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Will Chevy Rims Fit a Toyota 4Runner?

Will Chevy Rims Fit a Toyota 4Runner?

Adding Chevy rims to your Toyota 4Runner can be challenging. You have to consider many factors before you fit these rims into your SUV.

Will Chevy Rims Fit a Toyota 4Runner? Chevy Rims will fit a Toyota 4Runner, as they have the same bolt pattern, but their hub bore size is different, and for this, you have to make certain modifications. First, increase the size of the hub bore using a lathe machine, or you can take your rim to a nearby automobile shop, and the worker will do it for you.

If you cannot find information regarding your rims, you can call your rim manufacturer and take information about it.

Things to consider when adding Chevy Rims to Toyota 4Runner

If you want to change the rims on your truck, you should probably pay attention to certain factors that will come along with it. 

The most important is the bolt pattern; bolt patterns for wheels come in various diameters, but all will fit standard vehicles with matching bolt holes. 

You should check whether the number of holes present on your Chevy rim is the same as the number of holes present on the rim of the Toyota 4Runner.

You should consider the diameter of the hole present in the center of the rim before trying to fit it in your vehicle. You should measure the weight of the Toyota 4Runner.

This inner circle is also known as hub bore, and if you measure its diameter, you may refer to it as hub bore size.

The size of lug nuts matters a lot; you can either check the diameter of lug holes on your user manual or measure it manually.

Lug nuts do not have a specific shape, although they come in various profiles for certain applications, and each one has its purpose.

Conical lug nuts have a rounded top and an oval-shaped bottom section; this shape helps it fit snugly into the wheel hub so that a thief cannot easily pull it out.

Spherical lug nuts are becoming more popular in the automotive industry because of their ability to prevent loosening over time.

You should check your truck rims, see which type of lug nuts are present, and then check the kind of lug nuts on Chevy rims.

If both are either spherical or conical, you can consider fitting the Chevy rims in place of Toyota 4Runner rims.

The total weight a rim can support also affects the handling of your vehicle and even decrease its fuel efficiency if you do not match the specifications.

If you know the diameter of lug nuts, then you should also ensure that you have the right tool to open that lug nut.

In such a situation, a lug wrench comes in handy, but it can only open the lug nut if its mouth is of the same size as that of the head of the lug nut.

Ensure the type of wheel, whether hub-centric or lug-centric; for example, you cannot use a hub-centric wheel in place of lug centric one.

You can buy a new rim from an online store or use an old rim with your truck’s exact specifications.

Bolt Pattern of Chevy and Toyota 4Runner

The bolt pattern is an essential factor when choosing replacement wheels, as it ensures that the new wheel will fit appropriately on your truck.

The size and number of bolts in a rim are different for each manufacturer; some companies list the reading in inches like 5×6.5″ while other use millimeters like 5x124mm.

All the Toyota 4Runner, starting from 1990 to 2021, have the same bolt pattern of 6×139.7mm or 6×5.5 inches.

It means the rims of your truck have six holes present on them, and their overall diameter is 139.7 millimeters.

The company has not changed its bolt pattern since 1990, and it plans to adopt the same pattern as they are compatible, and the company has not faced any problem yet.

On the other hand, if we see the bolt pattern of different models of Chevy, as it can be Silverado or Colorado, they all have one thing in common.

If these trucks are using a 6-lug arrangement of wheels, their bolt pattern comes out to be 6×5.5inches or 6×139.7mm. 

As you can see, the bolt pattern of both the Chevy models and Toyota 4Runner is the same, and they are compatible with each other.

Hub Bore Size of Chevy and Toyota 4Runner

When you see that both trucks’ bolt pattern matches, the next step is to find out their hub bore size.

You have to determine whether they have the same size hub bore, or you need to make some modifications to fit it on your Toyota 4Runner.

The hub bore size of Chevy models may vary from one value to another; you have to ensure which type of model you want to exchange rims with.

The standard hub bore size that chevy models use is 78.1mm, and many companies use this reading only in millimeters.

The hub bore size of models of Toyota 4Runner is 106.1mm, and as the bolt pattern of the rims, the company has also kept it the same throughout its production.

Fitting a Chevy Rim to Toyota 4Runner

Now you know that bolt pattern is the same, but both vehicles’ hub bore sizes do not match, but you can still use Chevy rims on your truck.

It is only possible if you make modifications, and for this, you will need a drill machine, or you can also take it to an auto parts shop.

You can also use a big lathe machine to increase or decrease the size of the hub bore, now put the drilling machine or lathe just above the inner circle.

Start your machine and slowly move it down, rotate it clockwise, and when you complete a full circle, stop right there and measure the inner diameter again.

The next step is fitting the Chevy rim in your Toyota 4Runner; use a floor jack and lift the vehicle for this purpose. 

When you see your truck is slightly up in the air, then stop lifting, and now, using a wrench, remove the lug nuts.

Take all the lug nuts out and put them in a containing box, now take the wheel out and bring your Chevy rim.

Place it on the hub and make sure it fits right at its position; rotate the tire and check whether it produces any disturbing noise or not.

After that, pick the lug nuts from the box and, using your wrench, tight the lug nuts and lower the floor jack.

Take the floor jack out from under the vehicle and sit in your Toyota 4Runner, now start the vehicle and take a short tour.

If you do not notice any problem, and the wheels rotate correctly, or the brakes are working fine, this means the rims are a perfect match.

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