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Why are my Ford F150 Fog Lights Not Working?

Why are my Ford F150 Fog Lights Not Working?

You can replace and repair your Ford F150 fog lights. Sometimes, due to possible causes, damage occurs to result in low visibility, leading to an accident.

Why are my Ford F150 Fog Lights Not Working? Fog lights on Ford F150 do not work due to two types of damages: one it becomes impair itself and electrical issues like a bad relay, blown fuse, issues with the switch, burn-out bulb, and wrong electrical wiring.

You can correct it by diagnosing the problem and make the inspection fog light test. The replacement and repairing cost depends on the parts and vehicle model.  

Why are my Ford F150 Fog Lights Not Working?

Fog lights are an essential part of your truck system because they increase visibility in poor weather conditions. In this condition like rain, storm, or driving snow, the regular headlights cannot offer you a clear road view.

It becomes angled and position in such a way that you end up almost entirely white-out. During high reflection, your ford truck’s regular headlight becomes blurring, and the view becomes dull.

Fog lights help and advantageous for you. These lights can directly point at the road in front of the truck.

However, in the presence of fog, they do not reflect the brightness to the driver. You have to maintain its condition and observe the regular check-up if they properly work or not.

Bad relay

The fog light relay defines as an electrical component that responds to control its power. In this case, you have to figure out the problem.

The bad relay can result in various symptoms which cause fog light damage. In a normal situation, a clicking produces when its switch on but makes no noise.

When damage occurs, a clicking sound develops from the relay, but a loud, mean problem occurs in the system. 

Sometimes this light stays on all the time due to this reason. It usually occurs due to internal shorts or wiring problems.

The possible defect can affect the other engine system like truck battery drain out, and bulb life becomes short. Another simple symptom is that the fog light will not turn on at all.

The relay is a switch that controls its power which handles through electrical or manually. If a problem occurs, then resulting in the inoperable condition and electric power disable. 

If you observe or suspect that the problem occurs in fog lights, go to the repair service center and get some expert technician help.

He will figure it out and tell you that replacement is needed or go to repair it. He can check either relay is faulty or ok by the low beam headlight becomes turn on.

The fog light switch has a green light, and it goes on and off. If this happens, it means the relay is ok. If this does not occur, it means problems arise.

You have to identify and remove the access panel with care by a hand or some tool. Now install the new one and make sure it is identical to the original. Then, fix the access panel and check out this function properly.  

Blown fuse

During any fog light damage, most of the mechanic first checks out the fuse. When it blows out, the electrical circuit will become incomplete, and power cannot reach the desired part.

It results in the fog light turn off in your Ford F150. Fuses do not burn, but inside the plastic housing, metal piece become breaks down like a small chuck absent.

In this case, you have to figure out whether the fuse is ok or not by the same green light method. You can also check it by connecting a meter to the lamp and turn it on to observe if the current flow occurs or not. 

You have to check the wire harness, which will be the reason for fuse shorts. In this case, wire rub with metal the bulb filament wrap up with the heat.

You can remove out the bulb and check if the fog light turns on or not. Another one is the fog lenses connector damage.

You can overcome this issue through the electrical tape, which wraps it inside the damaged part before the end cap closes and protect it from the fuse short.

You will also install the new one, in which first disconnect the battery cable, access and open the fuse panel.

Next, detach its housing and fuse box power supply. In the end, you can remove the wiring harness. When you confirm that 

Burn out bulb in the fog light

Burn-out bulbs are manifestations of worn-out lights due to their frequent and prolonged usage. In the case of blown-out bulbs, one bulb burnt out goes off while the other keeps glowing.

Therefore, under such circumstances, no considerable damage to other electrical system occurs. Only blown out or burnt out bulb is damaged.

To rectify this cause, you need to remove the burnt bulb or replace the blown-out bulb with a new one.

You can also address this issue by replacing the burnt-out filament of the bulb with a new one. These are having specifications similar to the previous one or amended according to the end-users choices.

Improper installation of LED light

Sometimes all the system functioning becomes best and difficult for you to figure out the problem.

When you install LED light wrong without considering the power supply to lights and their adjustment with the rest of the circuit, you face the whole electrical system malfunctioning meant to illuminate LED bulbs.

For instance, when you install a low beam indicator in a high beam, its configuration is seriously impacted, leading to the dysfunctional lighting system.

Therefore, to resolve this issue, you must ensure the proper configuration of LED Light bulbs in the right place with the appropriate power supply.

It will make sure required illumination without interruption. For this, slot selection for the LED light bulb is of paramount importance. So carefully select a slot and put in place an LED light bulb.

Primary power corrosion or kink

Sometimes, under moist conditions, electrical wiring meant for power supply to LED bulbs are worn out due to corrosion.

Corrosive wires either become highly resistant against the thermal conductivity of power and gives rise to power dissipation.

These issues lead to a sufficient supply of power to LED bulbs, resulting in low illumination or no illumination at all.

Moreover, casual usage or handling results in kinking of wires; it kinks with time results in wire breakage.

Broken cables can no longer supply power to LED light bulbs. This power breakdown makes the whole lighting system dysfunctional.

Therefore, you must avoid moisture by keeping the area involving wiring dry by blowing dry, hot air or having enclosed jackets for these wiring sections. Moreover, avoid bending and kinking of wires by using flexible elbows for wires at bends or kinks.

Fog light switch failure on Ford F150

There are three areas of concern in a switch failure. One includes switching on light does not turn on. In the second case, the light turns on, but it is too dim to use.

In the third case, the light keeps flickering while switching it on. All these three cases are textbook examples of s switch failure and fog lights stop working in Ford F150.

The first choice is to replace the switch with a new one or repair it to resolve its fault to avoid switch failure.

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