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Will a Wheelchair Fit in a Tesla Model Y?

Will a Wheelchair Fit in a Tesla Model Y?

Tesla Model Y is a mid-size electric SUV with unmatched safety features and versatile cargo. You can fit a foldable wheelchair on the floor of its trunk without a rack or mounting bracket. 

Will a Wheelchair Fit in a Tesla Model Y? A foldable wheelchair can fit in a Tesla Model Y by opening the electrically controlled lid of cargo, removing the stored material, holding the handles, pushing and grabbing the sling, locking the brakes and wheels; holding from the wheels, and lifting it to the trunk height and adjusting it horizontally. It is feasible to assist the disabled with outdoor traveling.

In this spacious storage unit, you stack two wheelchairs because they take up equal space. However, the adjustment depends on their weight and design. 

What is the trunk size of a Tesla Model Y?

It is a spacious cargo with around 76 cubic feet of accommodation space, which splits between the front and rear trunk. 

The rear unit has a storage space of about 68 cubic feet. Its front cargo is around 4 to 4.2 cubic feet. 

With 7-seat accommodation, it has an internal width of nearly 36 to 38 inches. Its length varies from 43 to 43.1 inches. 

However, the length from the end of the cargo to the folded rear seats is nearly 79 inches. Its height up to the roof of the cabin is around 28 inches.

What type of wheelchairs can fit in a Tesla Model Y?

The foldable is suitable for traveling, transportation, and storage. These are portable, lightweight, and easy to carry. Also, they have comfortable seats, and their frames are collapsible. 

With moveable and advanced joints, they are ideal for handicaps and long trips. However, they have different sizes and shapes. 

They take less storage space in the storage compartment and fit with the sidewalls and center portion. In addition, they do not require straps to secure the layout. 

You can remove them outside the cargo without a problem. However, it can collapse due to built-in flexibility and result in size reduction. 

In such circumstances, you can fit them on the seats. It is one of the best ways to enhance the quality of comfort and mobility for those who are incompatible with walking around. 

They are assistive for reducing deformities and sores and promote the digestive system of disabled people. Without them, physically ill people feel less comfortable in outdoor locations. 

How can you fit a wheelchair in a Tesla Model Y?

Several people travel with disabled family members, spouses, and siblings. In such conditions, they carry their wheelchairs in their vehicles.

However, they are slightly heavy with a defined layout. Foldable wheelchairs can adjust in the rear cargo of this car. For the damage-free adjustment, I have described the following method. 

For its loading, open the lid of the rear trunk by clicking the button on the key fob. 

Also, use the digital options to lift the lid upward. Then, remove the stored material and clean the floor of the cargo. 

Next, remove the material from the seat and hold its handle from the backside. For folding it, approach the sling in its middle section or seat.

Grab it manually and lift the sling. Then, combine the fabric to minimize the space. Then lean towards the brakes, and put them on. 

The locking of its brakes prevents sudden rolling and unnecessary movements. Then, position it in front of the rear trunk.

In this procedure, keep the seat side towards the cargo gate. Also, adjust the handles towards you and hold them manually. Next, grab its wheel from both sides with your fingers. 

Locked wheels are beneficial because they prevent sudden movement and injuries. Then, lift it against your body by holding it from both sides.

Put the pressure on your back and lift it to the height of the trunk. Then, change its direction from vertical to horizontal. 

Next, adjust it directly on the floor of the rear cargo compartment. Finally, you can remove it from the car by reversing the steps. 

Why would you fit a wheelchair in a Tesla Model Y?

Numerous people adjust wheelchairs in their Model Y SUVs during long-distance traveling and outdoor assistance. They are adjustable in the rear storage unit within 5 to 7 minutes.

To assist the handicap

The physically disabled people cannot move around without their wheelchairs. They need them during shopping and trips. 

However, they can sit on the seats of an electric SUV. But, they require them for instant transfer from the vehicle to the ground. 

For physical activities and movements, they load them in their vehicles. In such conditions, they can travel to long-distance places without fear. 

They are easily removable from the storage compartment, de-folds, gain their original shape and assist the physically disabled person.

Better fitting without racks

In the rear storage compartments of these vehicles, they stabilize over the floor. However, with the horizontal adjustment, they remain flat on the surface at different speed conditions. 

Also, they do not require supporting brackets or racks to stabilize the wheels. Their locked tires do not spin inside the storage unit. 

Their positions are firm, and you can change their direction through mechanical force. On the inclined surfaces, they never roll towards the gate or lid of the cargo. 

Even without racks, they remain in one position. It protects them from surface damage, broken handles, and damaged sling. 

Outdoor movement 

For outdoor movement, the physically incompatible person loads them in the trunks. Then, their assistant adjusts them in front of the vehicle door. 

The disabled people directly sit on them and unlock the brakes and wheels. With electric wheelchairs, they can go anywhere without a helper. 

However, for the manually controlled system, they need a helping person to hold the handles and control the direction of the wheels.

A few people can move them by spinning the wheels forward. However, they need them everywhere because they support their bodies and comfort their disabled organs. 

Traveling with a handicap 

Several physically disabled people hire vehicles for trips and medical checkups. In such circumstances, the driver transports them from one spot to another with the wheelchairs. 

They remove the handicaps from their chairs and adjust them on the passenger seats. Also, the drivers take the wheelchair to the rear side of the SUV. Then, they fold them in front of the storage unit. With already existing materials, they make space for them.

In emergencies, they adjust the compact options on the rear seats. For long-distance traveling, the family carries them to help their physically incompatible members. 

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