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10 Common Problems With Hymer Motorhomes

10 Common Problems With Hymer Motorhomes

Hymer motorhomes are of high quality and durable because of their Mercedes chassis. Moreover, they have experience in manufacturing motorhomes for more than 130 years. In addition, Mercedes Sprinter engines are reliable and ensure smooth ride. These are perfect motorhomes in terms of quality, multimedia features, and security systems, but you can face minor problems while driving.

Common problems with Hymer motorhomes are difficulty shifting gear, leaking of roof joint, sized mirrors, spongy floors, low-ground clearance, shower tray cracking, faulty fuel gauge, rusting of front chassis, seat restraint system failure, and cooling fan malfunction.

I also drove this motorhome a few years back and loved it because of its construction according to Mercedes-Benz standards. Moreover, driving was easy because of smart features, including lane-keeping and distance assistance systems. I also liked the automatic gear shifting, which was better for me during a road trip.

Problems Solutions
Difficulty in gear engagement Replace damaged gearbox
Leaking of roof joint Reseal the roof joint
Seized mirrors Lubricate rubber seals
Spongy floors Replace broken seals of windscreen
Low ground clearance Replace tires
Shower tray cracking Fill minor crack with sealant
Faulty fuel gauge Use fuel system cleaner to remove rust
Rusting of front chassis Use rust-proof paints
Failure of seat restraint system Replace safety belts
Cooling fan malfunction Check fuse and burned-out motor

Difficulty in gear engagement

Several models of Hymer motorhomes are equipped with automatic transmission systems, which are vulnerable to wear and tear because of the driving conditions and poor maintenance.

Many people complain that they feel difficulty shifting gears; sometimes, gears get stuck in a neutral or parking position. Gears get stuck because of the damaged components of the gearbox that cause problems in the engagement of a particular gear.

Frequent gear shifting and overloading of motorhomes directly affect the transmission parts. These usually get stuck when you are hauling heavy loads.

You cannot shift the gear from parking to drive mode because of the broken shifter cable and lack of lubricant. Moreover, contaminated lubricants also increase their risk of malfunctioning.

My friend faced the issue in winter because of a change in the viscosity of the transmission fluid. I advised him to start the engine 5 to 7 minutes before driving to warm up several fluids and ensure smooth running.

He turned on the engine and smoothly shifted the gears. You should check the transmission fluid level in your motorhome and refill it if it is low. Replace the damaged gearbox with a new one for efficient gear shifting to change speed.

Leaking of roof joint

You can see the joint on the roof above the drop-down bed. Hymer Motorhome has a leaking roof joint issue, which causes water ingress in the interior cabin.

Side walls near the bed become damp because water leaks from the roof joint area. In addition, the carpeted area on the front dash side also becomes wet and causes mold growth on the carpet.

The front area also becomes smelly because of the wet carpet. Water can come inside from roof joints because of incorrect sealing. It is necessary to check and seal the roof joint regularly to reduce the risk of water leakages.

Use a high-quality sealant to seal the invisible hole on roof joints. It is better to seal the roof joint with water and UV-resistant sealant.

Seized mirrors

Hymer motorhomes are equipped with large window mirrors. They usually seized up because of the power supply problems. The button to operate the driver-side window mirror also becomes faulty, and you cannot operate it.

Driver-side glass window mirrors also get stuck because of the broken rubber seals installed around their boundaries to reduce water leakages.

In addition, you cannot slide them upward and downward because of the dust accumulation on the window track. It is necessary to lubricate the driver-side mirror regularly to decrease the risk of wear and tear of rubber seals, which become brittle on drying.

Spongy floors

My neighbor owned the Hymer motorhome, and he faced the spongy floor issue during his last road trip. He called me, and I advised him to lift the cushions and check the window leaks. He did this, but widows were adequately sealed.

After a few days, he realized that the issue came because of the poor installation of the windscreen. The wooden floor became spongy because of the water ingress. He told me the floor from the front cabin became soft and spongy because of the rotting wood.

Spongy floor ruins the overall interior appearance and also lead to the formation of small holes in floors, which can damage the undercarriage.

Replace the broken seals of the windscreen with a new one. Moreover, you can also fix the water leakage by correctly re-installing the windscreen rubber seal.

Low ground clearance

Low-ground clearance means you cannot use it for off-roading because of the risk of hitting the undercarriage with road debris.

Moreover, low-ground clearance also causes the heating of underground components, including electric generators, which sometimes becomes severe and causes the melting of the front hood.

My school friend loves the off-roading trips to take a break from his hectic schedule. Once, he told me he bought a used Hymer motorhome, but it had less ground clearance.

He did not want to sell it because of the Mercedes chassis and reliable engine. He removed the factory-installed tires and installed new ones of a larger size to increase ground clearance.

Shower tray cracking

A shower tray is installed beneath the shower to direct the water flow to the shower drains. Cracked shower drains cause water leakage, which can damage the subfloors.

It also leads to water formation in the bathroom and increases the overall humidity. The tray can crack because of its incorrect installation, low-quality material, falling of heavy objects, and use of strong chemicals.

You can use the sealants to fix minor cracks and reduce water puddle formation issues. However, replacement of the shower tray is necessary if the crack is larger.

Faulty fuel gauge

A fuel gauge indicates fuel levels in the fuel tank. Sometimes, it becomes faulty in the Banff model of the Hymer motorhome.

A faulty fuel gauge cannot show the correct reading on the screen. My neighbor told me he also faced a defective fuel gauge problem.

He filled the fuel in the tank last night, but the gauge showed it was empty. The fuel gauge became bad because of the corrosion on its metal part. He used the fuel system cleaner to remove the corrosion from the fuel gauge.

Rusting of front chassis

Hymer motorhomes are equipped with Mercedes Sprinter chassis but are vulnerable to rusting from its front side. Rust can come on it because of a damaged paint coat during a front-end collision.

In addition, corrosion can come on because of poor maintenance, road salt exposure, and mud water splashes.

The corroded undercarriage also makes the front chassis rusty. It is necessary to spray the undercarriage of motorhomes with anti-rust spray. Paint the exterior panel with rust-proof paints to reduce the corrosion risk.

Failure of seat restraint system

A seat restraint system is installed on the seats for the safety of children. It is a small device installed on the seats to secure the child seats during sudden braking problems.

Kids cannot use the seatbelts directly, so a safety restraint system is helpful for their safety. Sometimes, it fails to perform its functioning because of the broken belts or clips.

It becomes bad because of their poor quality and incorrect installation. You cannot repair the safety belts, so replacing them with new ones is necessary.

Cooling fan malfunction

Its cooling fan maintains the engine compartment temperature and keeps it cold. In addition, it also prevents the engine from overheating, which causes sudden power loss.

The cooling fan in your Hymer motorhome works by forcing the air into the engine parts through the radiator. Sometimes, the cooling fan becomes faulty because of dust and debris accumulation, which leads to engine overheating and check engine light to come on the dash screen.

The cooling fan also stops working because of the broken or bent blades. It becomes bad because of the blown-out fuse and burned-out motor.

It is necessary to replace the fuse and burned-out motor to ensure the smooth functioning of the cooling system.

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