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10 Common Problems With Chausson Motorhomes

10 Common Problems With Chausson Motorhomes

Chausson has been manufacturing motorhomes for more than 40 years. Their motorhomes are reliable and filled with practical technology. In addition, these are famous for their water-tightness feature, which decreases the dampness risk in the interior cabin. Furthermore, they also provide a 7-year warranty to their customers. However, you can still face minor problems in their motorhomes, which come because of negligence of users and maintenance.

Common problems with Chausson motorhomes include battery draining, loose fitting of interior parts, broken door handles, deterioration of furniture upholstery, poor customer service, rear camera filled with water, cracked sink, disconnected water hose, EGR valve failure, and poorly sealed cab door.

I also drove this motorhome a few years back when I planned a short road trip with my friends. I liked the standard doors that made the loading and unloading of bikes easy for me. Moreover, we enjoyed the trip because of the presence of pre-installed TV.

Problems Solutions
Battery draining Remove excessive current drawing items
Loose fittings of interior parts Tighten the loose fittings
Broken door handles Replace broken door handles
Deterioration of furniture upholstery Use furniture cover
Poor customer service Directly contact manufacturers
Rear camera filled with water Wipe the lens with a dry cloth
Cracked sink Apply epoxy on the affected area
Disconnect water hose Secure water hose connection
EGR valve failure Replace fuel filters and engine oil
Poorly sealed cab door Put fire-resistant building form

 Battery draining

People love the Chausson motorhome because of the extended warranty and spare parts. However, you can see battery-draining issues in them, which frustrates you while driving.

You can see quick battery draining, which leads to the malfunctioning of several electric components. I also faced the issue when I plugged the electric kettle into the power socket.

It did not turn on, and I thought the issue was with the electric kettle. I checked the electric kettle when I came home, and it started working fine with the electric sockets of my home.

The motorhome’s issue came from the lack of power supply due to battery draining. Battery draining usually occurs because of temperature fluctuations.

Excessive high and low temperatures cause sudden loss of charge. Moreover, bad and failed alternators also cause battery problems.

You should inspect the battery instead of replacing the fuse and tracing the broken wires. Dealing with electric parts is challenging, so it is better to hire a trained professional.

Remove the electric items, draining excessive current from the batteries and leading to loss of charge.

Loose fittings of interior parts

You can see loose fittings of several components and hear the noise from the living area. The issue is common in cabinet doors, drawer pulls, and door handles.

These are not connected properly because of the incorrectly tightened screws and bolts. Because of the loose components, you can hear the rattling noise while driving on bumpy roads.

In addition, these can also wobble because of the loosely connected screws and bolts. The issue comes because of the manufacturing fault and loosely connected screws and bolts.

However, screws also become loose with their age and consecutive use. It is better to inspect the door handles, drawer pulls, and cabinet doors and tighten their screws. Install the missing screws on these fixtures to decrease wobbling movement.

Broken door handles

My friend also used the Chausson motorhome, and he faced the issue of broken garage and gas doors. He checked the warranty of the components and got a free repair from the service centers.

Moreover, he also complained that the cupboard and garage door handle also broke during the road trip. The broken cupboard and garage door handle issues came because of their incorrect and loose installation.

They come off from the doors when mounted screws become loose. These screws become loose because of their age, continuous usage, and corrosion.

Door handles can also break when you press them forcefully. It is better to replace the broken handles with new ones so you can open and close the door without any issues. Tighten their screws to fix the wobbly door handles.

Deterioration of furniture upholstery

Chausson motorhomes are equipped with luxurious furniture. They have upholstered furniture to ensure the comfort of the travelers.

However, furniture upholstery is vulnerable to wear and tear because of your negligence and poor maintenance. Chances of deterioration increase when you do not clean them properly.

In addition, these can also deteriorate over time because of dust and UV exposure. It is better to use a furniture cover to protect the upholstery and decrease the risk of wear and tear.

Moreover, I prefer to keep them away from the windows and doors to prevent the upholstery from direct UV exposure.

Poor customer service

Many Chausson motorhome users complained about the poor customer service. It is challenging for you to get timely repairs because of their delayed and poor response.

In addition, it is also difficult to access their customer service centers. You have to wait for hours to get an appointment from the owners to replace damaged components.

One of my friends also contacted their service centers for door replacement. He told me he waited for the 3 hours and got a poor response from their representatives.

Poor customer service issues come from the increased burden on the manufacturing industry. It is better to contact a third party for the replacement of several parts.

In addition, you can also contact the manufacturers directly to get solutions to your problems.

Rear camera filled with water

Chausson motorhomes have rear-side cameras fitted on their backside. It is filled with water because of its mounting location near the ground surface and rear side of the motorhomes.

Water comes on it because of the water puddles on the road surface. A rear camera filled with water is vulnerable to failure because of the damaged and corroded electric connections.

It also increases the risk of rear-side collision during reversing and parking. You should wipe off the rear camera with a dry cloth to remove the water from the lens. Use a soft and dry cloth to soak water from their lens.

Cracked sink

The sink in Chausson motorhomes is vulnerable to cracking because of the use of low-quality material. It is not designed to last longer; you can see hairline cracks in the sink bowl.

Hairline cracks come from using strong detergents for their cleaning, which causes erosion of the manufacturing material. In addition, hairline cracks can come in it because of the sudden drop of heavy objects and overtightening of screws.

You do not have to replace the sink and fix the hairline crack with sealant. You can also apply epoxy on the affected area with an applicator brush.

Disconnected water hose

Chausson motorhomes are of premium quality and equipped with many amenities to make your road trip pleasant and comfortable. It also has a separate tank for hot water so you can shower, cook food, and wash dishes comfortably in winter.

The plumbing system of several fixtures is connected to the hot water tank. You can see water puddles on the floor because of the disconnected water hose from the hot water tank.

The water hose disconnects from the hot water tank connection because of its loose fitting, incorrect installation, and high-water pressure.

Because of the water exposure, you can see stains on the bunk-bed wooden frame. You have to quickly re-connect the water hose with a hot water tank to ensure a warm water supply. Tighten the screws of the hoses to ensure a tight connection.

EGR valve failure

The EGR valve is responsible for re-circulating the exhaust gasses to the engine intake system to improve fuel efficiency and decrease overall emissions.

The main cause of EGR valve failure is carbon buildup from exhaust gasses. Carbon deposition causes the clogging of exhaust gas channels and causes the plunger mechanism to get stuck in open and closed positions.

You can decrease the EGR valve’s failure risk by maintaining your Chausson motorhome. It is better to replace the fuel filters and engine oils regularly.

Poorly sealed cab door

Cab doors are poorly sealed, allowing air and dust to come inside. In addition, poor sealing also causes the water to get inside during rainy weather.

The issue comes from the poorly sealed door, which leaves gaps of a few inches between the door and the floor.

My neighbor faced this problem in his Chausson motorhome, and he told me her feet remained cold during winter because of the cold air. He used the fire-resistant building form to fill the gap and seal the door.

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