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Can You Paint Ford F150 Chrome Grille?

Can You Paint Ford F150 Chrome Grille?

Many people want to paint the Grille of their Ford F150 with different bright and dark colors to change their whole exterior look. These parts come in different materials, including plastic, metal, and aluminum.

Can You Paint Ford F150 Chrome Grille? You can paint the Ford F150 grille for a modern and new look. First, separate the grille from your truck and clean its surface using detergents. Next, sand its surface by using high grit sandpaper to make its surface less smooth for the adhesion of paint. Next, remove the grease by using detergents and spray the adhesion promoter or primer. Finally, apply 2 to 3 coats of paint, let it dry, and add another clear coat for a furnished look. 

You should take safety measures while doing this procedure; for example, wear safety goggles and hand gloves to protect yourself from injury.

What is the purpose of the chrome grille in the Ford F150?

The pickup trucks have this safety feature on the front side to decrease the risk of damage.

These are made up of plastic materials and coated with chrome material.

The main function of this component is air crossing in the engine compartment.

The fresh air from the outside environment helps cool the engine and radiator fans.

These are more beneficial than the steel ones because of their durability and long-lasting nature.

In addition, it also protects the front bumper from damage.

It is also considered a barrier when you suddenly collide with road hurdles and mountains during driving.

Moreover, it is best for off-roading because it prevents the front side from dust, debris, and other materials on the road.

Why would you paint Ford F150 chrome grille?

Many people want to paint their Ford F150 and think it is easy. In reality, you need special care and maintenance to do this procedure.

Moreover, it also requires experience because a single wrong step can cause damage.

New look

People color the front grille of their truck for a fun process and to change their appearance.

When you get bored with the color of your vehicle, you can varnish this part for a new look.

A single coat can change the whole exterior structure of your truck, and it looks new and different from the previous one.

Some people also do this to add different themes like sportier appearance.

Remove rust

These are made of plastic material and have a chrome coat to make them look shinier and metal type.

Sometimes, the rust will come on its surface during a car wash when this part remains wet.

Moreover, driving on a muddy road can also make the grilles corroded, and they give a bad appearance to your whole truck.

It can also damage your cloth when you come near to them.

The corroded layer starts to peel off, which also affects the durability of the inner plastic material.

The new installation is costly and a big investment, so you can repaint them to resolve the corrosion issues.

Shiny appearance

When you have a chrome grille in your Ford F150, they start to become dull after some time and lose their shine.

The primary purpose of plating is to provide a brand new and shiny look to your truck, making them attractive.

Moreover, the frequent off-roading and driving on mountainy and dusty roads can also decrease their shine.

You have to maintain their original look for resale value and aesthetic appearance while driving on the road.

How do you paint the Ford F150 chrome grille?

The chrome material is at more risk of oxidation and becomes dull after some time.

In addition, exposure to the outside environment can decrease the shine and original look.

Prepare the grille

You have to prepare this component for the stability of paint on its surface.

First, separate its grille from the truck using a screwdriver, wrench, and other materials.

The other option is that you can also do the process without removing them from your vehicle.

Instead, apply the tap on all of the corners to protect the exterior of the Ford F150 from paint.

You also need to spread newspaper or plastic sheets on the floor.

Cleaning process

The surface preparation is a necessary step in this process to increase the adhesiveness of the paint. First, clean the surface by using different detergents.

Some people also use an acid bath to remove the chrome coating from the plastic grille. In addition, you can also use a mixture of soap and warm water.

Spray this mixture on their surface and then rub them using an old toothbrush. Most of the time, it is also good to use a vinyl wrap for the stickiness of the paint.

You can also wash them by using detergents that have bleaching material.

Sanding or scuffing

You need to scuff the surface by using low to high grit sandpaper to make the surface equal and clear.

First, you have to use the low grit sandpaper and scuff on the surface.

Start from the left side, slowly move towards the right corner, and apply the sandpaper to the corners.

This process helps make the surface unclear for better adhesion of paint.

The plastic is smooth material, and the varnish coat cannot stick to its surface.

Now use high grit sandpaper and wipe the surface using a clean cloth to remove residues.

The purpose of wiping while sanding is to check the removal of chrome.

After this, scuff the surface using alcohol or beer for better clearance.

Remove the grease

Sometimes people also apply grease on their F150 grille for shining purposes. However, the presence of grease or other material can also cause adhesion issues.

You have to remove them from plastic material by using different detergents. You can use any cleaning detergents that are present in your home.

Rub the surface using an old brush and then wipe them using a damp and clean cloth.

Spray adhesion promotor or primer

The different spray adhesion promoters are available in the market, and their work is the same as the primer.

They help better the adhesion of paint and prevent them from peeling and scraping.

The adhesion promoter or primer provides the medium for the coat to stick on the specific surface.

In addition, it also helps to improve the color and shine of the original coat. Finally, spray the whole part using adhesion promotor spray correctly and ensure no spot is left.

Apply coats of paint

Now your surface is ready, and you can apply different coats on their surface.

First, apply a 3 to 4 brush and leave it for 3 to 4 hours for drying.

After this, apply two more coats on the dried surface and wait for a few hours.

You can also use spray paints because they are more reliable and have better durability than simple brush paints.

Keep the spray bottle at some distance, and press its nozzle for coating.

You can add 3 to 4 coats of spray to its surface for a new look.

What type of paint is suitable for the Ford F150 chrome grille?

It is a difficult and quite tricky process to apply the coat to the grille because of its smooth plastic material.

The coats do not stick on their surface, and you have to perform a hectic surface preparation process.

The metal-based paints available in the market are available in different colors and stay there longer.

What happens when you paint the chrome grille? 

When paint starts to oxidize from this part, they look old and new. Sometimes you have to replace the whole part for a better look and efficient functioning.


The peeling is a common problem that people have to face after every 2 to 3 years of painting. You can see that the clear coat starts to come off from its surface.

It feels like color is losing its strength and becomes less adhesive.

Due to decreased adhesiveness, the different layers come off from different sides.


After some years, cracking is also a possible consequence, which can most commonly occur due to poor surface preparation.

When you do not apply the primer correctly, cracks appear on their surface.

In addition, the dryness due to air crossing also produces blisters and prominent lines on these parts.

How do I color match my F150 Grille?

Many people also color match the F150 grille. Sometimes people also select them according to their choice and shade.

You can make your truck look sportier by applying a coat of brighter shades, including red, black, and dark grey.

If your truck has red, blue, or black color, you should prefer to paint them with a silver or black coat.

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