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Why is my truck cranking but not starting?

Why is my truck cranking but not starting?

If your truck is cranking but not starting, you should find the main cause of this problem. When the truck is started with the key, first it cranks, then it starts.

Why is my truck cranking but not starting? Your truck can be cranking and not starting because of the problems in the engine, battery, faulty security system, and lack of gas. It is recommended to check the faulty sensors, and motor problems to start your truck.

The flywheel turns, and the crankshaft switches due to the cranking. Sometimes, this procedure is intermittent due to the problem in the engine, fuel pump, battery, or security system of the truck.

For instance, you haven’t cleaned the battery for a long time. Your vehicle will crank but not start due to the dust. Therefore, you should keep your vehicle battery clean.

Why is my truck cranking but not starting?

In this article, we have explained 9 main reasons that can cause cranking in your truck. It is recommended to follow these guidelines to make your vehicle start smoothly. If you own a pickup, you should be familiar with the engine’s basics and common problems in it.

Fuel or fuel pump problem

It can be due to the fuel problem. The dirty fuel is not suitable because polluted fuel contains numerous impurities that can cause a problem in the engine or fuel pump.

You can get a suitable pressure for fuel to start. Therefore, the undue pressure of fuel can cause this problem. If the fuel tank’s flow in the fuel tank is slow, then this causes the fuel pump’s failure.

If the fuel pump of the automobile fails, you will notice the fuel pump’s noise and immediately fix this issue to prevent further damage.

Faulty sensors

Various sensors control multiple functions of the pickup. The sensors are an essential part of the pickup as they detect and then give a response to the electrical signals. Most pickups have sensors that receive the information and then convey it to the engine of the pickup.

The crankshaft position sensor and camshaft position sensor are the crucial sensors of the engine.

If the fault produces in the crankshaft position sensor, then the performance of the engine will decrease. The engine does not run without the crankshaft position sensor.

The engine will not get power due to issues in the camshaft position sensor. You should check the fault in the sensors of your vehicle, this is easy, go through the instructions manual.

Engine issue

The wiring of the battery may break and cause this problem. When the wire or cable breaks, then the current does not flow.

In some cases, the water mixes in the oil; the engine gives power to the pickup. You may also notice that your vehicle is blowing black smoke because of this issue.

The improper lubrication is not suitable for the engine. The engine cannot work correctly due to inadequate lubrication. Another reason can be the overheating of the engine. If the engine gets overheated, then your vehicle will not start. There should be proper lubrication in the vehicle engine to keep your pickup running without any faults.

Battery problem

Battery problems can cause engine starting issues in your vehicle. It is recommended that you should check the charging of the battery. If the battery does not charge with the charger, then you should change your charger. There might be an issue with the charger of your vehicle battery.

Another reason is the dust or corrosion in the battery. Due to corrosion, the terminals of the battery do not work correctly. People often don’t clean their batteries for many years. You should remove corrosion from the battery or choose a new battery.

If your vehicle battery is old, you should replace your old battery with the new battery; otherwise, the battery will drain fast. The unnecessary current can flow due to the short circuit in the battery. The battery draining can cause excessively due to the battery issue.

Issue in spark

If the spark plugs of the engine break or wears out, the vehicle does not start. The crucial part of the engine is the spark plug.

The acceleration decreases due to the spark plug; in some cases, the spark plug overheats, which causes damage to the electrodes. The timing of the ignition system disturbs due to the problem with the spark plug.

If the spark plug is suitable, then the engine works appropriately, and the start-up issue does not happen. The damaged spark plug does not produce a spark in the pickup, and it does not run due to this. You must check all these things whenever you plan for a long route, as it can cause serious issues for your pickup while driving.

Starter motor problem

The problem in electrical connection can cause a problem in the starter motor. The pickup cranks due to the working of the starter motor. The cables are present in the starter motor; if these cables break, it will not start.

The carbon brushes and many other components are present in the motor of the vehicle. If the carbon brushes break, then the engine will not work. The other elements of the starter motor can break. This is one of the most common issues among the pickups and can be sorted very easily.

Therefore, you should rebuild the broken carbon brushes or other broken components of the motor. If you don’t want to restore, you should buy a new starter motor for your pickup.

Compression problem

The chains or timing belts are present in the engine of the pickup. If the timing belts become loose, then it will not start.

Every cylinder requires the compression of the vehicle for the proper function of the engine. The chamber’s extreme capacity is compared to the least size of the chamber by the compression proportion. This process takes place during every hit of the piston.

The cylinder, which has low compression, causes the problem in the engine.

The issue in the security system of the truck

The security system can cause problems. The alarm system is present in it, and if there is a problem in it, this will inactivate the fuel system.

The error in the security disables the ignition system; you should check the security system of your vehicle. The components of the automobile can break.

If the fuse blows, then the security system also disables the ignition system. You can also use many apps that perform the same function; check the settings before you go out. If you just had an accident, you should also remove the dents from the truck roof.

Lack of gas in the truck

If the pickup runs out of gas, then your vehicle will not start. The fuel pump does not work correctly if the gas is not sufficient in it. You should check the gas; if there is no adequate gas in it, you should refill the gas. I always check these things before starting the vehicle; you can make a checklist for yourself as per your demands.

You should first examine all the issues in the vehicle. If there is no other issue, then you should check the gas in the automobile.

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