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Top Trucking Companies in Brampton Ontario

Top Trucking Companies in Brampton Ontario

Here are 22 trucking companies in Brampton Ontario. This business is growing due to its benefits and more profit. 

The top trucking companies in Brampton include Bhullar trucking, Alpha Group corp, Seaport intermodal, and SRA groups, which provide the services of LTL, FTL, freight transportation, cross-docking, and cross border transportations.

Baba Maur transport

It has offices in Brampton and works in Georgia, Florida, Maryland, California, and Washington.

It offers cargo loading of Meat, beverages, refrigerated foods, and agriculture farm supplies on an industrial scale.

These materials are difficult to handle due to their perishability, so they designed the internal which makes the survival of these materials safe,

It also provides cargo services for construction, paper product, building material, and dry bulk.

Bhullar trucking

They are famous in east Canada due to their quick services and transportation of material.

It provides personal attention to every customer; that’s why people are using it every time. It gives them both LTL and TL shipments in different areas.

They are also suitable for heavy and oversized shipments in affordable price ranges. This company has been working for more than 12 years and delivering more than 75 shipments daily.

SGR truck lines

It is a famous trucking company for its fast services and fast deliveries on the road as soon as possible. Moreover, it will give fast services and satisfy its customers by supplying the safest items.

It is the safest mode for transferring different items, and its services are available 24/7 throughout the week.

It provides the transportation of small freights LTL, which does not need any trailer to load items.

It also comes up with LT services that are of heavy materials. You can also safely transport your refrigerated items that are difficult to handle due to their temperature variation.

Virdi trucking

This trucking company started working in 1993 and providing 24 hours active service to its customers. 

It is suitable for the transportation of fresh materials due to its internal temperature-controlled environment. It is working for haulage of fresh meats in different areas. Moreover, certain refrigerated foods are also supplied through this chain.

It is also supplying general freights at more speed than standard shipments. 

In addition to this, container storage and intermodal shipments are also available.

Freight solutions

It is specially designed for professionals who are doing their job to for movement of their freight. It has strong shipment relations with the United States and Canada.

It is working only five days a week within office timing of 9 am-5 pm. Therefore, it is not suitable for hauling large cargo with trailers.

As it is not suitable for more oversized items, the company only has 1 to 2 trailers for the movement of heavy cargo.

Best transport and logistics

They have been working since 1999 and have more than 55 plus trailers and more than 30 trucks.

With this many trailers and tractors, it always satisfies its customers by providing quick and easy shipments within time.

The primary and prominent services it is giving are personal goods and freight shipping daily within a few hours.

Furthermore, several warehouses are also contracting with them for supplying their goods and services.

KingWorld Truckline

King world was established in Brampton in 2007, and its primary goal is customer satisfaction and quality work.

It consists of senior and trained workers for the patching and dispatching of different materials. Moreover, it is also giving on-time delivery by pre-planning the schedule.

It works for two primary services that are less than truckload and total truckload shipments with the trailer attachment.


This company is specially designed to transport different materials within Brampton, Canada, western, Midwestern, and southwestern United States.

You can also supply less than truckload and full truckload across these countries. 

This company has more than 920 trailers which also include heated and logistic ones. Their business is continuously growing in the industry because of its increasing relationships in the market.

Alpha Group Corp

Alpha Group is part of the General freight trucking industry and trucking transportation. Alpha group gives a total of 35 Fleet sizes.

It gives the safe transportation of meat products and fresh food products due to its internal environment. 

Many warehouses are also transferring their chemicals and general freight through the Alpha groups. Moreover, it also gives the chance of credits repair and Tax return services to its valuable customers.

Seaport Intermodal

It has its terminals in different locations of Canada to provide its series throughout the country. Its safety systems include continuous tracking of the driver, Hazmat certified drivers, and liability insurance for cargo.

They offer transportation of trucks through marine within the affordable price range of shipment charges.

In addition to this, its services also include cross-border drayage, Dry and Reefer container drayage, and Door provincial drayage.

It also includes the handling and storage of import and export containers. It also provides the standard and unique chassis and complete interchange within shipping lines.

SRA Goods Carrier

The legal name of this company is SHRI GURU ARJUN DEV TRANSPORT LIMITED.

The good carrier equipment of SRA includes a dry Van, which prevents the entry of extraneous material into the internal environment.

