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How to Install Solar Panels on Truck Camper?

How to Install Solar Panels on Truck Camper?

Here are the 6 best DIY methods for installing solar panels on your camper. We have explained the required material in this detailed guide.

How to Install Solar Panels on Truck Camper? You can install solar panels on your truck camper by selecting the power ratings, decide the location, smokes holes, use mounting brackets, secure the panels with nuts and bolts, attach the batteries, wires, and power supply.

Camper is a luxurious truck that you use to visit faraway places with all the facilities including solar panels.

How to Install Solar Panels on Truck Camper?

In this article, we have added 6 proven techniques for adding solar panels on the roof of your truck camper. Before going into the step-by-step guide, let’s discuss the required things.

Things required

  • Batteries
  • Inverter
  • Wires
  • Tapes
  • Cutter
  • Wrench
  • Plier
  • Power supplies
  • Cardboard sheets

Choose the power ratings of the solar panels

You have to choose the power of the solar panels that you want in your vehicle. It will depend on your use in the four-wheeler like lights, fans, and other electrical appliances.

You have to plan the number of gadgets and check how much energy you will get from them.

You will get the complete information of the power rating from the backside of the sheets.

You have to make sure that the energy you are getting from it should be appropriately transferred to the battery with minimum loss.

You can take the losses to zero levels, but you can minimize them by using the right quality products.

Choose the appropriate location on the Camper

You have to check the loader’s route that in which direction it will move for most of his journey. Many vehicles go in the same locality daily.

After knowing it, you have to note the time of its traveling. It will give you an estimate in which directions the sheet will get maximum sunlight.

You can also choose different directions for different sheets. It will all depend on the location of the vehicle that it will follow.

Sunlight will play an essential role in deciding its position. If it remains at a fixed place, you have to park it by which it may get better sunlight.

You can change it when you note that there are a few problems in its place.

When you have noticed all these things, then you have to choose the location of the vehicle. You can use it on its roof, one side of the windows, or the back screen.

These are the few possible locations available at the body of your automobile. It is better to use it on the roof when you want to change its location continuously.

Other locations will only choose when you note that the sunlight will come from the fixed position and the wires’ connections are also tricky at those places. You can convert the truck bed into a tent and adjust the balance.

The balance of the vehicle should not disturb by choosing any wrong part. You have to take care that it should go in any specific direction when you start its drive.

All the factors should be under consideration when you choose their position.

Decide cables for connection

You can use all types of cables for its connection with the battery and electrical units. You have to decide that the products that you are using should give you transmission without any problem.

You can opt for the coaxial cable, optical cable, or simple copper wire. It will depend on the power that you want to transfer from one end to another.

You have to properly insulate the wires to save yourself from any electrical sparking and all other problems. You can convert a camper into a food truck and add the connections.

You have to change the cables when some part is burnt due to a short circuit or any other reason.

You have to keep its way at that place where it is safe from weather calamities and other problems. If you are using low-quality cables in the sunlight, they will not sustain longer.

You have to choose any cables by checking its specifications to bear the load you want to put on it quickly.

Make holes and use mounting brackets

You have to use the cardboard or any other material under the devices to attach it with proper grip.

If you are using the roof position that people opt for most of the cases, you have to be careful because there is a lot of air pressure on top when driving on a long route. You can also put Premium gas in your Ford F150 for better results.

You have to make all the arrangements to survive from all the problems while placing it on the upper surface.

You have to look for all necessary arrangements by using brackets at the corners or other safety things.

You have to fix the cardboard on the roof correctly. When you have fixed it, you have to mark the points you want to attach to the sheets. You can add the same color decals on the tailgate of your truck.

You have to attach more nuts so that it may get appropriately connected. You have to look for all the necessary arrangements that may help you in bad weather.

You can use a dark pointer or marker to mark the points. These points will help when you are using the drill machine.

You should use the drills bits length as you want deep drilling. You should not feel confuse and make all the holes there.

Secure the solar panels with tight nuts and bolts

You have to use the nuts and bolts as the depth of the holes in the cardboard. You have to adjust them properly so that it may get out of it quickly.

You have to use the steel brackets connected with the sheets and the cardboard for better fixation. You cannot fix the sheets directly.

You cannot make direct holes on the sheets and start using it. You have to follow the proper procedure for its fixation.

Attach wires to the batteries

When the fixation process is completed and checked that there is no fault in it, you have to start the batteries’ wiring.

You have to attach the clamp to the wires to note to connect them with the cables. You have to keep the cables under the sheets to remain safe from all types of problems.

You have to click the terminals of the battery with the same sign as the wire.

The wires’ opposite connections will not be charging the battery, but the power will be lost. The cables you are using for transmission should be capable enough to do their work.

These batteries will be further connected with the primary power connection.

You have to click the red wires with the battery’s positive terminal and black ones with the battery’s negative terminal.

You can check the charging of the battery that it is proper or not. You have to check that the process that is power is transferring correctly or not.

You can change the wires if you are not getting benefits from it.

When you have made all things in order, you have to make its trial run to note its problems. You have to check the charging of the battery during the daytime. Add light in the toilets, and if camper toilet is not draining than clean it.

You can also check the fixation process of the sheets on the roof or any other place. You can check it while taking a small test drive by using massive brakes and maximum speeds.

You will get an idea that you can take it to long routes or not.

You have to check its position also that it is getting proper sunlight or not. You can try another place if you do not confirm that it is getting the sun’s suitable rays.

It is one of the significant changes if you do in the fixed system. You can also use adjustable products if you are not sure about its position.

You can place it at that place where the sun rays are coming without any hindrance. It is ideal if you have just converted a camper into a She Shed.

Give it a test run

You will get different problems in the test run, and you have to solve them to get their maximum benefits. You have to propose their solution by noting it from all sides.

You have to make all the changes as soon as possible. It may include a modification of the cables or the addition of more nuts and bolts.

You have to save yourself from future problems by using different techniques.

When you think that you have made all the wires’ connections correctly, you have to use it permanently without any confusion.