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Why is my diesel truck blowing black smoke?

Why is my diesel truck blowing black smoke?

If your diesel truck is blowing black smoke, you should find the main cause of this problem. These smokes can be one of three colors; blue, black, or white. It is up to you if you want to buy a diesel engine or a petrol engine truck for you.

Why is my diesel truck blowing black smoke? Your truck can be blowing black smoke because of excess diesel, problems in the engine, impurities in the diesel, insufficient air, and mechanical fault.

It will create pollution in the environment and many other reasons because of which you must be aware of the problems that cause black smoke to occur. These work in a different way than petrol engines and gas engines.

People might consider diesel engines more powerful than petrol engines, so they would prefer this option. But for most people, maintenance cost is more important than power.

Why is my diesel truck blowing black smoke?

In this article, we have explained 6 main reasons that can cause your truck to blow black smoke. Along with this, we have added tips and recommendations to fix your vehicle.

Let me explain all these causes here:

Insufficient air

This engine works very differently from other engines. That is why they are not very popular with regular vehicles. But people who buy pickups for their drive, they require engines that are more powerful than petrol vehicles.

People enjoy the ride of their pickup at the start when they are new and giving excellent performance. But the problem starts when it starts giving them issues that are very annoying and require special attention to solve. And these problems begin with fuel delivery into the combustion chamber.

There is a specific way of fuel delivery in vehicles that is only applicable to this category of pickups. If the engine of the vehicle is not turned ON properly, then it will create problems like smoke and missing the throttle sometimes. The first thing to see in fuel delivery is the amount of air that is transmitted in the combustion section.

If the amount of air is less than the required amount in the combustion section, then the pickup will automatically create fumes out of its exhaust. Professionals say that if you want to tune your engine to the best level, you must tune it in such a way that the delivery of air is higher. You can add a truck engine in your car for better results.

Excess of diesel

As discussed earlier, the amount of air in the combustion chamber of the engine should be larger as compared to fuel. That means the amount of fuel should be less.

These things are not only followed to get the best and accurate performance from your vehicle, but these also improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

No one wants to burn extra fuel in their pickup because it will cost them more money than they were already spending on their travel. Not only will it cost more money, but the engine efficiency will also decrease. You will also notice that your truck is cranking but not starting.

If you are tuning on your own, then you must know that you should keep the percentage of air higher than the percentage of combustion liquid. So, you must first see that how many components are entering the combustion chamber.

If you know the amount, you will be able to maintain the ratio or percentage in the combustion chamber. But if you do any of the different things regardless of what is necessary to do, then your pickup can cause problems.

Problem in the diesel injectors

These vehicles come with injectors that inject liquid into the combustion chamber with a specific amount of fuel and air together.

These are not static, they move when they work, and there come some types of problems when there comes friction in them.

Injectors move with the throttle, and they are responsible for the injection of air mixture. But people sometimes do not change the engine oil of their vehicle, which becomes expired, and the engine components along with injectors start getting friction when they are working.

This thing wears out the components of the engine, and the pickup starts to create problems anyhow. There are two ways the injectors are worn out.

One of them is when the injector is moving, and there is friction, the injector will get scratches and will get gaps on its surface.

These gaps will change the quantity to be transmitted to the combustion chamber.

The second one is when the water or moisture somehow stays on the injectors and makes them rusty and damages the overall performance of injectors.

This trust can break and block the flow through the injectors, and this will ultimately turn into a severe problem.

And when the injector is not working properly, that means the air and fuel mixture is not a standard one. So, your vehicle can show problems in the engine.

To solve this problem, you should always get your vehicle tuned once every one or two months. If the injectors are not cleaned frequently in a while, then they start giving problems.

Injectors are there in your pickup to provide fuel efficiency, if your injectors are worn out due to some reason, you should replace the injector with a newer and better one.

Impurities in diesel

Fuel and air are essential for the machine to run smoothly, and they are also essential for keeping a longer life of the engine. But when it is used in low quality, it will not give the required performance. You should be more careful if you have converted your truck into a camper.

When there are extra impurities, they also burn in the chamber, and they move out of the exhaust.

It is sold by many fuel sellers in the market, and they get it from different traders around the globe. Some fuel sellers have high-quality, while some have low-quality. Few people like their trucks to roll coal.

If you do not find any reviews or recommendations, then you should try each fuel station one by one and see if it get fine or not. The unnecessary particles are dangerous for your combustion chamber too. Some of them might not burn and create scratches on the sleeves of the piston.

Mechanical fault in diesel truck

Mechanical fault can be of many types. Some mechanical faults have been discussed in the above section.

The first reason is the blocked air filter. The air filter in a vehicle serves a vital role in the efficient running of an engine. If the air is clear and passes from the filter without any blockage, then it is a good thing.

But when the air filter is blocked with dust, the air will not pass, and hence the concentration inside the combustion chamber will increase. So, it is always a good practice to clean the air filter if you have converted your truck into a dually.

Sometimes, it won’t even start if there is an excess amount of fuel in the chamber. It is also recommended to check the battery if it is draining fast.

Intentionally blowing black smoke

Some drivers do this intentionally, they know the concept behind this and all phenomena of working of these pickups. So, they do some techniques to do this for fun.

What they do, is they suddenly overflow the injectors by giving them excessive throttle and burning a lot of fuel to blow fumes. This can be done by doing a drag race because, in that scenario, the machine is using a lot of power and doing a lot of work to burn it and use every bit of power that it has.

Racers often do that, and they tune their drives in such a way that it can use as much fuel as it can so that the driver can utilize every ounce of power. But usual drivers do not do so. They want efficient combustion of fuel and longer life in drives.

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