is also hazardous for trucks following you.

In addition, it also opens itself when they park their truck in the garage. If you open the door from the outer side, the hitting produces dents on the surface.

The latch assembly also becomes faulty due to accidental hitting of the vehicle with something from the rear side.

The accidents affect the latch handle and sensor present on the backside. In addition, the sensors do not help in appropriate closing due to its damaged components.

It is better to replace the whole latch assembly to resolve the issue.

Moreover, if there is only an issue with their handle, replace the broken tailgate handle using screws and bolts.

Inappropriate working of locks

The locking mechanism is present on the backside of this part to lock and unlock the liftgate for luggage safety.

The cylinders are present in the locking mechanism to control this system. These cylinders are attached with rods to secure the closing of the trunk.

The damaged lock in Ford F150 causes this issue, and your trunk opens itself during driving on highways.

In addition, it is insecure because you cannot place your accessories on the truck’s bed.

The blockage of lock cylinders occurs due to dust and debris from the road.

Moreover, the accumulation of rust on its sides also causes inappropriate closing.

The addition of heavy things on the backside also puts pressure on the locking system and causes malfunctioning in their components.

The damaged locking solenoid causes the frequent opening of the tailgate while moving your truck.

The harsh opening of the lock with keys also produces wear and tear in the locking mechanism. You can fix it by removing the dust and debris from the cylinders.

Use the hairdryer to remove the dust and other small foreign particles that cause inappropriate closing of the tailgate.

Faulty tailgate actuator

The actuator is the small electronically operating device present on the tailgates. It contains a motor for their proper working.

This device helps lock and unlock the tailgate by using a button or key fob.

Any issue in this component cannot sense the signals from the controller to close or open the trunk.

The presence of heavy bags or other luggage on the rear side of tailgates puts stress on this component and causes damage.

These also become out of function due to their inappropriate internal wirings.

The blown fuse and less power supply from the battery also interrupt the functioning of actuators, and they cannot engage the locking mechanism.

In this situation, you press the button to close it, but it opens again after covering some distance.

You have to replace the complete actuator motor for accurate functioning of the power liftgate. First, take your truck to the repair shop to resolve the problem.

Improper closing

When in a hurry or emergency, the inadequate closing can also cause them to unlock during driving.

I often tell my children to close the tailgate, but they do not lock it properly. The inappropriate adjustment of the latch and lock can cause their frequent opening by itself.

The children do not have enough power and knowledge to deal with this component. It is also necessary to check its lock after loading the luggage for security purposes.

Improper closing can also occur when something hinders their passage. The excessive loading of accessories on the truck bed causes the issue.

Moreover, poor adjustment and arrangement of bags and other luggage also cause difficulty locking it.

In addition, arrange the luggage on the rear side appropriately, so it does not cause a hindrance in the closure of the trunk.

Water in wiring harness

The wiring harnesses are present in powered tailgates for lock and unlock mechanisms. The presence of water in it can cause an issue inflow of current.

When a current surge flows through them, it causes short circuits and a blown-out fuse.

In addition, the damaged wiring harnesses in the circuits do not help to lock the tailgate appropriately.

Sometimes people use truck beds to eat food during road trips. The accidental spillage of juices, drinks, or water enters the circuits and damages the wiring harnesses.

Moreover, when you park your vehicle outer side, the rainwater can also cause malfunction.

The parking of trucks in an open area during the rainy season also causes water entry into circuits.

In addition, the parking of a vehicle in a humid environment like near the sea or beach also affects their functioning.

You have to change the connections to fix the wiring problem. 

The low battery of the key fob

Some of the Ford F150 models have key fob operated tailgates. You can lock and lock it by using this remote.

When their battery becomes dead, you cannot lock this component appropriately. The issue occurs when you do not know about their dead battery.

People press the button and think that it is locked now. When they drive through some distance and hear a clicking noise due to the opening of the liftgate.

Moreover, the issue also occurs when your children press the unlock button from the remote, and you are not aware of this.

The accidental extending of this component on roads can also cause the hitting of vehicles coming behind.

In addition, the issue also comes when you accidentally press the button of the key fob from your pocket.

You can fix this problem by checking the key fob’s battery. Then, change the dead battery with the new ones for the safety of your luggage.

Damaged button

In some Ford F150, the button is also present inside the truck to open and close the tailgate. However, sometimes this power button becomes out of function and does not work appropriately.

The damage can also occur in it due to inappropriate handling and use.

For example, sometimes people accidentally press this button, which can cause a problem.

This button is present near the parking brake handle. People accidentally press this button while using the parking brake handle.

You can fix this issue by paying complete attention during driving.

Driving on bumpy roads

Driving on bumpy roads is damaging for various components of your truck.

In addition, when you drive your vehicle on uneven roads for longer, the malfunctioning of the latch occurs.

It cannot help to engage the liftgate for a longer time. It can cause a sudden opening of the trunk on the rear side.

The holding wires also break down due to driving on poor terrains. In addition, the vibrations from the bumpy roads also affect the locking mechanism.

You should not drive on these roads while loading cargo on the truck bed. In addition, the cargo also falls due to a sudden jump.

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