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Why is My Camper Toilet Not Draining?

Why is My Camper Toilet Not Draining?

Here are 10 main reasons that can cause drainage issues in a camper toilet. It is a common issue, and you should find the main reason for this problem.

Why is My Camper Toilet Not Draining? If your camper toilet is not draining, it can be because of blockage from human hair, dirt, soap, shampoo, kids’ toys, toilet paper, wipes, and baby diapers.

You should clear the draining system and get rid of the items that are blocking the pipes.

Why is My Camper Toilet Not Draining?

Toilets in the campers are mostly blocked because of simple mistakes. All of the reasons mentioned in this guide can easily be fixed.

Falling of Toilet Air Fresheners

You hang these air fresheners exactly above the lid of the device. The hooks holding the air freshener can become worse through the years, and as a result, they will fall in the lavatory.

To avoid this condition, try using good-quality hooks that will last longer than ever. Also, keep checking the holder from time to time.

You can also eliminate this problem by placing the deodorizer in the tank that will work automatically.

Using Hard Water

Hard water can make such a white material that is hard to put off from a bathroom. The more the minerals are present in the water, the more dangerous it will be for equipment. It also shortens the area through which wastes pass.

You can avoid this situation by using soft water instead of hard water. You can also place a water softener that will convert your hard water into soft water before entering the system.

This method can help you avoid the construct-up of minerals in the pipes. If you are driving your camper in a hurricane, you should keep the door close.

Accumulation of Human Hair

Throwing massive clusters of hair is also one of the main reasons for blockage. In most cases, it’s a simple piece of work to eliminate the hair, but if it’s not cleared up right away, it can cause a variety of troubles down the pipeline.

It is a bad situation because the hair combines itself with other minerals and waste materials. It then attaches in clusters with the pipes, causing a water stoppage.

For small quantities of human hair, you can eliminate it by pulling it by wearing gloves. You can also put a dustbin in your washroom so that you can throw your useless hair in the dustbin.

Another solution to this problem is using drain cleaning gadgets. These gadgets will help you remove hair and fix this issue. If you have converted your camper into a She-Shed, you must clear all the dirt to prevent any problems.

Flushing of Hazardous Items

Flushing of hazardous items like solvent-based paints or bath chemicals can cause many issues. Most people use these dangerous chemicals for cleaning; thus, instead of cleaning the lavatory, these chemicals continue to damage the lavatory pipeline.

These chemical wastes do not dissolve easily in the water and become the main reason for this problem.

You should stop using these for cleaning. Instead, you should use such items for cleaning the lavatory, which is non-hazardous.

There are various varieties of detergents and cleaning items available in the market, which are not harmful. Add solar panels on the roof and add electricity when cleaning the place.

Kids throw toys in the toilet

Sometimes your kid throws away one of its toys into the toilet, and you don’t know about it. Children want to see how it transports one item from one place to the other.

The lavatory is infinitely fascinating to small youngsters. Thus, it is the main reason for clogging in bathrooms. Children throw many large items into the bowl, which somehow passes through it and gets stuck in the pipes.

To avoid this problem, keep an eye on your children, so you should bear in mind retaining the bathroom seat down or putting in childproof flush seat locks. This will help to save your baby from using the bathroom bowl as their dearest playtime complement.

Using an Old Low-Pressure Toilet

Most people today try to save money. They buy such old products that don’t work correctly and cause issues. This old equipment does not have the required pressure to push the wastes through the pipe, which results in a water stoppage.

Modern lavatories use a ramification of low-float designs specifically for a decrease in the use of water. When you are buying any product, look for a printed date and time on its back. These old low-pressure devices have very little power to throw waste into the system.

You can lessen clogs’ formation in such bathrooms by restricting the throw of paper, but if still, the problem remains, you should install a new high-pressure device.

Throwing a Large Number of Toilet Paper

Sometimes, you use too much paper while going to the restroom; it then dissolves in water. It then combines with other wastes and causes blockage. It can result in permanent water blockage following a temporary stoppage.

Find a proper solution to this problem is that you put a waste basket in your bathroom. Use appropriate means to throw away the garbage.

Throwing Soap or Shampoo

Soap leftovers, referred to as cleaning soap scum, can accumulate through the years, especially in such places. This causes a decrease in the pipeline’s length and width, causing a gradual or permanent water stoppage.

You can remove this waste of soap from the pipelines with the help of a pressure cleaning technique. You can also use such soaps that don’t have soap dirt on them. In this way, you can avoid blockage from happening in the future.

Accumulation of dirt

A common false impression is that you may wash away as a lot of dust as you want down the pipe, but the reality is that the dust can increase and contribute to and motive clogs, specifically while combined with hair, soap, and grease.

Flushing of Wipes and Baby Diapers

Wipes and baby diapers are too heavy, massive and may easily cause problems in the system.

These diapers and wipes combine with other debris and get stuck in the pipeline causing an enormous water stoppage.

These items absorb a large amount of water and get massive, blocking water passage in the pipe.

To prevent this situation, you should throw wipes where you throw other garbage. You can also place a wastebasket in your bathroom for throwing such wastes in it.