It is suitable for hauling cargo like Dry bulk, lumber, metal sheets, and paper products. It also provides the services for moving machinery, US mail, and green feed Hay.

Jestan Express

It is a small trucking business in Brampton which is working for transportation of urgent material of daily use.

Most of its services include the supply of fresh meat, beverages, fruits, and other food products in a short time interval.

They are open only five days a week and does not work on weekends. The other prominent service that it offers is the transportation of small freights that are of regular use.

Furthermore, it is always satisfying its valuable customers and increase their reliability by safe and on-time delivery.

Lyallpur Trans

Lyallpur Trans has less number of truck and trailers due to its limited services.

It is offering less than truckload and complete truck loading services between Canada and USA. The Transport equipment of Lyallpur Trans includes Dry Van, Power train, and V-Van.

It is also working in New York, Indiana, Quebec, and Lowa. It is also suitable for the transportation of Dry bulk and paper products through their respective industries.

G&T International

It is an active interstate transportation and logistics business with more than 20 tractors and trucks. In addition, it has a box-type truck that provides fully loaded shipments in different areas.

The safety and insurance of G&T international are about more than three years. It is working on the industry that is business, professional, and political, and Grantmaking based.

They are always appreciating their drivers to increase their business in the market.


This trustworthy shipping company has been working since 1999 and growing its business to increase the market value.

They are in the business for more than 22 years and provide a discount of about 65% to attract people’s attention and increase their customers.

It has a large warehouse of about 300,120 square feet to patch and dispatch its goods and services.

It also provides the business owner and online seller platform to grow in the local and global market.

Its superior services include courier, mail, subscription box, same-day delivery, and crowdfunding.

Transway Logistic INC

They are working 24/7 to solve the problem of people because many trucking companies are not working on weekends.

It provides online tracing for tracking your valuable loads. Moreover, it is also offering the option of payment with different resources.

This trucking company also has safety certificates and licenses so you can easily transport your general freights.

Triple Gold Trucking

They received a gold start in their safety, services, and consumer satisfaction standards. It was established in 2010 by young professionals.

It started its business from a short circle f 1 to 2 tractors, and now these are part of a growing industry with about 15 to 18 tractors.

Their main motive is to provide safety to the diver, equipment, cargo, customer, and the local public.

Its primary services include long haul, short-haul, over-dimensional, flatbeds, and step decks.

Hawks Transportation

It is the company in Brampton that provides trucking and warehouse distribution in different areas. It is serving people after 2024 and working for a maximum of seven years.

Moreover, they are also part of globally integrated services which increase its market value. It is taking more than 550 truckloads every week and more than 55 heavy hauls.

Their services include warehouse distribution, cross-docking, safe storage, and secure truck yards.

It is also offering local shipments within GTA and nationwide shipments within Canada all over the week.

Trident Trucking Inc.

It is known as among the top trucking companies in Brampton due to its reliability and safety. It provides safe delivery because their vehicles are fully equipped with traps, V-boards, binders, and chains.

 It is also providing delivery within 24 hours of patching them. Moreover, trucks also have weather guards, which prevent delays in shipments due to harsh weather conditions.

they have updated their system with satellite systems that provide proper communication all the time or in every situation.

Superior services include LTL freight only in Canada, FTL cross borders, and featured cross border lanes.

New star Transportation Inc.

The two primary motives of this company include determination and character. Now, it is working on cross-border solutions and perishable components.

It is growing its business in these two fields and designing its trucks and trailer accordingly. Moreover, these are also providing the training to their employees according to the handling of these two components.

It is making their trailers and containers temperature controlled for delivery of perishable food commodities.

The most important and prominent it is offering for their customers is Data analysis specific to SCM transportation.

Road train express Inc.

It was established in 2009 and growing its business from 13 to 15 years in different cities of Canada. It is known as Trendsetter Company because it is the provider of hybrid truckload and LT services.

It provides timely deliveries for both national as well as religious shippers. The cargo trailer that the Road train express is hauling includes refrigerated food items, general freight, and fresh products.

Its modern fleets are also serving LTL, FTL, and expedite needs.

AH Gary Transport

AH, Gary transport is one of the most strong distribution networks in Brampton. The primary perception for the development of the AH Gray transport system is to promote flexible freight transportation.

Their security system is also upgraded, which provides all the day security monitoring and live video.

It consists of more than 35 drivers, and all of them are fully trained.

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