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6 Common Problems With Dethleffs Motorhomes

6 Common Problems With Dethleffs Motorhomes

Dethleffs gives you the freedom to select mobile homes according to your choices. These motorhomes have comfortable seats and excellent safety. You cannot see any significant problem with them because of their high build quality.

Common problems with Dethleffs motorhomes include rattling of inside fixtures, different wheel colors, stuck sliding doors, blown-out tires, 240V power supply issues, and dirty vinyl floors.

Some of their famous motorhomes are Esprit, Globebus, and Globetrotter. I also owned the Globebus motorhome last year, and it was wonderful. It is large enough to accommodate several accessories. I went on a road trip in winter and did not feel cold inside because of the winterproof feature. Its exterior or interior structure is first-class insulated, reducing heat loss to keep the cabin warm.

Problems Solutions
Rattling of inside fixture Tighten the interior fixtures
Different wheel color Chrome the wheels
Stuck sliding door Lubrication and cleaning of sliding track
Blown-out tire Properly inflate tires
240 V power supply issue Install surge protectors
Dirty vinyl floors Put mat at the entrance door

Rattling of inside fixture

You can hear rattling noises from the living area because of the loose fixture. The noise comes from the hitting of loose components with their corresponding parts.

The rattling noise can also cause distractions for drivers during driving and increase the risk of accidents. Moreover, it can also affect your comfort level, and you cannot sleep because of the noise from the surrounding parts.

Furthermore, it also increases the risk of damage to whole components. The rattling noise in Dethleffs motorhome becomes loud while moving on bumpy roads and driving at high speed.

The fixture’s rattling issues come because of their loose installation. You can hear the loud and clear rattling sound because of the hitting of steel and aluminum parts.

These do not absorb bumps and produce loud noises. Rattling issues also come because of the loose screws and mounts.

Mounting screws of aluminum and steel fixtures become loose because of the corrosion. Corrosion affects the durability of the metal screws and decreases their object-holding capacity.

Damaged screws cannot hold the respective objects properly and lead to their loose fittings. Screws also become loose because of the continuous driving on bumpy roads.

Moreover, you can face problems because of the poor installation of screws on these fixtures. It is necessary to check the fixtures in your motorhomes and tighten their screws before every trip to reduce the rattling noise issue. It is also necessary to replace the broken fixture with a new one.

Different wheel color

I also used the Dethleffs motorhome and did not face any significant problems with its interior and exterior parts. I did not spend money on repairing their damaged parts.

However, at the end of the trip, I examined the motorhome’s exterior to check the tires’ air pressure and alignment. I saw the wheel color, which is different from the exterior color.

It did not look good with the exterior body panels because of the non-uniform texture. I planned to change the color for a unique exterior appearance.

I chromed the wheel according to the exterior body panel, which looked awesome. You can change the wheel color by painting it with the desirable shade.

The manufacturing industry did not consider the wheel color. They spend hundreds of dollars on their interior amenities to provide their customers with a comfortable road trip experience.

You can re-paint the factory-installed wheels. It is necessary to carefully separate the tires from the motorhome body to reduce the risk of paint splashes on surrounding objects.

Stuck sliding door

Dethleffs motorhomes have a sliding door that opens in the garage area. It is located near the bed, and many people complain that it obstructs the passage.

Sometimes, the sliding door gets stuck, and you cannot slide it forward and backward. It can get stuck because of the corroded track and door components that hinder smooth movement.

In addition, it can also get stuck because of the increased friction between the door part and its track. The door track becomes dirty because of the dust and debris accumulation.

Accumulated dust and debris particles cause hindrance in their movement. Bent door tracks also cause them to get stuck in the partially closed position.

My friend owned the Esprit motorhome and faced the same issue. He told me he tried to open the sliding door for fresh air from the garage area. It got stuck and did not slide backward.

He tried to move it forcefully and heard the grinding noise while sliding it. He used the baby oil because other lubricants were not available.

He added 4 to 5 drops of baby oil on the sliding door track and wiggled it to slide it forward and backward. It started moving smoothly because of the presence of lubricant.

Lack of lubrication causes the sliding door to get stuck. You can clean the sliding door track with a vacuum cleaner and hairdryer to remove dust and debris particles.

However, you can also try the bristled brushes if the electric equipment is not available.

Blown-out tire

Dethleffs Globebus motorhome tires are vulnerable to blow-out because of several reasons. You cannot drive with a blown-out tire because it affects overall stability, weight distribution, and handling.

You cannot control the steering wheel because of the blown-out tire. A blown-out tire loses traction over the road because of the damaged tread surface.

One of the tire blow-outs during driving was because of the overloading of the motorhome interior cabin. In addition, this problem was due to the unequal weight distribution.

My neighbor was traveling with his family, and the rear left tire of his motorhome blew out suddenly. He heard the loud noise while driving and parked his vehicle on the side of the road for inspection.

He realized that the issue came because he poorly organized the interior amenities. He organized the bed and dinette area on the rear side to make the front side spacious.

Heavy loads on the rear side caused the tire to blow out. The tire can also blow out because of the punctures and insufficient air pressure in the tire.

It is necessary to arrange the furniture and other accessories properly while keeping the equal weight distribution in mind. Moreover, you should also take the pressure gauge with you during road trips to monitor the air pressure in tires and reduce the risk of over and underinflation, which causes the tire to blow out.

240 V power supply issue

Dethleffs Globetrotter has a power supply issue, which limits the functioning of several electric components. They stop functioning because of the lack of sufficient power in electric outlets.

I also drove this motorhome a few years back and faced the same issue. I turned on the electric heater, but it was not heating the water.

I used the indicator to check the power supply, and it showed that the battery was providing sufficient power. I also checked the fuses, but those were fine. I did not replace the fuses and called my friend for his suggestion.

He suggested I check the tripped circuit breakers, but they were also in position. I struggled for two hours to find the root cause and realized the issue came from a faulty main power indicator.

I installed the surge protectors to reduce the tripping problem of electric items.

Dirty vinyl floors

Many Dethleffs motorhome users complain that vinyl floors remain dirty, affecting their overall appearance. They look dirty because of the yellow stains on their surface that are difficult to remove.

They become dirty from the furniture marks and poor cleaning. In addition, damp or muddy shoes also leave mud stains on vinyl floors.

Putting the mats at the entrance door is better to keep the vinyl floor clean.

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