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Why is my Ford F150 Gas Gauge Not Working?

Why is my Ford F150 Gas Gauge Not Working?

The gas gauge of the Ford F150 truck determines the tank fuel level. Here are all the causes with their solutions.

Why is my Ford F150 Gas Gauge Not Working? Ford F150 gas gauge stops working due to the damage in the sending unit, wiring issue, gas gauge failure. Few other common causes are fuse, circuit problem, silver tarnishing, and sulfur build-up. However, their repairing and replacement cost depends on the tool kit, labor hours, and the brand new part.

Why is my Ford F150 Gas Gauge Not Working?

For your Ford F150 gas gauge to work, the various components are essential. It includes float drop, resistor, heating coil, bimetallic strip.

The device present inside the gas tank connects to a rod that further attaches to an electrical resistor. It recognizes as a fuel tank sending unit. The electrical current depends on the tank level indication provides to the truck driver. 

Gas gauge is a severe problem and makes it inconvenient for you. For this, identify it and replace or repair it. The damage occurs mostly in the fuse, sending unit, gauge, wiring problem, and various others.

Improper fuel reading after the tank fills up

The gauge with a needle operates by a surrounding heating coil, which links to a bimetallic strip and needle movement, indicating that the tank is full.

If something happens like fuel drainage, then the float drop resulting in the production of electrical current. It sends to the gauge and gives the signal of fuel level.

When it’s reading empty due to the arms detachment from float resulting in the fuel sending unit, further components stop.

Sometimes, a damaged resistor can block the entire signal and cause this defect. Another cause is the fuel sending unit wire corrosion present in the fuel pump can obstruct the gauge voltage. You can easily reset the fuel gauge within a few minutes.

Fault in gauge resistor on Ford F150

A defective fuel usage resistor that transmits maximum voltage to the gauge at all times can become the cause of this fault and show the full reading of fill up the tank.

If the truck uses fuel daily, then the fuel sending unit becomes functional the whole time. It results in the constant moving of the wiper in the resistor variable.

It will blow away the resistive strip with time resulting in open circuit development. Sometimes the wire becomes short, so you can check its resistance with a digital multi-meter remove it for fixing.

Wiring issue

The wiring issue is the leading defect that impairs the fuel gauge functioning. The possible reason that occurs is the corrosion or its grounding.

It does not complicate the problem but time-consuming because detailed inspection requires. You can figure out from the fuel pump to gauge the entire wiring. 

When you find it, then repair it differently. If the wiring is loose, then make it tight. Sometimes these become dirty and then clean it with suitable contact cleaner.

If the damage is severe as corrosion and the insulation defect, replace it with a new one. You have to unscrew the voltage regulator and instrument cluster to access the panel and check out if any wiring problem present or not. 

Sending unit failure

Sending unit failure is the common cause of this gas gauge defect. It is constant in working condition when you drive your F150 truck.

It leads to the variable resistor continuous rubbing and damages it. A dead sender can cause the gas gauge to interpret the voltage feedback. It is almost full or 0 and putting the meter despite the actual fuel level. 

You have to check the fuel sending unit with a multi-meter and test resistance after filling up the tank. You can control the gauge through various electrical conductances.

The sending component of the Ford F150 shows zero resistance when it is complete. If you want to replace it, then purchase from the reputed brands, and the cost is around $100-$120.

You install it and make sure that the float is in its original position. The replacement sending kit also contains a cork gasket which is the part of it. After this, connect the cable and ground wire, and fixing becomes complete.

You can replace it by empty the fuel tank and detach the fuel pump from its line. Next, disconnect the gas tank, harness, and bolts. In the end, replace the new one and fix all other accessories.

Blown fuse

Each vehicle’s electrical system contains a connection with the fuse box. Your truck has more than one fuse box. Most of them are placed under the steering column on the driver section in your ford truck.

Sometimes, it is present under the hood. You have to remove the fuse box cover and figure out its condition in the gauge. If the damage occurs, then replace it with a new one. 

Gauge cluster issue

Sometimes problems occur with the gauge cluster, which gives the fuel sender codes. This problem may occur due to the ford f150 MP3 player.

When this failure occurs, it results in improper reading, light blink, intermittent gauge failure. You can resolve this problem by removing it. The gauge cluster replacing depends on the model and vehicle type. The cost of it around $800-$1000.

You can resolve by repairing the damaged part by merely inserting the red jumper wire, maintaining the voltage and current flow, and testing it.

Another method is through the window defroster repair kit, which is a conductive liquid with a brush. You require a reasonable line tape also which isolates the other copper lines. The other part laminate and covers the damaged portion with this liquid. 

Sulfur build-up

The sulfur build-up problem is not a big problem and temporary. Sometimes the gas contains a high content of sulfur and hydrogen sulfide, and most of the Gulf coast stations ban.

These are also available in small amounts in gasoline like methyl mercaptan. Even the top tier cannot protect from the other additives and does not contain any protective agent. 

You can resolve this problem by treat fuel regularly and change it with time. Another way to fix it is by using a bottle of Techron fuel addition for your next fill-up if the sulfur build-up problem happens.

Silver tarnishing

The sending unit composes of silver material which becomes corrode. In this case, silver can react with the sulfur substance and produce tarnishing.

The compound form by this reaction is silver sulfide leads to this problem. Sometimes this issue becomes worse due to the heat. 

You can avoid this problem by the additive like filmer, which is a protective agent. GM fuel system Treatment plus is best for this purpose, and you can buy it from any auto parts store.

Most people purchase the gold sending unit, which is expensive but best for those who can afford it.

Faulty gas gauge

The gas gauge can only operate in one part of the internal circuit becomes damage between half and full or b/w empty and ½. 

If the short occurs, resulting in the full or empty. Sometimes the gauge shows empty and cannot move when the internal circuit is opening. 

The fuel sensor needle moves wrong or fast as the fuel-burning means damage occurs in this part. Sometimes, the fuel present in a sufficient amount, but the gauge can read F and E.

During the defective condition, it read the E random. In this case, you can repair it through a simple method by turning it on and off of your truck.

Defective fuel level sensor

The faulty fuel level sensors can also the reason for your gas gauge failure. The repairing of this issue is quick but inexpensive.

If you cannot repair it, then you estimate the fuel level and amount. With an odometer, you can measure the fuel efficiency and determine from it the refilling distance. The condition becomes worse when you neglect it and run out of gas. 

Diagnosing test

Instrument cluster self-test helps test the digital lights, readout, and scan the gauges by their ranges. Continue to focus on the gas gauge on Ford F150 to observe if it moves smoothly from empty to full. 

Another test is the fuel sender test, which applies when the level is below half and protects from fuel splashing. To manipulate the float arm, you must remove the module. After this, check the voltage on pins while having the key ON.

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