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Will 35 Inch Tires Fit on a Dodge RAM 1500?

Will 35 Inch Tires Fit on a Dodge RAM 1500?

Adding 35-inch tires to a Dodge RAM 1500 can be challenging. However, these are big tires with durable rubber layers and provide an excellent off-road experience.

Will 35 Inch Tires Fit on a Dodge RAM 1500? In general, a 35-inch tire does not fit on a Dodge RAM 1500 due to wheel rubbing, inappropriate wheel space, and stock height. However, you can fix 35-inch tires with a few modifications, elevate the truck axle, and remove the shock towers and sway bar end links. Now, install leveling spacer over the coil springs, reinstall removed parts, tighten the lug-nuts and add new tires.

In addition, without a leveling kit addition, none can add a 35-inch massive wheel on their Dodge RAM 1500. However, the procedure is tricky, requires professional expertise, and costs you around $90 to $125 with negotiable packages. 

Furthermore, it fits with the stock height in a few models, but severe tightening and constant wheel rubbing reduce the standard performance. 

Typically, the leveling kits are expensive with different sizes and manufacturing portals. Also, on average, the self-installation of such kits may cost you around $450 to $2200. Furthermore, a mechanic costs you between $900 to $8500 with the prices of leveling kit and tools.

Are 35 inches tires too big for a Dodge RAM 1500?

Generally, a 35 inches tire is the biggest in multiple aspects, but for a Dodge RAM 1500, 33 inches is the largest with stock height.

Also, the addition of bigger tires requires several skillful techniques, expensive gadgets, and the tricky addition of a leveling kit.

However, according to a survey, around 50000 Dodge RAM 1500 users across the USA consider a 33-inch tire the biggest one. But, approximately 24000 American users select a 35-inch tire as the vast and heightened wheel with maximum ground clearance, stability, and appealing specifications. 

How much lift is essential for a 35 inches tire?

Typically, a truck requires a lift of around 2.6 to 3.9 inches, and it depends on the size, width, height, and manufacturing design of the wheels. Furthermore, offset and backspacing are determining factors in these procedures. 

In addition, in some cases, a 2 to 2.3 inches lift allows the addition of larger wheels like a 35 inches item. But, the procedure involves several complications, and procedure cost adversely affects a client’s budget.

How to install a 35-inch tire on a Dodge Ram 1500?

Here is a stepwise guide to install it without any challenges, but the process takes around 2 to 3 hours.

However, a mechanic completes these fitting activities in 1 to 1.5 hours with minimum problems. Also, it involves the adjustment of a 6-inch leveling kit, and it is not feasible for a non-skilled commoner. 

Remove old tires (if any)

Use a specific wrench, adjust it on the lug-nuts and rotate them anticlockwise. Next, loosen them one by one and detach them from their original attachment spots. 

Also, collect them, mark them with numbers, and secure them in a polythene bag. Furthermore, slide the jack under the wheel axle, lift the truck and remove already existing wheels. 

Lower the axle

Typically, lowering of the axle facilitates the quick and convenient installation of leveling kit. Also, jack stands are beneficial in these activities because they handle the truck weight.

Now, put them under the frame and stabilize the heavy setup on these controlling gadgets. 

Remove sway bar and mounting brackets

Typically, a ratchet helps in the removal of nuts and bolts in the sway bar. Also, you can detach the end links of this item through a wrench of the appropriate size.

Furthermore, remove the end link over the sway bar and remove the rod that holes both sides of the truck frame.

Remove bolts and coil springs

Generally, in the engine compartment, two shock towers are present above the front fenders. Also, they have 2 to 3 bolts for security and stability in one particular position.

Next, adjust a ratchet on these three bolts one by one, loosen them and remove them from their original positions. 

Next, remove the shock towers and keep them aside. Furthermore, use a jack with hydraulic power and lower the truck axle. Now, remove the coil springs with this constant lowering movement. 

Add appropriate leveling kit

Adding such equipment on a used Dodge RAM 1500 is more challenging due to the worst condition of the wheel section and broken frame components.

However, the manufacturers offer a range of leveling kits with different sizes, price lists, and installation procedures. 

In addition, the selection of these gadgets depends on the size of the new wheels and the installation method. Now, add a leveling spacer over the top surface of the mounting spring coils. 

Furthermore, reinstall the spring coils back into their positions and use a similar jack for elevating the truck frame.

Next, adjust the coil springs, fix the shock towers, and tighten the bolts with a ratchet. Reinstall the sway bar with its end links 

Add a 35-inch tire

After a leveling kit installation, the ground clearance increase, and the truck uplifts. Now, the space is enough to fit the new massive wheels on the truck frame. 

However, follow the similar path of frame nuts and bolts. First, adjust the heightened wheel under the circular section on the rim. Then, hold it with the help of an assistant and push the lug-nuts.

Next, use a wrench that can tighten these nuts without any resistance. Furthermore, rotate them clockwise, fix them in one position and check stability with manual rotation. 

Why would you fit a 35-inch tire on a Dodge RAM 1500?

Several reasons support the installation of these tires on this truck despite all the challenges and installation problems. All of them contribute to the performance and convert trucks into powerful vehicles among the competitors.

Off-road benefits

Typically, a 35 inches tire is resistant to mud and tiny stone. Also, it moves faster on concrete and unstable road surfaces. However, additions of such massive tires provide several off-road driving conditions.

Also, the top layers of such tires repel the adverse effects of road bumps, muddy holes and protect from debris accumulation.

Furthermore, it handles and removes the debris and gravel with built-in technologies. In addition, with these items, more rubber layers contact with ground mud and do not allow the attack of harmful surface material.

Up-gradation of the truck

They are massive than any other standard and customized tire. Also, the addition elevates the entire frame of a Dodge RAM 1500 and makes it stand out without any technical problems.

Furthermore, the addition of these items makes the truck appealing and demanding. 

Also, it changes the entire look, modifies the front and rear truck frame, and enhances beauty. Also, the stylish elevated body drives with fast speed patterns and covers long-distance hilly destinations.

Maximum ground clearance

Generally, people add larger wheels to their vehicles to uplift them from the road surface. Also, the addition of such items instantly increases the ground clearance, provides clear views, and prevents accidental situations. 

Furthermore, no ground debris can reach the windshield and other frame mirrors. In addition, installing the tires provide ground clearance of around 2.7 to 3.9 inches.

It is appealing for every Dodge RAM 1500 user because the performance increases right after the installation activity.

Also, the lower part of the truck gets higher from the ground surface, and as a result, it remains clean from road dirt.

However, the only condition is the compatibility of the larger wheels with the fender flares and mud flaps. 

Also, stabilize the wheel backspacing and protect from different harmful conditions. 

Excellent truck control

Typically, the addition of a 35 inches tire stabilizes the vehicle on different roads, rocks, concrete, and off-road conditions. Also, the driver can handle the steering wheel and brake system efficiently than ever. 

As a result, there are minimum chances of any road accidents, and the vehicle remains safe. Moreover, the handling of such massive tires requires professional skills and expert guidelines. 

Attractive lift addition

However, higher tires addition increases the truck height, but the 35 inches tire stands out among all dimensions. Furthermore, they elevate the vehicle up to 5 to 6 inches with stability, protection, and fast speed. 

Moreover, the truck appears as a monstrous vehicle that makes it prominent in a row of different vehicles of similar designs.

What are the drawbacks of adding 35 inches tires on a Dodge RAM 1500?

Typically, with several benefits, the drawbacks of such bigger wheels also exist. Also, one of the biggest challenges is the installation procedure with a high leveling kit, and handling becomes tricky with inappropriate driving skills. 


They are expensive due to their size, quality, and dual layering of rubber material. Also, customizing, trimming, and other addition results in high costs.

On average, it costs you around $400 to $600, which is far expensive than a 33-inch wheel. 

High weight conditions

Due to their dimensions, they are heavier than standard wheels on a Dodge RAM 1500. Also, around 2% to 8% of American natives lose their second-floor garage due to unbearable weight conditions. 

Challenging handling

However, the truck is a fast-speed, smooth-riding vehicle, but these additions make them uncontrollable. You should know the weight of RAM 1500 to better understand this.

Also, in busy road conditions, the accidental ratio increases. Furthermore, lack of steering control and brake system results in loosening of truck and different penalties due to traffic rules violations.

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